Breadtop Menu With Prices [April 2024 Updated]

When hunger strikes, nothing hits the spot quite like the wide variety of treats found on Breadtop’s diverse menu. From savory snacks to sweet delights, the “Breadtop menu with prices” offers something for every craving at surprisingly affordable prices.

Continue reading further to discover some of the beloved bakery’s most popular menu items and secrets.

Breadtop Menu With Prices

Breadtop Menu everymenuprices
Image Credit:- Breadtop’s Facebook

Most Popular Menu

Pork Floss Bun$5.10
Cinnamon Pie Donut$5.20
Spicy Beef Bun$4.90
Taro Roll$8.20
Green Tea Swiss Roll$14.70
Sausage Croissant$6.00
Japanese Sponge Swiss Roll$16.80

Picked For You Menu

Pork Floss Bun$5.10
Japanese Sponge Swiss Roll$16.80
Chocolate Swiss Roll$14.70
Mango Gateau Cake 5″$44.20
Green Tea Swiss Roll$14.70

Savoury Buns Menu

Sausage Bun$4.90
Pork Floss Bun$5.10
Naan Bread$5.20
Sausage Croissant$6.00
Spicy Chicken Bun$4.90
Spicy Beef Bun$4.90
Pork Floss Spring Onion Roll$5.80
Seaweed Pork Floss Bun$5.10
Spam and Egg bun$5.20
Sacha Pork Floss Bun$5.20

Sweet Buns Menu

Custard Bun$4.40
Chocolate Horn$4.40
Cream Horn$4.40
Pineapple Bun$3.60
Caterpillar Bun$4.40
Red Bean Bun$4.40
Double Custard Bun$4.00
Milk de Crunch$ 4.40
Creamy Cheese Bun$4.90
Baked Custard Bun$4.40

Donuts Menu

Cinnamon Donut$4.20
Cinnamon Pie Donut$5.20
Custard Donut$4.70
Sausage Donut$4.90
Jam Donut$4.70
Chocolate Donut$4.70

Cookies Menu

Almond Finger$8.50
Coconut Tart$9.70
Butterfly Cookies$8.50
Almond Crunch$8.50
Mini Chocolate Butter Cookie$7.50
Creamy Cheese Cookie$11.30
Pineapple Kiss$2.90

Rolls Menu

Taro Roll$8.20
Raisin Roll$6.90
Soft Dinner Roll$6.20
Purple Sweet Potato Rolls$8.20
Green Tea Red Bean Roll$8.20

Loaf Menu

Ham and Cheese Loaf$9.10
Pork Floss Loaf$10.40
Japanese White Loaf$6.30
Butter Soft Bread$6.30
Coconut Loaf$9.10
Milky Bun$6.90
Taro Loaf$9.00
Red Bean Loaf$9.00
Artisan Wholemeal Loaf$8.20
Raisin Loaf$9.00

Swiss Roll Menu

Japanese Sponge Swiss Roll$16.80
Chocolate Swiss Roll$14.70
Coffee Swiss Roll$14.70
Chocolate Tiger Swiss Roll$15.60
Green Tea Swiss Roll$14.70
Mixed Fruit Swiss Roll$14.70
Tiger Skin Swiss Roll$15.60
Black sesame Swiss roll$15.60

Cakes Menu

Mango Gateau Cake 5″$ 44.20
Green Tea Cake 5″$ 44.20
Black Forest Slice$ 8.60
Tiramisu Slice$ 8.60
Mango Gateau Slice$ 8.60
Strawberry Gateau slice$ 8.60
Coffee cake slice$ 8.60
Rainbow cake slice$ 8.60
Happy Birthday Plaque – White$ 3.20
Mango Gateau Cake 7″$ 67.60
Black Forest Cake 7″$ 67.60
Chestnut Gateau$ 8.60
Chestnut Gateau Slice$ 8.60
Strawberry Gateau Cake 7″$ 67.60
Chestnut Cake 5″$ 41.60
Rainbow Cake 7″$ 67.60
Tiramisu Cake 7″$ 67.60
Taro Pudding Gateau slice$ 8.60

Ice Cream Cake Menu

Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream Cake$ 55.90
Mango Sorbet Ice Cream Cake$ 55.90
Durian Ice Cream Cake$ 55.90
Hazelnut Ice Cream Cake$ 55.90

Ice Cream Cup Menu

Green Tea Ice Cream$ 6.00
Mango Ice Cream$ 6.00
Durian Ice Cream$ 6.00

Sweets Menu

Taiwanese Lava Castella$10.40
Swiss Slice$3.00
Baked Cheese Tart$4.20
Butter Cake$2.90
Mini Hokkaido Cheesecake$10.40
Mango Milk Custard$4.70
Chocolate Mousse Cup$5.60
Milk Custard$4.40
Cheese Dorayaki$10.10
Mango Sago$10.40
Rainbow Sponge$7.40
Musang King Durian Delight$13.00
Cheese Dorayaki 3pcs$10.10
Mini Muffins 6pc$10.90
Parmesan Cheese Sponge$7.40
Caramel Custard$5.20
Japanese Chiffon Cake 5″$9.70
Honey Castella$10.40
Egg Tart$3.00

A Little History of Breadtop

Breadtop Outlet everymenuprices
Image Credit:- Breadtop’s Facebook

Breadtop’s story began in 2002 when brothers Simon and Kenneth Ip opened their first store in Box Hill, Victoria.

They brought with them a wealth of experience from BreadTalk, the renowned Singaporean bakery chain. With a commitment to quality ingredients and time-honored baking techniques, Breadtop was an instant hit.

Before long, new locations were popping up across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and beyond.

In 2007, Breadtop established its first central production facility to ensure consistent excellence as the business grew. Today, the company employs over 800 people with stores spanning Australia.

Through it all, Breadtop has stayed true to its roots – crafting each item with passion and skill. Does knowing their history make you even more eager to discover some must-try items from the above-given Breadtop menu with prices? We have got you covered.

Must-Try Items at Breadtop

Must-Try Items at Breadtop everymenuprices

Now let’s take a look at some of Breadtop’s most beloved bakery items. With mouth-watering flavors and fair Breadtop prices, it’s no wonder these selections are consistently top sellers.

1. Porcelain Bun

These melt-in-your-mouth sweet buns have a delicate chewiness and are filled with a creamy custard center. What’s their secret? Multiple clay pot-baking for a melt-away texture.

2. Pineapple Bun

A floral pineapple topping gives these pull-apart buns a tropical twist. Each tender piece is filled with a hint of sweet pineapple jam.

3. Taro Roll

Creamy taro root mashed with eggs and topped with crispy golden crusts make this Asian-inspired treat a sure winner.

4. Rainbow Cake

Layers of chiffon cake, fresh cream, and fruit-flavored sponge soak create a true “rainbow cake” with bursts of colorful flavors in every bite.

5. Mochi Donuts

Soft mochi dough wrapped around a pillowy center will wow both donut and mochi lovers alike. Flavors like red beans and green tea add an exotic flair.

6. Pork Floss Bun

Shredded pork belly brings hearty umami flavor to these soft and fluffy buns. The pork floss filling balances beautifully with the bread’s mild sweetness.

7. Japanese Sponge Swiss Roll

Elegant layers of airy sponge cake envelope light, creamy mousse in this refined roll cake. It’s a sophisticated sweet worth savoring.

8. Apple Crumble Tart

A buttery tart shell holds tangy apple filling, with a crunchy oat crumble topping for irresistible contrasts of flavor and texture.

9. Mango Gateau Cake

This cake is heaven for mango lovers, with luscious mango mousse filling layered between moist sponge cakes. Each bite melts away, sweet and fruity.

Does looking at Breadtop’s menu make you hungry to try more? I hope I’ve given you some top choices to start with based on the prices!

Breadtop’s Secret Menu

While browsing Breadtop’s expansive regular menu is a delight, ask staff about lesser-known selections and you may uncover a few hidden gems. Here are a few of Breadtop’s secret menu stars:

  • Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream Cake: Forget regular cake – this frozen dessert is filled with ice cream and topped with cookies for an indulgent treat.
  • Matcha Sesame Swiss Roll: An unexpected flavor combo of green tea and nutty black sesame makes this roll truly special.
  • Pandan Tau Fu Fah: Soft tofu pudding flecked with pandan is a delightful taste of Southeast Asian influence.
  • Brown Sugar Bubble Waffles: Fluffy waffles sandwich a layer of brown sugar syrup for a surprisingly decadent breakfast or snack.

How to Order Online From Breadtop?

Breadtop Order Online everymenuprices
Image Credit:-

Now that you’re eager to try selections from the enticing Breadtop menu with prices given above, you’ll be happy to know you can satisfy those cravings without leaving home.

Breadtop makes online ordering a breeze through popular delivery platforms like DoorDash.

Visit Breadtop’s website or open your preferred food delivery app. Select your nearest Breadtop location.

Browse the Breadtop menu and prices and add your selections to your cart. Proceed to checkout and fill in your contact and payment details.

Sit back and relax – your hot, fresh order will be delivered right to your doorstep! Now, let’s address some frequently asked questions based on the Breadtop menu and prices.

FAQs Related to the Breadtop Menu

Is Breadtop’s food gluten-free?

While most items contain wheat, the Breadtop menu does offer a selection of gluten-free treats like brownies and cookies. Just ask the staff for GF options.

How long is Breadtop food good for?

Baked goods from Breadtop maintain quality for 2-3 days when stored properly. Freezer-friendly items like slice cakes can last up to 1 month frozen.

Can I order custom celebration cakes from Breadtop?

Yes! Breadtop is happy to craft custom cakes in a variety of flavors, fillings, and designs to make any occasion truly special.

What are Breadtop’s most popular items?

Top sellers according to staff include Sausage Buns, Pork Floss Buns, Japanese Sponge Swiss Rolls, and 5-inch Mango Gateau Cakes based on the consistent Breadtop menu prices.

Does Breadtop cater events?

Yes, Breadtop gladly accepts catering orders for celebrations and corporate gatherings. Contact your local store for package options and pricing.

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