Guthrie’s Hours of Operation [2024 Updated]

Based in Alabama, United States, Guthrie’s is a well-known spot that is mostly known for serving delicious American dishes. Currently, the company is operating 48 outlets in different locations. If you want to visit the restaurant and don’t know about their operating hours yet then you have come to the right place as we have collected all the details regarding Guthrie’s hours of operation for you.

The restaurant’s menu is a treat for those who love chicken fingers, french fries, sandwiches, and much more. Crispy Chicken fingers are the major attraction of Guthrie’s menu. If you want to know Guthrie’s menu and prices, then we have a dedicated article for that.

Guthrie’s Hours | Regular Operating Hours

The founders of the restaurant have worked hard to establish itself as a popular restaurant over the years. There are a lot of delicious things offered inside but you need to check the Guthrie’s hours which will help you to enjoy your food without any issues.

The restaurant remains open from Monday to Sunday between 10:30 a.m. and 9:30 p.m. The hours of operation may differ from location to location.

The restaurant doesn’t have the same operating hours for all the outlets that are available out there. You can visit the restaurant on any day of the week as they serve for all the days without any break.

There is a huge lineup of food items inside the place and in case you don’t want to miss anything at any cost, you need to adjust your schedule accordingly before visiting the place.

Monday10.30 A.M. to 9.30 P.M.
Tuesday10.30 A.M. to 9.30 P.M.
Wednesday10.30 A.M. to 9.30 P.M.
Thursday10.30 A.M. to 9.30 P.M.
Friday10.30 A.M. to 9.30 P.M.
Saturday10.30 A.M. to 9.30 P.M.
Sunday10.30 A.M. to 9.30 P.M.
Please note that these hours may change from location to location.

Guthrie’s Hours Holiday Hours

Guthrie’s is a place that serves delicious food items and no one would like to miss the opportunity to enjoy all the dishes from the menu. In that matter, you also need to check the festival days but the good news is that they do not remain closed on any festival.

Guthrie’s can be accessed on all the holidays and the food also does not go through any changes on those days. In case you are expecting some exclusive offers, you can keep checking in with them for all the updates.

Popular Dishes at Guthrie’s

Guthrie’s menu provides delicious food items within a pocket-friendly budget. The five best items are given below.

Guthrie's Menu With And Prices
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1. Big Box

Big Box is one of those combos that won’t leave you disappointed. It comes with fried chicken fingers, fries, creamy coleslaw, buttery Texas toast, and the restaurant’s popular sauce.

2. Half Bucket

The Half Bucket features 13 fingers, making it a decent choice. It is a very special item of the place and can be enjoyed with the signature choices.

3. Family Meal

In case you are going with your family members, Family Meal is something that you would love to enjoy. It comes with a certain number of items that will satisfy your hunger. There are chicken fingers, fries, toasts, slaws, and a lineup of choices from the restaurant’s collection.

4. Chicken Fingers

The Golden Fried Chicken Fingers can be enjoyed as a separate meal where you would get only fingers. It has impressed all the customers of the restaurant over the years and it can be enjoyed with sauce and crisp lettuce.

5. Slaw

Slaw refers to a salad which is a normal salad that features carrots, onions, cabbage, vegetables, and some mayonnaise. Apart from that, it tastes like a usual salad and the mayonnaise is the only thing that adds some uniqueness to the flavor.

Tips for Planning Your Visit

Guthrie’s is known for many good reasons including their service, cozy ambiance, hygiene, affordable menu items, etc. But apart from these, the restaurant caught customers’ attention by serving original chicken fingers that are freshly made with high-quality ingredients.

Guthrie’s locations do not offer any reservation facility, which might give you a little trouble while finding any table for you if you reach the place at its peak hour. So, if you want to avoid this kind of situation, we suggest you leave for the place earlier.


They serve for the entire week without a break but the timings are not the same for all the locations. This article might be helpful for you if you are planning to visit the place since we have collected all the latest details regarding Guthrie’s hours of operation.

You can also save the official website of Guthrie’s separately to get easier access and remain updated with the latest happenings inside the restaurant. Also, you can download their app for Android.

FAQs Related to Guthrie’s Hours

What time does Guthrie’s open?

The average opening time of this restaurant is 10.30 a.m. It varies from location to location.

What time does Guthrie’s close?

The average closing time of this restaurant is 9.30 p.m. It varies from location to location.

Where is the headquarters of Guthrie’s located?

The headquarters of the restaurant is located in Auburn, Alabama, United States.

In which year, Guthrie’s started the journey?

Guthrie’s started the journey in 1965.

Who is the current CEO of Guthrie’s?

Joe Kelly Guthrie is the current CEO of Guthrie’s.

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