Hudsons Coffee Menu With Prices [April 2024 Updated]

For coffee lovers across Australia, Hudsons Coffee needs no introduction. As one of the country’s leading coffee chains, Hudsons Coffee has established itself as a staple for delicious selections and exceptional quality. Below you will the Hudsons Coffee menu with prices.

But what exactly is on Hudsons Coffee’s extensive menu, and how much does each item cost? Let’s take a delicious trip through the Hudsons Coffee menu and prices.

Hudsons Coffee Menu With Prices

Hudsons Coffee Menu everymenuprices
Image Credit:- Hudsons Coffee’s Facebook

Featured Items Menu

Iced Latte$7.00
Chicken Avocado Turkish$13.90
Chocolate Mud Muffin$9.90
New York Cheesecake$9.50

Mains Menu

Egg And Bacon Turkish$13.90
Chicken Avocado Turkish$13.90
Virginian Ham And Cheese Turkish$9.90
Tandoori Turkish$12.90
Spinach Ricotta Roll$12.90
Beef Sausage Roll$12.90
Quiche Lorraine$12.90
Quiche Spinach$12.90
Bagel Plain With Cream Cheese$7.50

Hot Beverages Menu

Flat White$5.60
Marble Mocha$6.00
Chocolate Mocha$6.00
Matcha Latte$6.00
Hot Chocolate$5.60
Chai Latte$5.60
Long Black$5.60

Cold Beverages Menu

Iced Latte$7.00
Matcha Frappe$9.00
Coffe Fraffe$9.00
Iced Coffee$7.50
Chocolate Frappe$9.00
Iced Mocha$8.00
Chilled Chai$7.00
Chilled Mocha$7.70

Sweets Menu

New York Cheesecake$9.50
Chocolate Mud Muffin$7.50
Pecan And White Chocolate Tart$8.50
Carrot Cake$8.50
Red Velvet Yo Yo$5.00
Vanilla Yo Yo$5.00
Monte Carlos Yo Yo$5.00
Salted Caramel Yo Yo$5.00
Spotty Choc Chip Cookie Yo Yo$5.00
Mix Berry Muffin Yo Yo$5.00

Gluten-Free Menu

Baked Lemon Lime Cheesecake$9.50
Citrus Tart$8.50
Chocolate Berry Tart$8.50
Strawberry Cheesecake Tart$8.50
Florentine Cookie$5.50

Gluten-Free And Dairy-Free Menu

Orange And Almond Loaf Cake$8.50
Pear And Walnut Cake$8.50
Apple Ehubarb Cake$8.50

Vegan Menu

Banana Walnut Loaf$8.50

A Little History of the Hudsons Coffee

Hudsons Coffee Inside everymenuprices
Image Credit:- Hudsons Coffee’s Facebook

Hudsons Coffee was founded in 1998 by Ros Hudson and Mark Hawthorne in Melbourne. Starting with just one cafe in Elizabeth Street, they aimed to deliver premium coffee in a warm, welcoming environment.

Word quickly spread of their delicious offerings and expertly crafted beverages. Within months, they had lines stretching down the block! By 2003, Hudsons Coffee had 25 locations and offered Australia’s first WiFi hotspots within cafes.

After over a decade of rapid expansion, Hudsons Coffee now has stores across Australia as well as international airports. But through it all, they have stayed true to their goal of sharing great coffee with as many people as possible.

Their growth is a testament to the love and care poured into every single cup. So what delightful selections can be found on the Hudsons Coffee menu today?

Must-Try Items at Hudsons Coffee

Must-Try Items at Hudsons Coffee everymenuprices

Here are some standout menu items you don’t want to miss when perusing the Hudsons Coffee menu:

1. Iced Coffee

On a hot summer day, nothing refreshes like an iced coffee. Hudsons Coffee’s chilled creation is the perfect blend of sweet creaminess and bold coffee flavor.

2. Iced Latte

Slow down and sip on this chilled work of art. Espresso meets ice for a refreshingly cool latte that still packs a punch.

3. Quiche Lorraine

Revel in the decadence of a fluffy egg custard pie topped with crispy bacon. Each forkful is a harmonious balance of creamy and crunchy.

4. Cappuccino

Frothy, foamy, and full of flavor. This classic espresso and steamed milk combo is like a warm hug from your favorite coffee shop.

5. Matcha Latte

Savor the natural sweetness and earthy green tea flavor topped with a delicate foam crown. Zen your way to caffeination.

6. Iced Mocha

Chocolate and coffee come together over ice for a cooler, creamier take on the mocha. Sweet, chilled, and everything you need.

7. Strawberry Cheesecake Tart

Juicy strawberry jam swirled with tangy cream cheese filling in a melt-in-your-mouth crust. Gluten-free and insanely delicious.

So in summary – the Hudsons Coffee menu with prices given above has irresistible items for any time of day! Be sure to have a good look at their full menu offerings online or in-store next time you’re planning a coffee shop run.

Hudsons Coffee’s Secret Menu

While the regular Hudsons Coffee menu dazzles, their “secret menu” exclusives showcase even more creativity. Here are a few lesser-known Hudsons Coffee menus worth exploring:

  • Chicken Avocado Turkish: Sink your teeth into juicy chicken, cool avocado, and crisp veggies bundled in a soft Turkish roll. A savory explosion of flavors and textures in every bite.
  • Pear and Walnut Cake: Pears and walnuts pair perfectly in this moist cake that everyone can enjoy. A hint of sweetness in every crumb.
  • Pecan and White Chocolate Tart: Butteryness meets nuttiness in this crumbly tart shell holding a silky center. Elegant enough for a special occasion.

So don’t be afraid to ask your barista about Hudsons Coffee’s lesser-known menu items. You might just discover a new favorite!

How to Order Online From Hudsons Coffee?

Hudsons Coffee Order Online everymenuprices
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Thankfully, placing an order from the extensive Hudsons Coffee menu is simple – whether dining in or getting your favorites to-go. Their online ordering platform streamlines the process.

First, visit the Hudsons Coffee website or open their mobile app. Browse the Hudsons Coffee menu with photos and drink any watering – will this satisfy my craving? Once you’ve selected your items, add them to your cart.

At checkout, choose pickup time and location. Input your details for easy ordering in the future. Then simply pay online – whether it’s with a debit, credit, or gift card. No fuss, no hassle. Once at the selected Hudsons Coffee store, check in with the order number provided.

Your treats will be promptly prepared fresh. With contactless pickup, enjoying your order is risk-free. Doesn’t getting your Hudsons Coffee fixes sound convenient? Order ahead next time to grab and go in a snap!

FAQs Related to the Hudsons Coffee Menu

How often does the Hudsons Coffee menu change?

While Hudsons Coffee is known for coffee shop classics, its seasonal menu keeps things interesting. You can expect new limited-time offerings a few times per year. Fan favorites remain available all year round.

Is the menu consistent across Hudsons Coffee locations?

Menu items are generally consistent nationwide. Some stores may offer a few additional localized selections based on customer preferences and local suppliers.

Are the Hudsons Coffee prices the same at all shops?

Menu pricing is consistent across corporate-owned Hudsons Coffee stores. Franchise locations set their competitive rates but aim to stay aligned with head office values.

What are the most popular choices from the Hudsons Coffee menu items?

Customer favorites include coffee beverages like Flat White and Latte, as well as baked treats such as slices, cookies, and croissants. Savory selections like toasties and breakfast rolls also consistently delight.

Does Hudsons Coffee cater to any special diets?

Yes, Hudsons Coffee menu with prices has tasty options for most diets including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and more. Speak to your barista about substitutions. You’ll be spoiled for choice!

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