Irani Cafe Menu With Prices [April 2024 Updated]

It’s because sometimes all of us are reminded of old times. Let’s Irani Cafe bring you the joy of nostalgia and great taste right at your plate. Any day of the week is a day of indulgence at Irani Cafe and therefore, the Irani Cafe menu with prices seems a little too good to ignore. The charm, love, and bliss you’ll get here will simply blow your mind with scrumptious feelings.

Most Sundays it observes the highest number of people savoring a few of the best from Irani Cafe, people can’t resist their taste.

Make sure you are also a part of this classic and authentic cafe which will bring you bakery delights, flaky pastries to other delicious items. The comforting treats are to always look for at Irani Cafe.

Go forward in this article to know what Irani Cafe has in store for all of you. I have particularly focused on its little history, some of the best items to try out, a secret menu in case it has any, an online ordering system, and faqs at the end.

Irani Cafe Menu With Prices

Irani Cafe Menu everymenuprices
Image Credit:- Irani Cafe’s Facebook

Desserts Menu

Baklawa (1pc)₹135
Baklawa (pack Of 4)₹500
Mango Cheese Cake₹100
Caramel Custard₹100
Red Velvet₹95
Blueberry Cheesecake₹100
Chocolate Mocha₹100
Chocolate Brownie₹60
Macrons ( Pack Of 6 ) – Super Saver Pack₹390

Bakery Menu

Badam Biscuit (200 Gm)₹85
Jeera Butter (200gm)₹85
Milk Toast₹85
Choco Biscuit (200 Gm)₹85
Cream Roll₹25
Jam Roll – 1pc₹40
Lamington Cake₹50
Coconut Cake₹40
Nankatai (Small)₹40
Mawa Cake (Regular) – 1pc₹40
Roat Cookies₹35
Bombay Khari (200 Gm)₹90
Maska Khari (200 Gm)₹85
Jeera Khari (200 Gm)₹85
Coconut Biscuit (200 Gm)₹85
Nan Katai (200 Gm)₹85
Ajwain Salted Biscuit₹90
Wheat Sesame Biscuits₹90
Shrewsbury (200 Gm)₹85
Cake Toast₹90

Cold Beverages Menu

Shekanjabeen Sharbat₹65
Rose Sharbat₹65

Cakes (1pound) Menu

Sponge Cake₹140
Chocolate Walnut Cake₹150
Plum Cake₹150

Hot Beverages Menu

Tea ( Pack Of 4 ) – 4pcs₹115
Tea ( Pack Of 2 )₹70
Tea Without Sugar – Pack Of 2₹95
Coffee ( Pack Of 2)₹95
Irani Black Tea ( Pack Of 2)₹95
Bournvita Pack₹60

Breakfast Menu

Chicken Kheema₹120
Mutton Kheema₹170
Chicken Kheema Ghotala₹135
Mutton Kheema Ghotala₹185
Paneer Bhurji₹150
Cheese Omelette₹80
Egg White Omelette₹80
Chicken Masala Omelette₹100
Chicken Cheese Omelette₹115
Masala Omelette₹80
Masala Cheese Omelette₹100
Full Fry (Alta Palti)₹65
Egg Bhurji₹85
Cheese Egg Bhurji₹95
Scrambled Egg₹70
Akuri (Parsi Bhurji)₹90
Kuku Sabzi (Irani Omelette)₹110
Chicken Kheema Par Edu₹135
Mutton Kheema Par Edu₹185
Bheja Masala (Full)₹200
Bheja Masala (Half)₹150

Bun, Broon, Bread and Toast Menu

Slice Bread (2 Pieces)₹10
Plain Toast₹25
Bun Maska – 1pc₹50
Bun Maska Jam₹55
Cheese Bun Maska₹65
Broon Maska₹35
Broon Maska Jam₹40
Bread Butter₹40
Bread Butter Jam₹45
Cheese Sandwich₹60
Toast Butter₹50
Toast Butter Jam₹55
Toast Honey₹75
Cheese Toast₹75
Plain Bun₹25
Plain Broon₹20

Snacks Menu

Veg Cutlet₹90
Mutton Cutlet₹130
Chicken Cutlet₹110
Chicken Mayo Sandwich₹75
Bun Omelette₹75
Bun Butter Omelette₹85
Bun Cheese Omelette₹100
Bun Masala Omelette₹95
Bun Cheese Masala Omelette₹110
Bread Omelette₹60
Bread Butter Omelette₹75
Bread Cheese Omelette₹100
Toast Omelette₹75
Toast Butter Omelette₹85
Cheese Toast Omelette₹110
Chicken Samosa (1 Piece)₹40
Veg Omelette₹75
Veg Cheese Omelette₹95
Veg Samosa (1 Piece)₹30
Malai Plate₹50

Cheesey Grill Menu

Chicken Cheese Grill Sandwich₹130
Chicken Mayo Grill Sandwich₹120
Grill Bun Maska₹65
Grill Cheese Bun Maska₹85
Cheese Grilled Sandwich₹100
Chilly Cheese Grilled Sandwich₹110
Cheese Grill Bun Omelette₹120
Grill Masala Bun Omelette₹110

Daily Speciality Menu

Chicken Berry Pulao₹330
Mutton Kheema Berry Pulao₹390
Paneer Berry Pulao₹330
Mutton Dum Biryani₹230
Chicken Dum Biryani₹195
Joojeh Kabab without rice₹250
Joojeh Kabab with rice₹320

Family Binge Combos Menu

4 Piece Veg Cutlet + 2 Veg Samosas + 2 Blueberry Cheese Cakes₹420
4 Piece Chicken Cutlets + 2 Piece Chicken Samosa + 2 Caramel Custards₹500
1 Chicken Biryani + 1 Joojeh Kebab ( Without Rice) + 2 Caramel Custards₹800
1 Joojeh Kebab(without Rice) + 1 Mutton Biryani + 1 Lemon Ice Tea + 1 Caramel Custard₹850
2 Bun Maska + 1 Chilli Cheese Grill Sandwich + 2 Veg Samosas + Tea Pack Of 4₹385
1 Masala Bun Omelette + Chicken Cheese Omelette + Tea Pack Of 2₹270
1 Nan Kathai With Mawa Cake And Tea(Pack Of 4)₹230
1 Egg Bhurji With 1 Plain Bun + Tea Pack Of 2₹170
2 Chicken Samosas With 2 Veg Samosas And Tea(pack Of 4)₹230

Dessert Combos Menu

Cheese Toast Omelette + Jam Roll₹140
Bun Masala Omelette + Jam Roll₹120
Bread Cheese Omelette + Jam Roll₹130

A Little History of Irani Cafe

Irani Cafe Inside everymenuprices
Image Credit:- Irani Cafe’s Facebook

As the name goes by, Irani Cafe is an Iranian cafe that was founded in early 2016. The idea of Irani cafes began when the Zoroastrian community migrated from Iran after they fled from Safavid Persecution near Central Asia.

The Cafe was founded by Mr Kasem and Mr Reza to bring back the joy of Irani cooking culture.

In India, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Pune have been hosting several Irani Cafes specializing in Irani Chai.

As a child, the owner Reza would always go to a bakery named “Bhatti” to see different types of products made, and that intrigued him to open his restaurant.

Their forefathers have migrated to India to bring back their authentic Irani culture and therefore, hospitality is in their blood.

Irani Cafe has been serving teas, bakery products, and other relatable products. The cafe also has classic Bentwood, broom chairs to make its appearance in Iranian style.

Must Try Items at Irani Cafe

Must Try Items at Irani Cafe everymenuprices

Irani Cafe strives to make the most tasty tribute to all its fans and match the era of Bentwood with great foods. From tasty teas to bakery foods, it has everything to serve its guests.

The delightful pastries at Irani Cafe can make you feel immensely happy! That’s why check out Irani cafe menu prices given above before heading to the cafe:-

1. Paneer Bhurji

Paneer, a favorite food among vegetarians, this dish includes grated paneer with a mixture of veggies, tossed in special tomato sauce, with lots of dry masalas and chillies. A fantastic dish to try out with any side.

2. Chicken Berry Pulao

Chicken Berry Pulao is a one-of-a-kind dish among the Iranian people. You’ll love the taste as it is filled with classic Iranian rice, prepared in ghee and cooked along with chicken chunks, caramelized onions, and cranberries. This special recipe requires you to be prepared!

3. Chicken Joojeh Kebab

It’s a special Persian recipe and Joojeh Kebabs are quite popular in Iran culture. This recipe is packed with so many flavors of chicken pieces smothered with delicious marinade, saffron, and lemon flavors. A dish to keep you full and ready!

4. Lamington Cake

How can I even miss out on bakery products? This Lamington Cake is a slice of cake made from scratch and squares of chocolate sponge cake. The outer layer is coated with chocolate sauce and rolls of desiccated coconut. A scrumptious chocolate cake should be on your trial list!

5. Mutton Bheja Fry

Among the Zoroastrian community, mutton seems to be one of their favorite foods. It’s a classic recipe made with a special goat brain and then tossed in freshly ground masala. A unique and weird dish as well but tastes heavenly!

Irani Cafe’s Secret Menu

A fast food and beverage restaurant, Irani Cafe does not serve anything from their secret menu as they don’t have one. It’s a place where Persian as well as Iranian cultures are synced together.

Therefore, in this cafe, you’ll find the best dishes which are uniquely made with a touch of their authentic culture.

How to Order Online From Irani Cafe?

Irani Cafe Order Online everymenuprices
Image Credit:-

Irani Cafe menu and prices are not very high as it is based on Indian preferences. That’s why every location tends to serve online home delivery facilities.

Grab some Iranian foods from the absolute classic Irani cafe by visiting their official website or approach other home delivery companies like Zomato and Swiggy

FAQs Related to the Irani Cafe Menu

In which cities Irani Cafe is based?

Irani Cafe is based in Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad.

Does Irani Cafe offer any Italian dishes?

Irani Cafe specializes in Iranian dishes and beverages, hence, you’ll get no Italian dishes.

Which is the most preferred dish among the crowd at Irani Cafe?

One of the most preferred dishes at Irani Cafe is Chicken Joojeh Kebabs.

What are the bakeries that you can order online?

From Irani Cafe, you can order cream rolls, jam rolls, lamington cake, chocolate brownies, and other bakery treats.

Can you order cookies and croissants from Irani Cafe?

Yes, you can order croissants and other delicious cookies from Irani Cafe.

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