Jerry’s Subs & Pizza Menu Prices [September 2023 Updated]

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Jerry’s Subs and Pizza is an American fast-casual sandwich shop established in Maryland. The restaurant is best known for serving mouth-watering pizza and subs to all the customers who choose to grab a quick bite from Jerry’s. Also, the Jerry’s Subs & Pizza menu with prices is quite reasonable so that every customer can afford their products.

The Jerry’s Subs and Pizza menu is inclusive of pizza, cheesesteaks, cold and grilled subs, wings, and much more. The Jerry’s Subs and Pizza prices also value for money when looking into their delicious offerings.

The restaurant takes pride in serving the highest quality ingredients and is over-stuffed with goodness. Jerry’s has the world’s best cheesesteaks and makes sure that every customer who visits them tries them on without fail.

This article highlights the real Jerry’s Subs & Pizza menu and prices along with all the details like public response and contact details of the restaurant So without wasting much time, let’s take a look at the menu prices first.

Jerry’s Subs & Pizza Menu Prices

Jerry's Sub And Pizza Menu Prices
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Signature Cheesesteaks Menu With Prices

Signature CheesesteaksSmallRegularLarge
Smokhouse BBQ$ 5.99$ 9.99$ 13.99
Chilly Wiz philly$ 10.99$ 14.99
Philly Double Trouble$ 6.49$ 10.99$ 14.99
Super$ 6.49$ 10.99$ 14.99
South Street$ 6.49$ 10.99$ 14.99
The Ultimate$ 6.49$ 10.99$ 14.99
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Famous Cheesesteaks Menu With Prices

Famous CheesesteaksSmallRegualrLarge
Philly Cheesesteak$ 5.99$ 9.99$ 13.99
Original$ 5.99$ 9.99$ 13.99
All-American$ 5.99$ 9.99$ 13.99
Pepper Jack Cheesesteak$ 5.99$ 9.99$ 13.99
Nachos$ 9.99

Big Boy Cheesesteaks Menu With Prices

Big Boy CheesesteaksRegularLarge
The “Fat Daddy”$ 15.99$ 22.99
The “Beast”$ 15.99$ 22.99
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Hot Subs Menu With Prices

Hot SubsSmallRegularLarge
Grilled Chicken$ 6.49$ 10.49$ 14.49
Crispy Chicken$ 6.49$ 10.49$ 14.49
Hollywood Chicken$ 6.49$ 10.49$ 14.49
Chicken Philly Chsteak$ 6.49$ 10.49$ 14.49
Italian Meatball$ 6.49$ 10.49$ 14.49
Veggie Melt$ 6.49$ 10.49$ 14.49
Cheeseburger$ 6.49$ 10.49$ 14.49

Cold Subs Menu With Prices

Cold SubsSmallRegularLarge
Italiano$ 6.49$ 10.49$ 14.49
Turkey Breast$ 5.49$ 8.79$ 11.89
Tuna$ 5.49$ 8.79$ 11.89
Ham & Cheese$ 5.49$ 8.79$ 11.89
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NY Style Pizza Menu With Prices

NY Style PizzaSmallRegularLarge
Cheese$ 5.49$ 10.49$ 12.99
Super Dounle Peperoni$ 7.99$ 13.99$ 17.99
Meat Supreme$ 5.49$ 10.49$ 12.99
Veggie Supreme$ 5.49$ 10.49$ 12.99
Kitchen Sink$ 5.49$ 10.49$ 12.99

Fresh Salads Menu With Prices

House Salad$ 5.89
Side Salad$ 2.99
Italiano Salad$ 8.99
Tuna Salad$ 7.99
Grilled Chicken Salad$ 8.99
Crispy Chicken Salad$ 8.99
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Wingz & Appetizers Menu With Prices

Wingz & AppetizersSmallRegularLarge
Jerry’s Famous Fries$ 2.49$ 2.99$ 6.99
Skinny Fries$ 2.49$ 2.99$ 6.99
Wingz$ 7.99$ 14.29$ 25.99
Mozzarella Sticks$ 4.99$ 8.99$ 16.99
Chicken Nuggets$ 4.49$ 8.99$ 16.99
Loaded Cheese Wiz Fries$ 4.49
Garlic Cheese Bread$ 4.49
Jerry’s Onion Straws$ 3.99
Crispy Chix$ 4.99
Fried Pickles$ 4.49
Oatmeal Cookie$ 4.49

Chips Menu With Prices

Regular$ 1.09
Baked$ 1.09
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Drinks Menu With Prices

Coke$ 2.49
Diet Coke$ 2.49
Sprite$ 2.49
Birch Beer$ 2.49
Fanta Orange$ 2.49
Coke$ 2.49
Diet Coke$ 2.49
Sprite$ 2.49

Kids Meal Menu With Prices

Nugget Kid’s Meal$ 5.99
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Secret Menu With Prices

Secret MenuRegularLarge
Hot Shot$ 10.99$ 14.99
UFO$ 10.99$ 14.99
Stupid Cheesesteak$ 10.99$ 14.99
The Big Bubba$ 10.99$ 14.99
Pepperoni$ 10.99$ 14.99
Queso Chicken Cheesesteak$ 10.99$ 14.99

History of Jerry’s Subs & Pizza

Jerry's Subs & Pizza History
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This amazing American restaurant is found in multiple locations in Maryland. Jerry’s pizza menu has the most delicious pizzas with fresh and yummy toppings.

The restaurant also serves cold and grilled subs that are wholesome enough for anyone. Jerry’s has been a neighborhood favorite since the day it has come into action.

The first Jerry’s Subs and Pizza opened its doors in 1954 outside Washington DC. The founders started this fast-casual restaurant to assure that the native scan devours some handcrafted pizza and subs that are of the finest quality and yummiest taste.

Jerry’s is loved across the state for its mouth-watering flavors and exquisite cheesesteaks. The Restaurant has been recognized as one of Maryland’s most iconic brands by Thrillist. The brand is widely loved for its world-famous Cheesteaks and authentic New York-style pizza.

Jerry’s started its journey from Wheaton, Maryland, and has now expanded to multiple locations in the state. At present, there are 6 open locations at Jerry’s. At each Jerry’s Subs and Pizza location, you get to enjoy high-quality food while sitting in a comfortable ambiance.

Over the years, the Jerry’s Subs and Pizza menu and prices have evolved a lot owing to the growing demand of the customers. The Jerry’s pizza prices have grown in the years upon the incorporation of new variants.

On a whole, Jerry’s Subs and Pizza prices are quite affordable and everyone starting from students to commuters everyone can afford their delicacy.

Review of Jerry’s Subs & Pizza

Jerry's Subs & Pizza Menu With Pictures everymenuprices
Image Credit:- Jerry’s Subs & Pizza’s Twitter

The Jerry’s Subs and Pizza hours of operation vary from location to location, however, at most Jerry’s Subs and Pizza locations, the restaurants start at 11 am and close after 9 pm.

The Jerry’s Subs and Pizza menu host a  wide range of delicacies like iconic cheesesteaks, salads, cold and grilled subs, pizzas, chicken nuggets, onion straw cookies and brownies, and more.

At Jerry’s Subs and Pizza, you can vouch for their amazing salad options that are crafted with fresh ingredients and delectable dressings.

It is undoubted that Jerry’s cheesesteak will steal your heart and cheese wiz Philly and is a must-have. Philly, all-American, Pepper Jack, and Original are some popular options on the Jerry cheesesteak menu.

Jerry’s subs menu includes hot subs in which options like Italian Meatball, Chicken Philly, and Crispy Chicken are quite popular. Similarly, the cold Ham & Cheese sub has its own fan base.

No way you can leave Jerry’s without trying your hand at their delicious pizza menu. The Jerry’s Ny pizza menu comes in a variety of toppings. The super double pepperoni pizza is a treat you just can’t miss. The supremes have meat and veggie pizza are their pizza specialty.

Jerry’s also caters to some buffalo wings, tangy BBQ wings, hot legs drumsticks, Jerry’s famous wedges or skin fries, and much more to elevate the food experience at Jerry’s Subs and Pizza. To complement your meal at Jerry’s there are drinks and desserts you will fall in love with.

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How to Order Online from Jerry’s Subs & Pizza Menu in Few Steps?

If you want to order online from Jerry’s Subs & Pizza then you can do that from their official website. Just go to Order Online and according to your location, click the link given below on each location.

Jerry’s Subs & Pizza Contact Information & Important Links

Jerry's Subs & Pizza MenuCheck Here
Jerry's Subs & Pizza LocationsCheck Here
Jerry's Subs & Pizza FranchisingCheck Here

Social Media Handles

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Jerry's Subs & Pizza Contact Info

Jerry's Subs & Pizza Corporate Office AddressJerry’s Subs and Pizza, Inc. 702 Russell Avenue Suite, 306 Gaithersburg, MD 20877, United States
Jerry's Subs & Pizza Email Address[email protected]
Jerry's Subs & Pizza Customer Support Phone Number1-301-917-3375
Jerry's Subs & Pizza Contact Page/FormVisit Here


For over 60 years, Jerry’s Subs and Pizza is known for serving high-quality ingredients to the natives of Maryland. Be it regulars or travelers, Jerry’s has been the ideal spot to enjoy some gourmet subs and pizzas. If you want to learn about Jerry’s franchise information all the details are mentioned on their official website.

So what do you think about the given Jerry’s Subs and Pizza menu with prices? Do let me know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Jerry’s Subs & Pizza (FAQs)

Who owns Jerry’s Subs and Pizza?

Currently, Blackstreet Capital Management owns Jerry’s Subs and Pizza.

What are Jerry’s Subs and Pizza pizza prices?

Jerry’s pizza prices range between $5 to $18 depending upon sizes and flavors.

How to get a job at Jerry’s subs and pizza?

One can apply at Jerry’s Subs and Pizza and they have selective criteria to hire you.

How many Jerry’s Subs and Pizza locations are there?

Currently, there are 6 locations of Jerry’s operating in the USA.

How much is Jerry’s sub-price?

Jerry’s sub-price ranges between $5 to $13.

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