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Have you ever found yourself craving a Montreal classic or a taste of the Belle Province? La Belle Province satiates nostalgia and new culinary adventures through their mouthwatering menu. Continue reading further to learn more about the La Belle Province menu with prices.

For over 50 years, this iconic Quebec chain has strived to bring people together by sharing plates of comfort. Let’s dive deeper into the La Belle Province menu with prices to discover why they delight generations of diners.

La Belle Province Menu With Prices

La Belle Province Menu everymenuprices
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Poutine Festival Menu

Smoked Meat Poutine$15.90
Ground Beef Poutine$15.90
Regular Poutine$14.50
Bacon Poutine$15.90
Italian Smoked Meat Poutine$17.60
Chicken Poutine$15.90
Italian Poutine$14.50
Sausage Poutine$15.90
All Dressed Poutine$15.90
Peperoni Poutine$15.90

Trio Menu

Trio 1$12.90
Trio 2$12.99
Trio 3$15.99
Trio 4$18.25
Trio 5$15.95
Trio 6$15.99
Trio 7$16.29
Trio 8$21.85
Trio 9$19.75
Trio 10$16.70
Trio 11$17.55
Trio 12$16.85
Trio 13$24.30
Trio 14$16.30
Trio 15$16.29
Trio 16$17.85

Burgers Menu

Hot Dog Vapeeur$4.49
Hot Dog Grille$3.99
Burger Deluxe$10.99
Grilled Cheese BLT$6.99
Grilled Cheese$5.99
Chicken Pita$12.49
Gyros Pita$10.99
Burger Vege$7.49
Vege Gravy Fries$7.49
Corb Dog Mozzarella$7.99
Dessert Tartufu$6.99
Vegetarian Pita$8.49
Italian Gravy Fries$8.99

Beverages Menu

Soft Drinks$3.25
Herbal Tea$2.45
Orange Juice$2.75
Apple Juice$2.75
Hot Chocolate$2.55

A Little History of La Belle Province

La Belle Province Inside everymenuprices
Image Credit:- La Belle Province’s Facebook

La Belle Province was founded in 1970 by Peter Kivetos, a native of Greece who sought to introduce Quebecers to the joys of fast and casual dining.

Starting from a single location on Sherbrooke Street in Montreal, Kivetos pioneered the “fast food” model that set the standard for convenience across the province.

Through the 1970s and 1980s, La Belle Province expanded rapidly across Quebec thanks to an innovative franchising system and delicious fare catering to local tastes.

By the late 1990s, over 125 locations proudly served as community hubs.

While ownership has diversified over the decades, La Belle Province remains dedicated to its roots by offering traditional favorites alongside new menu items.

Their evolution ensures each meal feels like a lovingly crafted slice of the Belle province.

Must-Try Items at La Belle Province

Must-Try Items at La Belle Province

Craving a classic Montreal smoked meat sandwich? Some must-try items from the La Belle Province menu include:

1. The Poutine

A hearty handful of crispy, salty fries becomes a deliciously decadent delivery system for melted cheese curds and gravy’s creamy embrace, soothing the soul in every cheesy, savory bite.

2. Smoked Meat Poutine

Thick-sliced smoked meat joins the party, its smoky savoriness melding flawlessly with fries, curds, and gravy in a decadent dish where each component elevates the others to new heights.

3. Smoked Meat Sandwich

Fall-off-the-bone tender smoked meat overflows between slices of pillow-soft bread, its deep, complex flavors transporting tastebuds with every hearty handheld bite.

4. Hot Dog

A ballpark favorite comes home dressed to bright-eyed, bushy-tailed perfection atop a steamed dog of legendary Quebec cuisine.

5. Spaghetti and Meatballs

So rich and robust is the sauce coating each juicy, meltingly tender meatball that even the staunchest of spaghetti sceptics can’t resist seconds or thirds of the hearty dish.

6. Club Sandwich

A towering triple-decker of protein, produce, and melty cheese, where each generous bite delivers an impossibly satisfying symphony of flavors.

With these fan favorites and constantly rotating specials, deciding what to order from the La Belle Province menu is always challenging.

La Belle Province’s Secret Menu

While La Belle Province flaunts their signature items, a few secret menu items hide on the fringes.

  • Poutine Pogo: Crispy potato cakes play host to curds and gravy for a mashup of beloved Quebecois comfort foods in a singularly satisfying handheld package.
  • Italian Poutine: A rich, robust ragu replaces traditional gravy, transporting tastebuds to Italy with every cheesy, savory mouthful.
  • Extreme Poutine: An oversized portion stacked sky-high with fries, curds, and protein, then laden with gravy, its decadence is defined for true poutine purists.
  • Hamburger Poutine: Ground beef mimics squeaky cheese curds to create a hearty one-bowl meal where each component melds into sublime, cohesive, savory goodness.

Whether you want indulgence or an edge, La Belle Province has you covered with off-menu items perfect for sharing with friends.

How to Order Online From La Belle Province?

La Belle Province Order Online everymenuprices
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While nothing matches the lively dining atmosphere, La Belle Province smoothly transitions to the digital age. You can order from their website or mobile app for pickup or delivery.

Select your local La Belle Province location and build your order by adding items to your cart. They thoughtfully categorize the menu for easy browsing of the Poutine, Sandwiches, or Kids sections.

You can securely handle the payments online or via the app, arriving at your specified time to retrieve your order. 

It’s a seamless process that preserves the whole La Belle Province experience from the comfort of your couch. Their online platform even allows customizations for dietary preferences.

You can also choose delivery through partners like Uber Eats and DoorDash. Straight to your doorstep in just a few taps. So satisfy your cravings anytime with a few simple clicks!

FAQs Related to the La Belle Province Menu

How can I get the best bang for my buck at La Belle Province?

Their $5 hot dogs and kid’s meals at around $7 are total steals, leaving even the most enormous appetites quite happy. Meanwhile, poutine plates ranging from $7-11 provide generously portioned, high-quality ingredients at an easy-on-the-wallet price point.

Are there any deals for feeding the whole family?

Families will find value in La Belle Province’s family menus starting at $35, letting the whole crew enjoy classics like poutine, burgers, and sandwiches for an extremely fair price. It’s the perfect solution for satisfying every appetite affordably.

Can I personalize things?

While signature items hold their traditional charm, patrons are welcome to add their spin with extras like mushrooms, peppers, or signature sauces – ask your server for the customize-it-yourself details. It’s easy to make any meal uniquely your own.

How late can I dine or grab a late bite?

Hours vary, but most locations keep the lights on until 9 pm on weeknights, with some franchises accommodating 24/7 cravings. It’s an ideal spot to fuel up solo or with friends even when other kitchens have closed.

Are La Belle Province menu prices affordable?

Yes, La Belle Province menu prices are affordable.

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