Nando’s Menu With Prices [April 2024 Updated]

Based in South Africa, Nando’s is a popular South African multinational fast-casual chain. Nando’s menu specializes in Portuguese flame-grilled peri-peri style chicken. If you are looking for the latest Nando’s menu with prices, then you have come to the right place.

The restaurant started the journey a long time back and now they have grown into a huge restaurant chain. Currently, Nando’s are operating more than 1200 outlets in various countries.

The current annual revenue of Nando’s is estimated to be around $99.49 million and around 1000 employees are currently working with the restaurant chain.

Nando’s menu offers countless food items at an affordable price range. Their menu features various sections, starting from appetizers to desserts. Nando’s menu sections also include Appeteasers, To Share, Salads, Chicken Meal Deals, Peri-Peri Veg, Veg Burgers, etc.

The article will offer you all the factual details regarding the restaurant chain starting from the latest Nando’s menu and prices to some other important details including the history of the restaurant chain, the public responses towards the franchise, the opening hours of Nando’s locations, and much more. So, keep reading the article to learn more about Nando’s.

Nando’s Menu With Prices

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Snacks & Shareables Menu With Prices

Peri-Peri Wings$6.99
Spicy Mixed Olives$4.79
Garlic Sticks$4.49
Hummus with Peri-Peri Drizzle$6.49
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Peri-Peri Chicken Menu With Prices

+1 Regular Side+2 Regular Side
1/2 Chicken$13.89$15.99
1/4 Chicken – Breast$9.29$11.39
1/4 Chicken – Leg$9.19$11.29
Two 1/4 Legs$13.79$15.89
Chicken Thigh Skewers$13.39$15.49
Boneless Chicken Breast$13.29$15.39
Chicken Livers$9.99$12.09
Peri-Peri Wings$15.89$17.99
3 Chicken Thighs$12.69$14.79

Nando’s Favorites Menu With Prices

1/2 Chicken and Chips$13.89
Peri-Peri Chicken Bowl$10.99
Avocado & Roasted Pepper Bowl$9.99
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Sandwiches, Wraps & Pitas Menu With Prices

+1 Regular Side+2 Regular Side
Chicken Breast Sandwich$10.99$13.09
Thigh and Mighty Sandwich$13.39$15.49
Nandocas’ Choice$14.89$16.99
Chicken Breast Pita$10.29$12.39
Chicken Caesar Wrap$10.99$13.09
Chicken Breast Wrap$10.99$13.09
Veg Paradise+1 Regular Side+2 Regular Side
Portobello Mushroom & Halloumi Wrap$10.89$12.99
Veggie Burger$10.59$12.69

Essential Sides Menu With Prices

Peri Chips$2.89
Portuguese Rice$2.89
Garlic Bread$2.89
Red Skin Mashed Potatoes$2.89
Macho Peas$2.89
Mixed Green Side Salad$4.08
Caesar Side Salad$4.08
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Seasonal Sides Menu With Prices

(Spring and Summer) Menu With Prices

Cucumber & Poppy Seed Salad$3.99
Brussels Sprouts$4.89

Beer Menu With Prices

Super Bock$5.99
Sam Adams Boston Lager$5.99
On TapPrice
Blue Moon Belgian White Ale$5.99
Local Seasonal Beer$6.49

Sangrias & Spiked Lemonade Menu With Prices

Red Wine Sangria$6.49$18.49
Rosé Sangria$6.49$18.49
Spiked Lemonade$6.99$24.99
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Wine Menu With Prices

Cara Viva (Portugal)$7.49$19.99
Gatao Vinho Verde (Portugal)$7.99$21.99
Indaba Chardonnay (S. Africa)$8.49$25.99
Cara Viva (Portugal)$7.49$19.99
Borges Lello (Portugal)$9.99$26.99
Braai Cabernet Sauvignon (S. Africa)$9.49$27.99

Refreshments Menu With Prices

Go Bottomless$2.99
Blood Orange & Mango Lemonade$3.59
Pineapple Lemonade$3.59
Bottled Beverage$2.99-$3.49
Bottled Water$2.99-$3.49
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Desserts Menu With Prices

Naughty Natas$2.59
Barely Baked Brownie$2.59
Carrot Cake$6.69
Raspberry Cheesecake$6.69

History of Nando’s

Nando's Inside everymenuprices
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The restaurant was established many years ago in 1987 and the establishment happened due to the efforts of Fernando Duarte, who is from Portugal, and Robert Brozin, who is from South Africa.

The idea behind forming this restaurant came from a very simple situation where the duo went to visit a restaurant called Chickenland where visitors could find Portuguese-Mozambican food items.

While the duo went to the restaurant, they tried the chicken peri-peri from the menu and were so impressed with the item that they decided to purchase the restaurant.

The price of the deal was reported to be 80,000 rand and the restaurant’s name was changed to Nando’s and the name was derived from Fernando’s first child. The restaurant was eventually operating three outlets in Johannesburg by 1989 and they had another one in Portugal.

The company was then purchased by Capricorn Ventures International in 1992 and one of their former franchisees established another restaurant that specialized in Portuguese-Mozambican-styled grilled chicken and it was called Galito’s.

The chain soon started to compete with Nando’s in the market. Nando’s eventually grabbed a spot in the list of the top 30 hottest marketing brands by Advertising Age magazine in 2010.

The restaurant became so successful that a news outlet stated that Nando’s was able to change the face of British fast food. They launched their 1,000th store in 2012 and they were brought by the South African businessman Dick Enthoven and his family in July 2014.

Dick’s son Robby was also involved in the expansion of the company in the UK and they were also named among one of the best private sector employers in the UK in 2018. The rating was based on various ratings and reviews posted by millions of people.

Review of Nando’s

Nando's Menu everymenuprices
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The main highlight of the restaurant is chicken and this is the reason why people visit the restaurant. Their chicken is marinated for 24 hours with a recipe of herbs and spices and it is eventually put for grilling.

There is an option to have the chicken in pieces or as a whole and sauces are also available in two options that include mild and hot. In case you wish to try something else instead of chicken, there is beef alongside various other items for the vegan.

Cheddar or feta cheeses are added to the beef burgers and vegans have an option of choosing either halloumi or mozzarella.

Nando’s locations are perfect options for lunch and dinner hours. Moreover, Nando’s locations also feature some basic facilities like the other restaurants including takeout, seating facility, wheelchair accessible for handicapped, and much more. The service towards customers at Nando’s is also a reason to love them.

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How to Order Online From Nando’s Menu in Few Steps?

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If you want to order online from Nando’s, you can do that with the help of Doordash, Grubhub, etc. Below I will show you some steps on how you can easily order online from Nando’s with the help of Doordash.

Other than ordering online, you can also check the latest menu prices of Nando’s for different locations as the prices may vary from location to location. Also, they may change without any prior notice.

  1. First, head over to Doordash and select your location from the list of given locations.
  2. After typing your address, if they deliver to your location, the latest menu prices of Nando’s will appear (here you can check the latest Nando’s menu with prices for your preferred location).
  3. Now, select the food items that you want to order online from Nando’s and add them one by one to your cart.
  4. In the next step, go to checkout and sign in to your account on Doordash if you have one or you can create a new account very easily.
  5. After successfully signing in, fill in some information, make the payment, and your order will be delivered to your location.

Nando’s Contact Information & Important Links

Nando's LocationsCheck Here

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Nando’s Contact Info

Nando's Corporate Office Address819 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20001
Nando's Corporate Phone Number020 3974 2182.
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Nando’s is one of the most popular and large restaurant chains that have been operating over 1200 outlets in different countries.

Nando’s has gained recognition globally and now they have become a tough competitor for many restaurant chains. They are still evolving day by day and receiving very warm responses from the public.

Considering the positive responses Nando’s is receiving, we can expect it to become more successful and bigger in the upcoming years.

So what did you like the most from the above given Nando’s menu with prices? Do let me know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Nando’s (FAQs)

Where are the headquarters of Nando’s located?

The headquarters of Nando’s are located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

How many outlets are currently operating by Nando’s?

As of the article’s writing, Nando’s has been operating more than 1200 outlets in 30 different counties.

What is the main attraction of Nando’s menu?

Chicken dishes are the major attraction of Nando’s menu.

In which year, Nando’s started the journey?

Nando’s started the journey in 1987.

Does Nando’s menu offer vegetarian options?

Yes, Nando’s menu has a variety of vegetarian options.

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