Rodilla Menu With Prices [June 2023 Updated]

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Rodilla is a renowned fast-food restaurant chain in Spain. They are known for their artisan sandwiches. They offer a number of items on their menu which includes salads, hot sandwiches, wraps, hot focaccia, classic sandwiches, baguette, toast & bagels, pastries, croquettes, coffee, tea, drinks ice cream, fruits, yogurt, and many more items. In this article, i will tell you about Rodilla menu with prices and much more.

Rodilla Menu With Prices

Rodilla Menu And Prices
Image Credit:- Rodilla’s Instagram

Baguette Menu Prices

Iberian Ham Baguette$14.00
Chicken with Pesto Baguettte$12.00
Cuban Baguette$12.00
Baguette Spanish omelette with onion$12.00
Baguette manchego cheese$12.00

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Salads Menu Prices

Cesar Salad$12.00
Mediterranean Salad$12.00

Hot Focaccia Menu Prices

Ham and Cheese Sandwich$7.00
Chicken Barbecue Sandwich$10.00
Pastrami Sandwich$10.00

Classic Sandwich Menu Prices

Cooked Ham Sandwich$3.15
Ensaladilla Sandwich$3.15
Cheese with Tomato Sandwich$3.15
Serrano Ham Sandwich$3.15
Smoked Fish Sandwich$3.15
Bacon and Egg Sandwich$3.15
Turkey with Apple Sandwich$3.15
Chicken Curry Sandwich$3.15
Blue Cheese and Arugua Sandwich$3.15
Tuna, Walnuts and Port Sandwich$3.15
Tuna with Tomato Sandwich$3.15
Chicken Mustard Sandwich$3.15

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Wrap Menu Prices

Chicken Wrap$10.00
Smoked Salmon Wrap$13.00

Croquettes Menu Prices

Ham, Cheese, Cod$3.00

Coffee Menu Prices

Filter Coffee$3.50
4 oz. Espresso$3.50
4 oz. Cortado$3.75
4 oz. Espresso Decaf$3.50
4 oz. Cortado Decaf$3.75
Latte Decaf$4.00
American Coffee$3.50
Cappuccino Decaf$4.50
American Coffee Decaf$3.50

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Tea and Others Menu Prices

12 oz. Hot Chocolate$4.00
Black Tea$4.00
Red Tea$4.00
Green Tea$4.00
Chai Latte$4.95
Matcha Latte$4.95
Wild Berries Tea$4.00
Rodilla Menu Prices
Image Credit:- Rodilla’s Instagram

Drink Menu Prices

Zero Coke$2.75
Diet Coke$2.75
Spring Water$3.00
Sparkling Water$3.00
Classic Coke$2.75
Iced Tea$2.75
12 oz. Orange Juice$5.95
16 oz. Carrot and Ginger Smoothie$9.95
16 oz. Apple and Cucumber Smoothie$9.95
16 oz. Red Fruits Smoothie$9.95
16 oz. Mango and Peach Smoothie$9.95
16 oz. Pineapple and Coconut Smoothie$9.95
16 oz. Carrot and Ginger Juice$9.95
16 oz. Apple and Cucumber Juice$9.95
12 oz. Gazpacho$4.50
Mango and Peach Smoothie Juice$9.95
Pineapple and Coconut Juice$9.95

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Ice Cream Menu Prices

16 oz. Chocolate Milkshake Ice Cream$7.95
16 oz. Strawberry Milkshake Ice Cream$7.95
16 oz. Vanilla Milkshake Ice Cream$7.95
16 oz. Coffee Milkshake Ice Cream$7.95
16 oz. Coffee Frappe Ice Cream$7.95
16 oz. Chocolate Frappe Ice Cream$7.95
16 oz. Strawberry Frappe Ice Cream$7.95
16 oz. Vanilla Frappe Ice Cream$7.95
Iced Chai Latte Ice Cream$3.95
Iced Mocha Latte Ice Cream$3.95

Fruit and Yogurt Menu Prices

Apple Fruit$3.00
Banana Fruit$3.00
Fruit Salad$5.50

Toast and Bagel Menu Prices

Butter and Jam Toast$3.65
Oil and Tomato Toast$3.65
Butter and Jam Cereal Toast$3.65
Oil and Tomato Cereal Toast$3.65
Guacamole Bagel$4.65
Salmon Bagel$6.00
Cream Cheese Bagel$4.65
Iberian Ham Bagel$6.00
Ham & Cheese Croissant$6.00

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Pastry Menu Prices

Carrot Cake$6.95

Bakery Menu Prices

Sugar Puff Pastry$3.50
Chocolate Puff Pastry$4.50
Pain au Chocolate$3.50
Blueberry Muffin$3.95
French Roll$3.50

History of Rodilla

Rodilla has attractive decor in its restaurants and is specialized in serving hot and cold sandwiches, pastries, salads, and fried dishes to its customers. They have the facility of both delivery as well as takeaway services in their restaurants so that you can order food online and taste the delicious sandwiches at your home.

Rodilla was founded by Antonio Rodilla in the year 1939. He opened the first restaurant location in Callao Squad, Madrid, Spain in 1939. During the 1970s, he opened two more restaurants on Princesa and Orense streets. At the present time, Maria Carceller is the Chief Executive Officer of the Rodilla and the parent organization is S.A. Damm.

Rodilla has over 150 restaurant locations of which 63 are in Madrid, 5 are in Valencia, 2 are in Barcelona, 2 are in Sevilla, and many more. The headquarters of the Rodilla is situated in Madrid, Spain.

If you are thinking of opening a franchise of Rodilla then you have to wait because they are not providing franchises to anyone right now.

Rodilla uses fresh and high-quality ingredients in its food items and offers great food and services in a relaxing atmosphere. They have friendly staff also in their restaurants and this place is not only for adults but for kids as well.

If you are a food explorer and want to explore the amazing food then Rodilla is the perfect place for you to visit and experience the delicious hot and cold sandwiches, salads, pastries, and fried dishes. Also, the Rodilla menu with prices is not too high keeping in mind the great food that they offer.

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Rodilla Social Media & Other Links

Follow Rodilla on the social media platforms below to instantly check the latest offers and events. You can also visit any links below about Rodilla like their official website, contact us page, and much more.

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Social Media Profiles

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Contact Info

Rodilla Corporate Office Address282-284 NW 27th Street, Miami Florida 33127
Rodilla Corporate Office Phone Number786 536 9740
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Watch a Video Related to Rodilla

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FAQs Related to Rodilla

Who owns Rodilla?

Rodilla is owned by S.A. Damm.

What is Rodilla known for?

Rodilla is known for its artisan sandwiches.

Where did Rodilla originate?

Rodilla originated in Callao Squad, Madrid, Spain.

When did Rodilla start?

Rodilla started in the year 1939.

Who is the CEO of the Rodilla?

Maria Carceller is the CEO of the Rodilla.

So did you the like the Rodilla menu prices given above? What did you like the most? Is it Tuna with Tomato Sandwich, Chicken Wrap, or something else? Do let me know in the comment section below.

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