Juan Pollo Menu And Prices [February 2024 Updated]

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Cheers to good chicken days! Brace yourself everyone for some delicious chicken rotisserie at Juan Pollo. To be more well aware of the Mexican-style chicken restaurant, get hold of Juan Pollo menu and prices for exclusive chicken deals.

A great ambiance to rely on, Juan Pollo’s menu offers a wide range of exclusive chicken dishes that show the culinary skills of the chefs.

Not to worry, we are here at your rescue so that you don’t have any difficulty finding the right dishes at the right prices.

Juan Pollo is headquartered at a prime location near San Bernardino, California. Thus, it won’t be an issue for you to enjoy the ultimate Mexican chicken. but don’t forget to check their operating hours before making any plans.

Juan Pollo Menu And Prices

Juan Pollo Menu And Prices everymenuprices.com
Image Credit:- Juan Pollo’s Instagram

Entrees Menu

Chicken Taco$2.99
Soft Taco Platter$7.99
Juan’s Big Burrito$9.99
Chicken Salad$11.50
Juan’s Big Bowl$9.99

Meals Menu

Thigh & Leg Meal$9.99
Breast & Wing Meal$10.25
Half Chicken Meal$11.99

Family Paks Menu

Mini Pak
(1) Chicken, (3) Medium Sides
Salsa & Tortillas (Feeds 3 – 4)
Family Pak
(2) Chickens, (3) Large Sides
Salsa & Tortillas (Feeds 6 – 7)
Jumbo Pak
(3) Chickens, (3) X-Large Sides
Salsa & Tortillas (Feeds 9 – 10)

Party Paks Menu

Party Pak 16) Chickens
(1) Quarter-Pan Rice
(1) Quarter-Pan Beans
(1) Quarter-Pan Potato Salad
(1) Quarter-Pan Green Salad
Salsa & Tortillas

Feeds 20 – $155
Party Pak 2(9) Chickens
(1) Half-Pan Rice
(1) Half-Pan Beans
(1) Half-Pan Potato Salad
(1) Half-Pan Green Salad
Salsa & Tortillas

Feeds 30 – $225
Party Pak 3(18) Chickens
(2) Half-Pan Rice
(2) Half-Pan Beans
(2) Half-Pan Potato Salad
(2) Half-Pan Green Salad
Salsa & Tortillas

Feeds 60 – $425

Sides Menu

RiceSmall – $2.99
Medium – $4.99
Large – $6.50
X-Large – $10.99
Quarter-Pan – $20
Half-Pan – $35
BeansSmall – $2.99
Medium – $4.99
Large – $6.50
X-Large – $10.99
Quarter-Pan – $20
Half-Pan – $35
Potato SaladSmall – $2.99
Medium – $4.99
Large – $6.50
X-Large – $10.99
Quarter-Pan – $20
Half-Pan – $35
Green SaladSmall – $2.99
Medium – $4.99
Large – $6.50
X-Large – $10.99
Quarter-Pan – $20
Half-Pan – $35

Pollo A La Carte Menu

Thigh & Leg$4.99
Half Chicken$8.50
Two Chickens$27.99
Breast & Wing$5.25
One Chicken$14.99
Three Chickens$39.99

A Little History of Juan Pollo

Juan Pollo Catering Menu Prices everymenuprices.com
Image Credit:- yelp.com

A newly styled chain restaurant, Juan Pollo was founded by Albert Okura who discovered joy in creating fast food dishes.

An amazing place for all the chicken and fast food lovers, Juan Pollo has operated the simplicity of rotisserie chicken dish.

However, in the late 1970s and 1980s, the owner held many positions at famous restaurants such as Burger King and Del Taco.

During his career, he was quite interested in opening a broiled chicken restaurant and hence, got a suggestion from his dear friend Armando Parra to find his area of rotisserie chicken style that was prevailing near Mexico.

Albert Okura believed to found a location near Ontario but according to his friend, the place was too small to accommodate rotisserie chicken cooking.

Ultimately, he finalized the opening of Juan Pollo in late 1984 and began its incredible operation among the public. Juan Pollo was a hit as it saw crowds of people every day. With time it also refined its operations.

Let’s come out of the shadows of history, and get some refreshments with Juan Pollo’s fine chicken dishes.

Must Try Items at Juan Pollo

Must Try Items at Juan Pollo everymenuprices

Are you thinking of trying out the best food? Well, we are here to tell you about the menu and prices of Juan Pollo rather, what it has to offer to its loyal fans. You won’t find it difficult to decide which chicken dish you must choose.

The affordability at Juan Pollo stands out more than any other restaurant around California. Anyway, let’s dive into some interesting and unique dishes below:-

1. Juan’s Big Burrito

How about finishing a big burrito with big bites? You’ll be surprised to know the burrito supremacy at Juan Pollo. Filled with roasted chicken, beans, rice, lettuce, and ample cheese, this big one-pound burrito should be on your trial list.

2. Thigh and Leg Meal

An amazing Feast on the thighs and legs of chicken! Juan Pollo’s combo never fails to disappoint the expectations of its visitors. As you can get this combo under $9.99, people are more interested than any other combos. Get yourself a thigh and leg meal now!

3. Family Pak

If you’re thinking of feeding your entire family then Family Pak should be your top choice. It comes with two whole rotisserie chickens along with three large side dishes of rice, salsas, and tortillas. This combo can feed 6-7 people at once. Sounds good right? Hurry and grab it now!

4. Soft Taco Platter

A budget-friendly meal under $7.99, a platter of soft, seasoned tacos makes a great deal at Juan Pollo. Loaded with fresh lettuce, cheese, tomato, roasted and juicy chicken. Get your hands on these three pieces of soft tacos at Juan Pollo.

5. Juan’s Big Bowl

Juan’s Big Bowl has been winning the hearts of its visitors as it is considered a full meal that eliminates hunger. Come grab the shredded chicken, a bowl of rice with green onions, tortillas, and salsas.

How to Order Online From Juan Pollo?

Juan Pollo Order Online everymenuprices
Image Credit:- toasttab.com

Our advanced technology has made it easier to afford food or other stuff right at the doorstep. You may not feel like going out and grabbing the meal of your choice.

Don’t worry, you have a good option to opt for a home delivery service or pick up a facility from Juan Pollo.

To make it more convenient, you can also download their food app from their official website. This restaurant is also partnered with several delivery companies like Grubhub, Doordash, Toasttab, etc. You can even order online from their official website.

What’s taking you so long? Order now!

FAQs Related to Juan Pollos’ Menu

Are Juan Pollo’s menu prices affordable?

Most the their menu prices are affordable but a few are costly too.

What are the vegetarian meals one can opt for?

At Juan Pollo, a few options for vegetarian foods are also available such as salsa, tortillas, and green salads.

Are the foods available at Juan Pollo gluten-free?

The tortillas ordered at Juan Pollo are gluten-free.

Which is the best combo meal at Juan Pollo?

One of the most famous combo meals at Juan Pollo is a Thigh and leg meal or you can also opt for a breast and wing meal.

Which is the cheapest meal at Juan Pollo?

The hard-shell chicken taco is the cheapest starter as you can get it under $ 2.99.

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