Rodilla Menu With Prices [April 2024 Updated]

Can you believe you’ll be served with the best and signature Spanish cuisines of all time? Well, here comes the Rodilla which is full of fresh and great taste of Spanish bite. For more deliciousness, get in hand the Rodilla menu with prices for ultimate Spanish recipes.

A well-known place like Rodilla needs to be described, first, be a part of this amazing eatery place and then find out what Rodillas’ menu has to offer. I suggest you check the menu for accurate prices and listings of food items.

No matter what you do, I will always ensure that you have the best idea of any eatery before you decide to visit. Below, you’ll come across all the information regarding the Rodilla of Madrid location.

Rodilla Menu With Prices

Rodilla Menu And Prices
Image Credit:- Rodilla’s Instagram

Featured Items Menu

Mozzarella Ciabatta$11.00
Jamón Ibérico$16.00
Freshly squeezed Orange Juice (12 Oz)$6.00
Jamón Serrano Caprese$14.00
Macha Latte (16 Oz)$5.50

All Day Breakfast Menu

Stuffed Croissants Butter (Ham & Cheese Toasted Croissant)$8.00
Stuffed Croissants Butter (Egg Omelette, Fresh Tomato Slices, Spinach, And Chipotle Sauce Butter Croissant)$9.00
French Toast$10.00
Toasted Bagels (Salmon Bagel White Cream Cheese)$9.00
Toasted Bagels (Vegetarian Bagel With Avocado, Cherrys, Boil Egg, Olives And Sesamo Seeds)$9.00
Grilled Ham And Cheese Sandwich$8.00
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice (12 Oz)$6.00
Breakfast Omelettes With Avocado, Olives, Tomato Cherry, Arugula And Seed$10.00
Breakfast Omelettes With Salmon, Avocado And Arugula With Sesamo Seeds$11.00
Breakfast Omelette With Serrano Han And Cherrys$10.00

Rodilla Traditional Sandwiches (From Madrid) Menu

Pack 4 – Individual Rodilla Traditional Sandwiches$16.00
Pack Friends And Family Assorted Sandwiches (16 Bites)$40.00
Pack Friends And Family Assorted Sandwiches (40 Bites)$80.00
Pack 2 Individuial Sandwich With Coffee$12.00

Individual Rodilla Traditional Sandwich

Jamón Serrano$4.50
Cooked Ham$4.50
Ensaladilla (Tuna & Veggies)$4.50
Tuna With Tomato$4.50
Blue Cheese And Arugula$4.50
Chicken Curry With Bacon$4.50
Tuna And Walnuts$4.50
Shrimp Cajun (Hot)$4.50
Chicken Mustard$4.50
Smoked Salmon$4.50
Bacon And Egg$4.50
Turkey with Apple$4.50
Guava & Cheese With Waltnuts$4.50

Signature Sandwiches Menu

Jamón Iberico$16.00
Jamón Serrano Caprese$14.00
Chicken With Pesto$14.00
Jamón Serrano$14.00
Roast Beef$14.00
Chicken Smoked BBQ$14.00

Salads Menu

Caesar Salad$13.00
Garden Avocado Salad$14.00
Tuna And Egg Salad$14.00
Sweet Summer Salad$14.00

Wraps Menu

Toasted Chicken Chipotle Wrap$11.00
Smoked Salmon Wrap$14.00

Ciabatta Sandwiches Menu

Chicken Mustard Ciabatta$11.00
Mozzarella Ciabatta$11.00
Smoked Salmon Ciabatta$14.00

Bakery & Pastry Menu

Loaf Cakes. (Homemade) – Chocolate Cake$6.00
Loaf Cakes. (Homemade) – Lemon & Blueberry Cake$6.00
Loaf Cakes. (Homemade) – Carrot Cake With Watnuts And White Chocolate Cake$6.00
Pain Au Chocolate$4.00
Palmera De Chocolate$6.00
Palmera De Azucar$3.50
Butter Croissan$3.50

Smoothies & Pure Green Menu

Smoothies, 100% Natural With Fresh Orange Juice

Carrot And Ginger$10.00
Apple And Cucumber$10.00
Pineapple And Coconut$10.00
Red Fruits$10.00
Mango And Peach$10.00
Acai Smoothie$10.00
Summer Love$10.00

Pure Green

Wake Me Up$7.00
Turmeric Tonic$7.00
Green Boost$7.00

Perfect Meals For Sharing Menu

Croquetas (24 Unt)$40.00
Croquetas (4 Unt)$6.00
Tortilla De Patata Espanola, 20 Bites (42 Ounces)$45.00
Huevos Con Jamón$16.00
Coffee Traveler – 100% Arabiga. Natural Roasting. 12 Or 15 Server$30.00

Beverages Menu

Coca-Cola – Mexican$3.50
Diet Coke – Can$3.00
Sprite – Mexican$3.50
Iced Tea$3.00
Sparkling Water$3.00
Spring Water$3.00

Coffee & Teas Menu

Coffee Latte (16 oz)$5.00
Cappuccino (16 Oz)$5.50
Macha Latte (16 Oz)$5.50
Chai Latte (16 Oz)$5.50
Mocha (16 Oz)$5.50
Coffee Traveler – 100% Arabiga. Natural Roasting. 12 Or 15 Server$30.00

Promotions Menu

Pack 4 – Individual Rodilla Traditional Sandwiches$16.00
Summer Love$10.00
Rodilla Yute Bag$5.00
Chicken With Pesto$14.00
French Toast$10.00
Shrimp Cajun (Hot)$4.50
Mango And Peach$10.00

A Little History of Rodilla

Rodilla Menu Prices
Image Credit:- Rodilla’s Instagram

Rodilla is a famous Spanish-owned chain of restaurants established by Antonio Rodilla in 1939. It was founded as a fast food restaurant near Callao Square, Madrid. At first, the owner set up Rodilla as a confectionery shop in downtown Madrid.

After some years of selling confectionery products, he decided to sell new items among the locals such as sandwiches, cold meat, etc.

Eventually, he found it difficult to arrange a proper bread supplier, that’s why he started making his sliced bread which is famously called English bread.

It has been operating around 150 different locations all across Spain such as Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia, Barcelona, and many more. There is also one more location in Malaga.

Must Try Items at Rodilla

Must Try Items at Rodilla everymenuprices

I assume you’ve already checked out Rodilla’s menu as you want to get the best dishes of all time.

Trying out new dishes requires a good mood and excellent quality of ingredients, that’s why at Rodilla you’ll find the hidden ingredients that give out the taste of every dish to another level.

Let’s check out the top five best food items offered at Rodilla:-

1. Mini Stuffed Croissants

Immerse yourself with these delicious mini-stuffed croissants. At Rodilla, you can’t miss out on these crispy croissants as they come with a lot of chicken pieces, small tomatoes, and crunchy lettuce with a spread of cheese.

2. Smoked Salmon Wrap

One bite of this Smoked Salmon Wrap keeps all the grumpiness away! Try this juicy recipe of wrap that has delicious fillings of wheat crepe and smoked salmon. The extreme texture of veggies will just melt in your mouth with the spread of cheese.

3. Mediterranean Salad

A mouth-watering Spanish salad is all you need! Mediterranean Salad comes with fresh rustic lettuce, delicious smoked tuna, a spread of eggs, onions, peppers, and black olives. A healthy salad should always be a go-to recipe!

4. Ensaladilla Sandwich

The world-famous Sandwich is offered at Rodilla. Try out this signature Sandwich Ensaladilla, it has a lot of delicious fillings of tender Rodilla artisan bread, a spread of soft tuna, boiled eggs, artichokes, peas, and red peppers.

5. Iberian Ham Baguette

Why miss out on Baguette when Rodilla is here? This scrumptious-looking Iberian Ham Baguette is loaded with jamon iberico, crunchy bread with lots of acorn-fed ham and cheese with diced tomatoes and olive oil. It’s never too late to try out this fantastic baguette!

Rodilla’s Secret Menu

Once you have the delicious items at Rodilla you can’t resist longing for more. Although, Rodilla’s secret menu hasn’t been out yet.

However, it wouldn’t take long for its owner to reveal a secret menu. Till then enjoy every bite that you’ll take from the special Spanish food items.

How to Order Online From Rodilla?

Rodilla Order Online everymenuprices
Image Credit:-

Could you believe that Rodilla has come up with the fastest home-delivery facility? You can fetch your favorite food item right from their outlets at any time.

Try getting the Spanish food delivered right at your doorstep and you won’t be disappointed.

To order online, visit Rodilla’s official website or else, try out other delivery apps like Doordash, and Ubereats to get your choice of food delivered.

FAQs Related to the Rodilla Menu

Are there any special offers available for kids?

Yes, you can try out the newly launched kid’s combo that will give you extra credit for your choice.

What are the items offered at Rodilla?

As you know, Rodilla is famous for its authentic Spanish items like sandwiches, salads, soups, pastries, and so on. Try out their exclusive treats as soon as possible!

Can you order toast and bagels at Rodilla?

Yes, you can order the best toast and bagels such as butter and jam toast, oil & tomato toast, ham & cheese croissants, guacamole bagels, and many more.

What are the best bakery items served at Rodilla?

You can order sugar puff pastry, chocolate puff pastry, croissants, blueberry muffins, and pain au chocolate cakes.

What are the most famous dishes at Rodilla?

The dishes that are most commonly ordered by the crowds are turkey with apple sandwich, ensaladilla sandwich, tuna with tomato sandwich, and smoked salmon sandwich

Are Rodilla menu prices affordable?

Yes, the Rodilla menu prices are affordable.

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