MBA Chaiwala Menu With Prices [April 2024 Updated]

A well-known place like MBA Chaiwala needs no introduction. From a small startup business to gaining popularity among people all across India, this chain of specialized tea stores has come a long way.

The beverages you’ll get here are quite soothing to have and taste exceptional. All you need to do is to seek a drink from the MBA Chaiwala menu with prices given below at your nearest store. 

People love the simplicity of the owner and his creative style of making teas, bubble teas, and other beverages. A pint of cold coffee can help you relax in the morning or any part of the day.

MBA Chaiwala’s only motive is to reach every customer with much affordability and creativity with their specialized beverages.

Make sure you go ahead in this article as I have mentioned some of the details on MBA Chaiwala that will find delicious 🙂

MBA Chaiwala Menu With Prices

MBA Chaiwala Menu everymenuprices
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Hot Beverages Menu

Hot Tea With Kuladh

ItemRegular PriceJumbo Price
MBA Special 9-Secret Tea₹ 65₹ 90
Special Kashmiri Kahwa₹ 105
Ginger Pudina Tea₹ 65₹ 90
Tulsi Ginger Tea₹ 65₹ 90
Lemon Tea₹ 65₹ 90
Green Tea₹ 65₹ 90
Cardamom (Elaichi) Tea₹ 65₹ 90
Rose Tea₹ 65₹ 90
Chocolate Tea₹ 65₹ 90
Black tea₹ 50₹ 70
Kesar chai₹ 75₹ 100
Gudh chai₹ 75

Hot Coffee

Espresso₹ 69
Americano₹ 79
Cafe Latte₹ 119
Cafe Mocha₹ 119
Hazelnut Hot Coffee₹ 119
Irish Cream Hot Coffee₹ 119
Turmeric…₹ 119
Cappuccino₹ 149

Add On’s

Chocolate₹ 40
Irish Cream₹ 40
Hazelnut₹ 40
Nutell₹ 40
Coffee Shot₹ 40
Ice Cream Scoop₹ 49

Hot Milk

Bournvitta₹ 99
Hot Chocolate₹ 119
Turmeric Milk₹ 119

Cold Beverages Menu

Ice Tea

Lemon Ice Tea₹ 129
Orange Ice Tea₹ 129
Peach Ice Tea₹ 129
Strawberry Ice Tea₹ 129


Strawberry Shake₹ 149
Mango Shake₹ 149
Chocolate Shake₹ 149
Blueberry Shake₹ 149
Fruit Punch₹ 159
Oreo Shake₹ 169
Nutella Shake₹ 169

Cold Coffee

MBA Special Cold Coffee₹ 169
Hazelnut Cold Coffee₹ 169
Irish Cream Cold Coffee₹ 169
Chocolate Cold Coffee₹ 169


Aam Panna₹ 99
Shikanji₹ 99
Masala Lemonade₹ 109
Mint Mojito₹ 129
Strawberry mint Mojito₹ 129
Mango mint Mojito₹ 129
Blueberry mint Mojito₹ 129
Lady in Pink Mojito₹ 129
Fresh Lime soda (Mix/ sweet/ salt)₹ 129

Chai Ka Sathi Menu

Grilled Sandwiches

Cheese Sandwich₹ 129
Cheese Corn Sandwich₹ 149
Tandoori Paneer Sandwich₹ 149
Veggie Cheese Sandwich₹ 149
Peri Peri Cheese Sandwich₹ 149
Sandwich Pizza₹ 249


Margherita Pizza₹ 149
Garden fresh Pizza₹ 189
Corn & cheese Pizza₹ 169
Tandoori Paneer Pizza₹ 189


Paneer & Tikki Burger₹ 149
MBA Special Burger₹ 129
Peri Peri Burger₹ 129
Hot Chilli burger₹ 129

Garlic Bread

Cheese Garlic Bread₹ 149
Chilli Cheese Garlic Bread₹ 189
Garden Fresh Cheese Garlic Bread₹ 169
Supreme Cheese Garlic Bread₹ 189

Quick Bites

Samosa (Per Plate)₹ 79
Onion Pakoda₹ 149
Paneer Pakoda₹ 159
Mix Pakoda₹ 169


French Fries₹ 89
Masala Fries₹ 99
Peri Peri Fries₹ 109
Cheese Fries₹ 129

Desi Chattaka

Pasta (Red sauce)₹ 149
Pasta (White sauce)₹ 149
Veg steam Momos₹ 99
Paneer steam Momos₹ 109
Veg fried Momos₹ 119
Paneer fried Momos₹ 129


Desi Masala Maggie₹ 69
Amul Butter Maggie₹ 89
Veg & Cheese Maggie₹ 129
Veg Chatori Maggie₹ 129
Makhani Maggie₹ 129
Peri Peri Maggi₹ 129
Paneer Makhni Maggie₹ 149

Bun Maska

MBA Special Bun Maska₹ 69
Irani Bun Maska₹ 79
Masala Bun Maska₹ 89
Blueberry Bun Maska₹ 99
Mango Bun Maska₹ 99
Strawberry Bun Maska₹ 99

Break Fast

Upma₹ 99
Upma₹ 109
Aloo Paratha₹ 119
Aloo Onion Paratha₹ 149
Paneer Paratha₹ 149


Ice Cream Scoop₹ 59
Ice Cream Scoop(Any Two)₹ 89
Brownie₹ 99
Brownie With Ice Cream₹ 129
Fruit & Nut Sundae₹ 149
Brownie Sundae₹ 149


Fries (Any) + Mojito (Any Flavour)Flat 10% off
2 Chai + 2 Parathe Or Any PakodaFlat 10% off
2 Mojito (Any Flavour) + 1 Garden Fresh Pizza + Cheese Garlic Bread₹ 499
2 Chai + MBA Special Bun Maska + Samosa₹ 249
2 Chai + Tandoori Paneer Sandwich₹ 299
2 Chai + Tandoori Paneer Pizza₹ 299
2 Ice tea (Any) + Tandoori Paneer Or Cheese Corn Sandwich₹ 379
2 Ice tea (Any) + Tandoori Paneer Or Garden Fresh Pizza₹ 409
2 Cold coffee (Any) + Tandoori Paneer Sandwich Or Cheese Corn Sandwich₹ 449
2 Cold coffee (Any) + Tandoori Paneer Or Garden Fresh Pizza₹ 489
Order Any Pakoda & Get MBA Special 100 ml Chai For Rs 20

A Little History of MBA Chaiwala

MBA Chaiwala Inside everymenuprices
Image Credit:- MBA Chaiwala’s Instagram

MBA Chaiwala was founded in Dhar, Madhya Pradesh in 2017 by Prafull Billore with an initial investment of 8000. The owner was a student from IIM Gujarat and soon dropped out of his college to start a business in tea.

His father never wanted him to open a tea stall even after getting a good education from India’s top MBA colleges. He even had to go through a lot of sleepless nights to make his dream startup a reality.

MBA Chaiwala has everything like innovation, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and the great art of tea making. Billore’s unsuccessful journey as a CAT applicant to becoming India’s top tea-selling man shows his true aspirations and entrepreneurship. Initially, it made teas in a small stall and then started selling several other beverages.

MBA Chaiwala has surpassed its current achievements and growth and is serving over 100+ different cities all across India. It is headquartered in Dhar, Madhya Pradesh, and making an excellent impact among the crowd.

Must Try Items at MBA Chaiwala

Must Try Items at MBA Chaiwala everymenuprices

The great beverages and teas to look for at MBA Chaiwala are given below. As you have checked the MBA Chaiwala menu prices given above, choosing from the long list might be difficult for you.

So, we have given some must-try items that you can try. You can also be a part of this new startup and enjoy fantastic teas, beverages, and other food items.

1. Irish Cream Coffee

A creamy bubble tea should be on your trial list. MBA Chaiwala’s Irish Cream Coffee is a one-of-a-kind drink as it is filled with chocolate, nutty flavor with lots of whipped cream and chewy boba. You can also add vanilla ice cream if you desire to.

2. Kala Khatta

A lip-smacking cold beverage that is too nostalgic. The drink is induced with jamun flavour also known as kala khatta in the Indian language with a mixture of soda and MBA Chaiwala’s signature berry-popping bobas. Have this drink with a go!

3. Nutella Cheese Shake

One of the best-selling drinks of all time, Nutella Cheese Shake is something that stands out more than any other drink. The Nutella and cream cheese blend perfectly in this drink to give you a flavorful taste with lots of creamy texture. Try this shake now!

4. Vietnamese Iced Cold Coffee

How about brewing cold coffee? Well, Vietnamese Iced Cold Coffee is one of the crowd’s favorites when it comes to choosing coffee. A flavourful drink with a mixture of condensed milk, chocolate, and lots of tapioca pearls. You just have to pay 69/- and get this drink.

5. Cheese Maggi

A go-to dish like Maggie needs no special introduction! However, MBA Chaiwala’s special cheese maggi will blow your mind. Loaded with delicious Maggi noodles with different types of spiciness and cheesy texture. You have to enjoy the cheesy goodness!

MBA Chaiwala’s Secret Menu

Considering the only availability of teas, bubble teas, and other cold beverages including a few savory dishes, MBA Chaiwala can’t think of producing any secret menu.

They seem to enjoy offering reliable food and drinks to people without any secrets. That’s why, it’s a place where every Indian has its heart!

How to Order Online From MBA Chaiwala?

MBA Chaiwala Order Online everymenuprices
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MBA Chaiwala’s online home delivery services have been gaining a lot of attention. They are serving at everyone’s doorstep be it any part of India. All you need to do is to find a nearby outlet of this popular chain and place your order.

You can also visit MBA Chaiwala’s official website to learn more about their online home delivery facilities. Also, you can try ordering from Swiggy or Zomato which will fetch your favorite drink or dish within a few minutes!

FAQs Related to the MBA Chaiwala’s Menu

In which cities MBA Chaiwala is located?

MBA Chaiwala is serving in some of the popular cities like Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Pune, and other well-known cities.

Which is the best-selling bubble tea drink at MBA Chaiwala?

The Irish Cream Coffee is one of the best-selling boba drinks available at MBA Chaiwala.

Can you order main course dishes from MBA Chaiwala?

MBA Chaiwala only offers savory food items and a great selection of drinks like teas, bubble teas, and cold coffees and hence, you can’t order any main course food dishes.

Which is the crowd’s favorite cold coffee drink?

The Vietnamese Cold Coffee drink is one of the best-selling and crowd’s favorite drinks of all time at MBA Chaiwala.

What is the name of the most popular momo dish at MBA Chaiwala?

The Kullad Momos are one of the creative and unique momo dishes offered at MBA Chaiwala.

Are MBA Chaiwala menu prices affordable?

Yes, MBA Chaiwala menu prices are affordable.

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