Red Hot & Blue Menu With Prices [May 2024 Updated]

Just wing it! Red Hot & Blue is back again with the most scrumptious ribs, pork bellies, BBQ chicken and so many other delicious treats. So get your hands on the best ribs and BBQs when they are hot. Or else, check out the Red Hot & Blue menu with prices for some luscious chicken and pork dishes.

The clock is ticking and Red Hot & Blue is waiting for your turn to show up. Nonetheless, you can also get to devour the award-winning wings.

However, to avoid any confusion regarding Red Hot & Blue menu prices, I have decided to include all the details below.

Everybody from in and around America is welcome at Red Hot & Blue for some genuine fun of BBQ. And it’s that time of the, instead of Netflix and Amazon Prime make your way to Red Hot & Blue.

Red Hot & Blue Menu With Prices

Red Hot & Blue Menu And Prices
Image Credit:- Red Hot & Blue’s Instagram

Popular Items Menu

Pulled pork Sandwich$ 11.99
St. Louis Ribs, Full Slab$ 32.99
Two-Timer$ 16.99

Starters Menu

Onion Basket$ 7.99
Fried Pickles$ 7.99
Catfish Fingers$ 9.99
Caramelized Burnt Ends$ 14.99
BBQ Nachos$ 12.99
Shakin’ Bacon Cheese Fries$ 8.99
Smokin’ Wings, Big Ol’ Order$ 29.99
Smokin’ Wings, Regular$ 14.99

Salads Menu

Chicken Crispers Salad$ 13.99
Smokehouse Salad$ 13.99
Caesar Entree Salad$ 8.99
Garden Entree Salad$ 8.99
Garden Side Salad$ 4.99
RH&B Chopped Salad$ 13.99
RH&B Chopped Salad (No Chicken)$ 10.99
Caesar Side Salad$ 4.99

From The Kettle Menu

Brisket Chili Cup$ 5.99
Brisket Chili Bowl$ 7.99
Brunswick Stew Cup$ 5.99
Brunswick Stew Bowl$ 7.99
Gumbo Cup$ 5.99
Gumbo Bowl$ 8.99

Ribs Menu

St. Louis Ribs, Half Slab$ 19.99
St. Louis Ribs, Full Slab$ 32.99
St. Louis Ribs, Add-on$ 11.99

Rib Combinations Menu

Ribs & Catfish Combo$ 20.99
Ribs & Crispers Combo$ 19.99
Ribs & Wings Combo$ 19.99
Ribs & Smoked Meat$ 19.99

BBQ Plates Menu

Pulled Chicken Plate$ 13.99
Memphis Half Chicken Plate$ 14.49
Smoked Turkey Breast Plate$ 14.49
Smoked Sausage Plate$ 13.99
Pulled Pork Plate$ 13.99
Texas Brisket Plate – Sliced$ 16.49
Caramelized Burnt Ends Plate$ 17.99

Smoked Meat Samplers Menu

Two-Timer$ 16.99
Tennessee Triple$ 18.99
The Whole Smoker$ 20.99

Favorites Menu

Delta Catfish Plate$ 16.99
Chicken Crispers Plate$ 14.49
Sidecar Special$ 10.99
Southern Fried Seafood Platter$ 16.99
Fried Shrimp$ 16.99
Jammin’ Salmon.$ 17.99

Sandwiches Menu

Pulled Chicken Sandwich$ 11.99
Pulled Pork Sandwich$ 11.99
Smoked Turkey Breast Sandwich$ 11.99
Texas Brisket Sandwich$ 13.99
Ribwich Combo Sandwich$ 15.99
Chicken Crispwich$ 12.99
Delta Catfish Sandwich$ 11.99
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$ 12.99

Burgers Menu

Hickory Bacon Burger$ 12.99
The “All-In” Burger$ 14.49
N’awlins Heat Burger$ 12.99
The Classic Burger$ 11.49

Southern Sides Menu

Cole Slaw$ 2.99
Grandma’s Potato Salad$ 2.99
BBQ Baked Beans$ 2.99
Homemade Hushpuppies$ 2.99
Mac ‘N Cheese.$ 3.49
Collard Greens$ 2.99
Crispy Fries$ 2.99
Green Beans$ 2.99
Caesar Side Salad$ 4.99
Garden Side Salad$ 4.99
Baked Sweet Potato$ 3.99
Corn Bread$ 0.59

To Go Drinks Menu

Gold Peak Iced Tea – Unsweetened$ 2.99
Gold Peak Iced Tea – Sweetened$ 2.99
Coca-Cola$ 2.99
Diet Coke$ 2.99
Sprite$ 2.99
Dr. Pepper$ 2.99
Barq’s Root Beer$ 2.99
Minute Maid Lemonade$ 2.99

Sweets Menu

Banana Pudding$ 5.49
Blackberry Cobbler$ 5.49
Peach Cobbler$ 5.49
Brownie Sundae$ 6.49
Pecan Pie$ 5.99
Key Lime Pie$ 6.49

Kids Menu

Kid Burger$ 5.75
Mini Corn Dogs$ 6.99
Love Me “Tenders”$ 6.99
Kid BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich$ 6.99
Kid BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich$ 6.99
Kid BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich$ 6.99
Kid Sausage$ 3.00
Kid Ribs$ 7.99

BBQ Packs Menu

BBQ 4 Pack$ 47.99

Q’ By The LB Menu

Pulled Pork- 1/2lb$ 8.99
Pulled Pork – 1 lb$ 17.99
Pulled Chicken – 1/2 lb$ 8.99
Pulled Chicken 1 lb$ 17.99
Smoked Turkey 1/lb$ 8.49
Smoked Turkey Breast 1 lb$ 16.99
1LB Texas Brisket$ 23.99
Texas Brisket 1/2 LB$ 11.99
Smoked Sausage 1 lb$ 16.99
Memphis Half Chicken$ 10.49
St. Louis Ribs Full Rack$ 29.99
Grandma’s Potato Salad Pint$ 7.49
Grandma’s Potato Salad Quart$ 11.49
Grandma’s Potato Salad Gallon$ 38.49
Cole Slaw Pint.$ 6.99
Cole Slaw Quart.$ 10.99
Cole Slaw Gallon$ 37.99
Mac ‘n Cheese Pint$ 7.99
Mac ‘n Cheese Quart$ 12.99
Mac ‘n Cheese Gallon$ 42.99
BBQ Baked Beans Pint$ 7.49
BBQ Beans Quart$ 11.49
BBQ Beans Gallon$ 38.49
Collard Greens Pint$ 6.99
Collard Greens Quart$ 10.99
Green Beans Pint.$ 7.49
Green Beans Quart.$ 11.49
Green Beans Gallon$ 38.49
Brisket Chili Quart$ 16.49
Brunswick Stew Quart$ 16.49
Brunswick Stew Gallon$ 61.99
Corn Bread$ 0.59
Banana Pudding Pint$ 6.00
Dinner Roll Ea.$ 0.49
Mojo Mild Sauce Pint Bottle$ 6.99
Mojo Mild Sauce Quart$ 10.00
Sufferin’ Sweet Sauce Pint Bottle$ 6.99
Sufferin’ Sweet Sauce Quart$ 10.00
Smokin’ Hot Sauce Pint Bottle$ 6.99
Smokin’ Hot Sauce Quart$ 12.99
Double Trouble Pint$ 6.99
Double Trouble Pint$ 6.99
Bourbon Molasses Pint$ 6.99
Buffalo Sauce Pint$ 6.99
Carolina Vinegar – Quart$ 10.00

Signature Bottled BBQ Sauces Menu

Signature BBQ Sauce Gift Pack$ 19.99
Mojo Mild Retail$ 6.50
Smokin’ Hot Retail$ 6.50
Sufferin Sweet Retail$ 6.50
Carolina Vinegar Retail$ 6.50

A Little History of Red Hot & Blue

Red Hot & Blue Menu Prices
Image Credit:-

Red Hot & Blue is a popular Memphis-style restaurant that has been serving barbecues and other items for the past 30 years.

It was founded by the political strategists Sundquist, Bob Friedman, Joel Wood, Atwater, and Wendell Moore. And the restaurant had the concept of pigs, porks, and blues.

Red Hot & Blue also serves at the great George Mason University and soon its popularity grew to a larger extent and even acquired a reputation and funds from substantial investment systems. It had its name derived from DJ Dewey Phillips’ famous radio show.

Currently, it is headquartered in Winston Salem, United States, and serves in five locations. These locations include Fairfax, Virginia, Texas, Laurel, Annapolis, North Richland Hills, and Maryland.

Must Try Items at Red Hot & Blue

Must Try Items at Red Hot & Blue

The hot wings, and BBQs which have the best taste and texture have been made with the chef’s special sauce.

And I assume you’ve already seen the Red Hot & Blue menu prices given above to get a good feeling about its dishes and prices.

Everything here you’ll get under your budget and thus, it won’t be a problem for you to choose the best pork BBQs or other dishes.

To get the ultimate feeling of BBQs, you must check out the five best food items that are mentioned below:- 

1. Hickory Bacon Cheeseburger

One of the bestselling cheeseburgers of all time. This Hickory Bacon Cheeseburger has a top-notch quality and taste as it comes with signature BBQ sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese, BBQ Ranch, and special sauteed onions. You must get your hands on these bacon cheeseburgers!

2. Red Hot & Blue Nachos

I bet you can’t ignore this signature Mexican dish once you have it. Red Hot & Blue Nachos is full of BBQ pork chops, and pulled chicken, topped with shredded cheese, green and red onions, chilli sauce, jalapeño and sour cream. It is also served with special salsa as a side.

3. BBQ Ribs

Have you tried these famous ribs yet? If not, then try out this absolute classic recipe of BBQ ribs. All you need is just secure a seat at Red Hot & Blue and place a delicious BBQ order for a special and red saucy treat. Taste this yummy and mouth-watering dish now!!

4. Shakin’ Bacon Cheese Fries

Red Hot & Blue recently launched this savory cheese fries. And it’s under your budget too as it comes to around $8.99. Shakin’ bacon cheese fried looks very delicious and tastes heavenly as it comes with lots of melted cheddar cheese, chopped bacon, coated with dry seasoning, and wrapped in ranch dressing.

5. Award-Winning Chilli

Award-winning chili is a special stew of Red Hot & Blue. It is a home-style chili stew with tender beefsteak and briskets, kidney beans, sautéed tomatoes, pepperoncini peppers, and topped with green onions and cheddar cheese. And wrapped with soft tortilla flour.

Red Hot & Blue Secret Menu

As of now, no official notice regarding Red Hot & Blue’s secret menu has been released. It is strictly sticking to its original menu as it has been updated with new recipes and BBQs.

However, considering its limited availability of dishes like salads, BBQs, stews, and other appetizers, it is still yet to launch its secret menu. However, you can hope for better secret menu options from Red Hot & Blue.

How to Order Online From the Red Hot & Blue?

Red Hot & Blue Order Online everymenuprices
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When you can grab their food right at your doorstep, you shouldn’t have to feel bothered every time you think of visiting its outlets nearby.

Order your favorite BBQ ribs, burgers, salads, and fries by visiting their official website or downloading their app that supports both iOS and Android.

You can also place an order from Doordash, Postmates, and Ubereats for a free home delivery option.

FAQs Related to the Red Hot & Blue Menu

Can you order only ribs at Red Hot & Blue?

Apart from ordering ribs, you can also order burgers, fries, salads, and stews.

Do they have a signature sauce for every recipe?

Yes, they have a special sauce that is made to top every BBQ item available.

Does Red Hot & Blue provide free complimentary side dishes?

There’s no such option for complimentary dishes at Red Hot & Blue.

Which is the best BBQ dish offered at Red Hot & Blue?

The best BBQ dish offered is ribs and smoked meat at Red Hot & Blue.

Are there combos available at Red Hot & Blue?

Yes, you can order combo dishes that can serve many people at once.

Are Red Hot & Blue menu prices affordable?

Yes, Red Hot & Blue menu prices are affordable.

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