Great Canadian Bagel Menu With Prices [February 2024 Updated]

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A one-stop destination for all the coffee and bagel lovers out there. At Great Canadian Bagel, freshly baked bagels are a delight to mouth. You can also be a part of this venture but before that, you should check out the Great Canadian Bagel menu with prices given below for some great deals!

I know you must be very curious about this famous place which is serving every Canadian with a great breakfast.

However, Great Canadian Bagel’s menu may appear slightly altered as shown on the net but I suggest you check out the accurate menu before visiting the place.

Below, I have enlisted all the relevant details on Great Canadian Bagels for your convenience. You won’t find it difficult to make the right choice among the food items!

Great Canadian Bagel Menu With Prices

Great Canadian Bagel Menu And Prices
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Featured Items Menu

Egg And Cheese$7.50
Veggie And Cream Cheese$9.55
8 Bagles & Cream Cheese$18.95
Salmon And Cream Cheese$12.00

Bagel Bundles Menu

Half Dozen Bagels$13.55
Single Superbagel$8.00
Cream Cheese$12.95
Single Bagel$4.25
3 Superbagels$20.00
Dozen Bagels$19.95
8 Bagels & Cream Cheese$18.95
6 Superbagels$35.00
Dozen & 2 Cream Cheese$32.00
6 SuperBagels & 2 Cream Cheese$45.00

Lunch And Breakfast Combos Menu

Bacon Egg And Cheese Combo$13.00
B.L.T Combo$14.00
Turkey Club Combo$16.00
Avocado B.L.T Combo$15.00
Salmon And Cream Cheese Combo$16.00
Egg And Cheese Combo$13.00
Avocado Western Sausage Supreme Combo$16.00
Turkey Combo$14.00
Back Bacon Egg And Cheese Combo$13.00
Avocado Egg And Cheese Combo$15.00
Avocado Bacon Egg And Cheese Combo$15.00
Avocado Smoked Salmon With Cream Cheese Combo$19.00
Avocado Veggie Combo$14.00
Lunch For 2$25.00

Avocado Sandwiches Menu

Avocado B.L.T$10.00
Avocado Egg And Cheese$10.00
Avocado Smoked Salmon With Cream Cheese$14.00
Avocado Bacon Egg And Cheese$10.00
Avocado Veggie$10.00
Avocado Western Sausage Supreme$10.95
Avocado Western Egg and Cheese$10.95

All-Day Breakfast Menu

Cream Cheese Bagel$6.00
Bacon Egg And Cheese$8.95
Egg And Cheese$7.50
Breakfast Platters$99.99
Western Sausage Cheese$9.40
Sausage Egg And Cheese$8.90
Western Egg And Cheese$8.80
Back Bacon And Cheese$8.75
Butter Bagel$3.95
Back Bacon Egg And Cheese$9.45
Ham Egg And Cheese$8.95

Lunch Sandwiches Menu

Salmon And Cream Cheese$12.00
Veggie and Cream Cheese$9.55
Turkey Club$11.50

All New Sandwiches Menu

2 Cookies$3.50
Hash Brown$2.50

Drinks Menu

Chocolate Milk$4.25
Bottle Pop$4.50
Can of Pop$3.00

A Little History of Great Canadian Bagel

Great Canadian Bagel Menu Prices
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A great place like Great Canadian Bagel needs no doubt, as it has been serving since 1993 with quick service to the Canadian people. It was founded by Mario Cimo to serve more than 21 varieties of cream cheese spreads in the store.

A quick bite for everyone, the Great Canadian Bagel has been using the branded ingredients that go with the bagels and other food items. They were the first one in the town to serve all-day breakfast with no added extra preservatives.

As affiliated to the Great American Bagel Bakery, it is a franchise-owned restaurant. Also, it is headquartered in Canada and operates around 18 different locations like Ontario, Alberta, Prince Edward Island, and many more.

Let’s get ourselves some delightful treats of freshly baked bagels and other food items below!

Must Try Items at Great Canadian Bagel

Must Try Items at Great Canadian Bagel

At the Great Canadian Bagel, you’ll find the most affordable breakfast and bagels ever. They have topped the list in serving amazing and delicious bagels of all time. Be a part of this great Bagel restaurant and serve yourself with extra treats.

Below you’ll find the top five best food items available at the Great Canadian Bagel:-

1. Sausage Egg and Cheese Deal

As you’re aware the Great Canadian Bagel serves an day fresh breakfast with extra protein, this recipe is recommended by the chef. You’ll come across an abundance of cheese spread, and delicious smoked sausages with omelettes and fresh tomatoes.

2. Back Bacon Deal

You won’t be upset throughout your day if you begin your day with a Back Bacon Deal. This breakfast combo comes in a huge size that is fit for keeping you full. Loaded with well-cooked bacon shredded cheese, and mayonnaise, with any choice of sauce.

3. Turkey Club Deal

A deal that will make you come back for more! Turkey Club deal is an ideal lunch combo for a healthy and nutritious meal. Be a part of this huge-size combo as you’ll find a loaded turkey with fresh tomatoes and crunchy lettuce and white cheese spread. Along with the club, you’ll also get a beverage of your choice.

4. Black Forest Ham

As delicious as it may sound, the Black Forest Ham is a newly launched recipe that shows the culinary sides of the chefs. The freshly made hand-crafted bagel needs your attention and awaits your arrival!

5. Chicken Salad

After all, salads are a must for all the health-conscious people out there. The Great Canadian Bagel is popular for its incredible salad offerings. You can also try out this mouth-watering, nutritious Chicken Salad. It comes with a lot of chunks of chicken, green veggies, lettuce, and a spread of cheese and mayonnaise.

Great Canadian Bagel’s Secret Menu

The only reason to visit the Great Canadian Bagel is to relish the ultimate breakfast of all time. All you need to do is get everyone up and run down the streets to eat the best bagels.

However, Great Canadian Bagel is yet to launch a secret menu as it’s finding it a bit difficult to come up with a hidden menu for its limited availability of food items. Till then, enjoy the hidden ingredients that will make you come back for more!

How to Order Online From Great Canadian Bagel?

Great Canadian Bagel Order Online everymenuprices
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How about getting your favorite bagel right away? You can also order online from Great Canadian Bagel to get the vibe and taste you want in the comfort of your home.

For that, you are required to visit Great Canadian Bagel’s official website or download their app. Or else, there are other delivery services available by Doordash, and Ubereats.

FAQs Related to the Great Canadian Bagel Menu

Can you order online from Great Canadian Bagel?

Yes, there are delivery facilities available at the Great Canadian Bagel as well as other third-party partnered apps.

Which is the best breakfast combo offered?

One of the crowd’s favorite breakfast combos is the Sausage egg and cheese deal.

Are dinners available at Great Canadian Bagel?

No, you cannot order dinner as they offer all-day breakfast and lunch deals.

Can you order veg sandwiches at Great Canadian Bagel?

Yes, there are incredible vegan food options that you must try.

Can you have a fresh bowl of soup?

Yes, at Great Canadian Bagel you can also order a bowl of soup that tastes beyond good.

Are Great Canadian Bagel menu prices affordable?

Yes, Great Canadian Bagel menu prices are affordable.

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