Harvester Menu With Prices [June 2024 Updated]

As one of the largest casual dining chains in the UK with over 160 locations nationwide, Harvester is beloved for its reasonably priced, crowd-pleasing dishes. Continue reading further to learn more about the Harvester menu with prices.

Whether you’re looking for classic comfort food or innovative new menu items, their selection has something to satisfy every craving.

But with so many drool-worthy options spread across their menu boards, how do you decide what to order? Look at the Harvester menu and prices to uncover some standout selections.

Harvester Menu With Prices

Harvester Menu everymenuprices
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Most Popular Menu

The Ultimate Combo£24.99
Full Rack Of Ribs£17.99
Spicy Crackerjack Prawns£5.49
Bbq Chicken Stack£14.99
Half Rotisserie Chicken*£13.99

Meal Deals And Combos Menu

Winner Winner…Chicken Dinner£23.49
Family Chicken Combo 2 Person£29.99
Dirty Double Trouble£44.99
Double Trouble£34.99
Choice Of 3 Tapas Style Starters£16.99

Breakfast Menu

The Classic Breakfast£9.99
The Harvester Ultimate Breakfast Waffle£8.99
Sausage, Bacon & Egg Bun£6.99
Kids’ Cooked Breakfast£4.99
Chicken, Bacon & Waffle£9.49
Pancakes, Bacon & Maple-Flavour Syrup (X3)£7.99
Hash Browns£0.99
Sausage Bun£5.99
Kids’ Vegetarian Breakfast (V)£4.99
Bacon & Egg Bun£6.49
The Veggie Breakfast (V)£7.99

Tapas Style Starters Menu

Nachos (V)£4.99
Spicy Crackerjack Prawns£5.49
Prime Chicken Wings£5.49
Garlic Bread (V)£4.99
Halloumi Fries (V)£5.49
Potato Skins£4.99
Cheesy Garlic Bread (V)£4.99
Crispy Calamari Strips£5.49

Burgers Menu

The Beef Classic£13.49
The Southern-Fried£14.49
The Bbq King£14.49
The Dirty One£14.99
The Surfin’ Bird£14.99
The Nacho Bean (Ve)£13.49
The Hallo-Me (V)£14.49
The Beyond Dirty (Ve)£14.99

Chicken Menu

Bbq Chicken Stack£14.99
Chicken, Bacon & Waffle£13.49

Rotisserie Combos And Ribs Menu

The Ultimate Combo£24.99
Full Rack Of Ribs£17.99
The Original Combo£15.49
The 1983 Harvester Combo£17.49
Half Rotisserie Chicken*£13.99
The Triple Combo£15.99
The Bone Pile£21.99

Vegetarian & Fish Menu

Cod & Chips£14.49
Wholetail Whitby Scampi£12.99
Herb-Battered Halloumi & Chips (V)£13.49

Desserts Menu

Treacle Sponge (V)£5.99
Belgian Chocolate Brownie (V)£5.99
Chocolate Fudge Cake (V)£5.99

On The Side Menu

Pasta Salad£2.99
Onion Rings (V)£3.99
Chips (Ve)£3.49
Harvester House Coleslaw£2.99
Double Bbq Pulled Pork Dirty Fries£6.99
Harvester House Potato Salad£2.99
Sweet Potato Fries (Ve)£3.99

Sauce Bar Menu

Bourbon* 550g (Ve)£3.99
Spiked Maple 575g (Ve)£3.99
Peri-Peri 480g (Ve)£3.99
Naga Chilli 500g (Ve)£3.99

Soft Drinks Menu

Draught Pepsi Max£2.39
Draught R Whites Lemonade, Sugar Free£2.29
J20 Apple & Mango£3.35
J2o Orange & Passionfruit£3.35

A Little History of the Harvester Restaurant Chain

Harvester Inside everymenuprices
Image Credit:- harvester.co.uk

Harvester was founded in 1983 when Courage Brewery transformed the George Inn pub in Morden into the first location.

Seen as a competitor to brewery-owned chains like Beefeater, the brand quickly expanded to over 70 sites under Imperial Tobacco ownership.

Throughout the 1990s, various companies acquired Harvester, including Bass Breweries and Forte Group.

Mitchells & Butlers, the thriving restaurant group, runs the portfolio of casual dining brands today, having grown through strategic purchases.

Over the decades, Harvester has remained dedicated to serving freshly cooked, high-quality staples like rotisserie chicken alongside innovative limited-time offerings.

Must-Try Items at Harvester

Must-Try Items at Harvester everymenuprices

Harvester has you well covered when finding delicious and satisfying meals without emptying your wallet.

Renowned for its crowd-pleasing menu with quality ingredients at reasonable price points, the extensive selection can feel overwhelming.

Now, let’s dive into some standout selections from their menu that won’t break the bank.

1. The Ultimate Mixed Grill

This massive platter will satisfy even the most enormous appetites. Piles of quarter chicken, juicy steak cuts, thick slices of gammon, and plump sausages alongside farm-fresh eggs are stacked high. Be sure to bring a friend to share this feast!

2. BBQ Chicken Stack

This flavor-packed stack includes a crispy breaded chicken breast as the base. Melty Monterey jack cheese, smoky bacon, and extra chicken pieces topped with a rich BBQ sauce make each bite an explosion of taste.

3. Grilled Halloumi Skewers

Threads of charred Halloumi cheese, summery Mediterranean veggies, and your choice of tasty dips come together on these skewers. They’re the perfect shareable for enjoying Harborveser’s flavors alfresco style.

4. Dirty Fries

Upgrade your chips with one of Harvester’s outrageous toppings, like tender BBQ pulled pork or zesty veggie combos.

Pile it high, and these messy fries will stuff you, making every calorie worth it. Take advantage of the tangy Patatas Bravas version! For a lighter option, delve into the Balanced Bowls packed with protein and nutrients from £11.99.

Harvester’s Secret Menu

Harvester unveils limited-time exclusives on the creative menu while maintaining its reputation for faithful favorites.

  • Chilli Non-Carne (12.99): This hearty plant-packed stew brims with meaty jackfruit and sweet potato simmered in a richly spiced sauce sure to warm your soul.
  • Southern Fried Chicken and Waffle (13.49): Who knew savory chicken and sweet waffles could be a crave-worthy combo? This unexpected mashup balances indulgence with every crunchy-fluffy bite.
  • Ultimate Combo (25.49): Feast your eyes on this mountain of fall-off-the-bone ribs, smokey pork belly, and more. It’s the perfect Sunday spread made for sharing with your crew.

Be sure to ask your server about any rotating market-driven specials as well. With constant menu innovation, there’s always an undiscovered gem waiting at Harvester.

How to Order Online From Harvester?

Harvester Order Online everymenuprices
Image Credit:- ubereats.com

You can access the extensive Harvester menu without a physical visit when you order online. Browse their selection via the website or partner apps like Uber Eats and Just Eat.

Add items to your cart with a single tap and select delivery for your preferred date and timeslot.

You can securely process your payments and earn rewards like freebies through their Harvest Dine & Earn program. On the big day, relax as they hand-deliver piping hot dishes to your doorstep.

It’s the perfect no-fuss solution for casual weeknight noshing or feeding a hungry household. Harvester makes it effortless to enjoy outstanding homestyle fare without lifting a finger.

FAQs About the Harvester Menu

Are Harvester menu prices affordable?

Yes, Harvester menu prices are affordable.

What sides are included with the mains?

Most classic dishes include chips, peas, and other typical sides. Premium cuts will mention entrée inclusions; otherwise, sides are optional add-ons starting at £2.99.

Can I accommodate special dietary needs?

Inform staff of any requirements like vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc. The menu can often recommend suitable alternatives or adapt items as needed.

How long is the menu valid for?

Harvester strives to keep the core portion of their rotating menu consistent year-round so you can rely on favorites staying put. However, some dishes highlighted as limited-time offers may disappear after promotional periods.

What are the lunch/dinner portion sizes like?

Portions skew on the generous side, and most will satisfy you. Sharers are meant for 2+ people. Consider opting for lunch rather than dinner sizes if dining solo to avoid post-meal stuffed feelings!

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