Paris Baguette Menu Prices [September 2023 Updated]

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Paris Baguette is a South Korean multicuisine bakery-cum chain established in Seoul, South Korea. The bakery house is best known for serving some delicious baked goods starting from baguettes, croissants, cakes, breads, and other confectioneries. The Paris Baguette menu with prices is also reasonably crafted so that all the customers can enjoy their delicacies.

The Paris Baguette menu is inclusive of pastries, warm breads, exquisite coffee, signature cakes, and a variety of other baked eatables. The bakery-café takes pride in offering baked goods at wonderful Paris Baguette prices.

The brand intent to serve delicious sandwiches and beverages at an affordable Paris Baguette price list. This article showcases the real Paris Baguette menu with prices so that when you visit the nearest Paris Baguette, you can enjoy its amazing offerings.

Paris Baguette Menu Prices

Paris Baguette Menu
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Bakery Menu Prices

Almond Pastry$4.17
Apple Pie$3.29
Artisan Bacon Mozzarella Bread$6.37
Artisan Tomato Mascarpone Bread$6.37
Blueberry Cream Cheese Pastry$3.29
Blueberry King Cream Donut$4.39
Butter Cream Bread$2.74
Cheese Tart$3.07
Choux Cream Bread$2.52
Coffee Bun$3.07
Coffee Danish$3.62
Crab Meat Croquette$3.62
Cream Cheese Pastry$3.29
Cream Cheese Donut$2.52
Croissant Donut$4.72
Egg Tart$2.74
Fruit Pastry$3.62
Gingersnap Molasses Cookie$2.19
Ham Cheese Pastry$4.39
Hash Brown Bread$3.51
Jumbo Twisted Donut$3.84
King Cream Donut$3.84
Mini Croissants$4.95
Mini Grain Cream Cheese Pastry$4.72
Mini Garlic CroissantN/A
Mr. Bear$2.74
Ms. Bear$2.74
Pastry Frank$3.51
Peanut Crumb Bread$2.52
Raspberry Fruit Bite$2.52
Smoked Sausage Bread$3.62
Soft Cheese Cake$3.29
Soft Strawberry Cake$3.29
Spicy Curry Croquette$3.51
Strawberry Cornet Pie$3.62
Strawberry Croissant$5.49
Strawberry Lemon Cream Croissant$2.96
Sweet Potato Pastry$3.29
Sweet Rice Donut$2.52
Tiramisu King Cream Donut$4.39
Tiramisu Tart$3.29
Walnut Cream Bread$3.62
Whole Red Bean Bread$2.52
Chocolate Chip Cookies$2.19
Ghirardelli Brownie$3.84
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie$2.19
Triple Chocolate Cookie$2.19
Chocolate Cream Croissant$4.39
Espresso Cream Croissant$4.39
Matcha Cream Croissant$4.39
Mango Cream Croissant$4.39
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Gourmet Sandwiches Menu Prices

Caprese Baguette$8.79
Chicken Caesar Baguette$8.25
Crab Coleslaw Sandwich$5.05
Egg Salad Sandwich$7.43
Grain Chicken Salad Sandwich$7.98
Ham & Cheese Baguette$7.15
Ham and Cheese Sandwich$7.15
Honey Chipotle Chicken Multigrain Baguette$9.67
Prosciutto Baguette$9.12
Provence Chicken Pesto Baguette$9.12
Smoked Salmon Avocado Croissant$9.89
Tuna Salad Multigrain Baguette$9.67
Turkey Avocado Sandwich$8.53
Turkey Club Multigrain Baguette$9.67
Turkey Mozzarella Baguette$9.12

Salads Menu Prices

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad$10.22
Tropical Crunch Salad$10.22
Smoked Salmon Avocado Salad$12.42
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Breads Menu Prices

Artisan Bacon Mozzarella Bread$6.37
Artisan Tomato Mascarpone Bread$6.37
Milk Bread$5.27
Multigrain Baguette$4.39
Multi Grain Bread$5.82
Raisin Bread$5.49
Soft Cream Bread$5.82

Hot Coffee & Espresso Menu Prices

Small Brewed Coffee$2.52
Medium Brewed Coffee$2.96
Large Brewed Coffee$3.18
Small Cafe Latte$4.28
Medium Cafe Latte$5.05
Large Cafe Latte$5.38
Small Cappuccino$4.25
Medium Cappuccino$5.05
Large Cappuccino$5.38
Small Americano$3.18
Medium Americano$3.62
Large Americano$3.84
Small Caramel Latte$4.83
Medium Caramel Latte$5.49
Large Caramel Latte$6.04
Small Cafe Mocha$4.83
Medium Cafe Mocha$5.49
Large Cafe Mocha$6.04
Small Hot Chocolate$3.73
Medium Hot Chocolate$4.28
Large Hot Chocolate$4.61
Small Brewed Coffee Hazelnut$2.52
Medium Brewed Coffee Hazelnut$2.96
Large Brewed Coffee Hazelnut$3.18
Small Hazelnut Latte$4.83
Medium Hazelnut Latte$5.49
Large Hazelnut Latte$6.04
Small Peppermint Mocha$5.16
Medium Peppermint Mocha$5.49
Large Peppermint Mocha$5.82
Small Chai Latte$4.61
Medium Chai Latte$5.38
Large Chai Latte$5.71
Small Matcha Latte$4.61
Medium Matcha Latte$5.38
Large Matcha Latte$5.71
Small Salted Caramel Oat Milk Latte$5.05
Medium Salted Caramel Oat Milk Latte$5.49
Large Salted Caramel Oat Milk Latte$5.82
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Cold Coffee & Espresso Menu Prices

Cold Coffee & Espresso Small Medium Large
Iced Coffee$3.62$4.06$4.28
Iced Milk Coffee$3.84$4.28$4.50
Cold Brew$3.95$4.50$4.83
Iced Americano$3.62$3.84$4.06
Iced Cafe Latte$5.05$5.82$6.15
Iced Caramel Latte$5.49$6.37$6.59
Iced Cafe Mocha$5.49$6.37$6.59
Iced Hazelnut Latte$5.49$6.37$6.59
Iced Peppermint Mocha$5.49$5.93$6.37
Iced Chai Latte$5.38$5.71$6.04
Iced Matcha Latte$5.60$5.71$6.04
Iced Salted Caramel Oat Milk Latte$5.49$6.04$6.37

Bottled Beverages Menu Prices

PB Spring Water$2.52
PB Pure Sparkling Water$2.74
PB Lemon Black Tea$3.29
PB Blood Orange Green Tea$3.29
PB Tropical Hibiscus Tea$3.29
Squeezed Orange Juice$5.05
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Packaged Roll Cakes and Castellas Menu Prices

Blueberry Roll Cake$21.99
Heavenly Cheesecake$9.89
Macaron Set (4pcs)$10.22
Signature Roll Cake$21.99

Cake Slices Menu Prices

Berry Tart$8.02
Blueberry Chiffon Cake Piece$7.25
Cup Tiramisu$6.59
Ganache Cream Cake Piece$7.69
Oreo Cookies and Cream Piece Cake$6.15
Souffle Cheesecake Piece$6.15
Strawberry Soft Cream Cake Piece$6.92
Tiramisu Mascarpone$6.59

History of Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette Cake Menu Prices
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Paris Baguette is a popular bakery-café serving in various South Korean locations to natives and visitors from across the globe. The Paris Baguette cake menu is quite popular amongst regulars for its creamy texture and yummy flavors.

The first Paris Baguette came up in 1986 in Gwanghwamun, Seoul. The bakery-café came up as a subsidiary of Shani Co. Ltd out of sheer love for breads and passion to deliver the finest quality of baked goods. Paris Baguette specializes in offering French-inspired baked eatables along with some classic beverages to complement the food.

Since its inception, Paris Baguette has won the heart of South Koreans with its delicacy and to cater to the wide demand, the brand is currently available at over 4000 locations in South Korea itself. In the years, Paris Baguette has also gone international and opened local subsidiaries in the United States, Vietnam, Singapore, China, and even France.

Over the years, the Paris Baguette menu prices have evolved a lot owing to cater to the growing demand of the customers. The fair Paris Baguette prices are yet another center of attraction that swamp customers every day at each Paris Baguette location.

Review of Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette Menu
Image Credit:- Paris Baguette’s Instagram

The Paris Baguette hours of operation vary from location to location. However, at most Paris Baguette locations, the store opens at 7 Am and closes at around 9 PM. The Paris Baguette menu is inclusive of a variety of delicacies starting from cakes, breads, croissants, baguettes, sandwiches, and other beverages.

The Paris Baguette cakes come in various flavors like mixed berry short cream, blueberry chiffon, strawberry, cappuccino, chocoholic cake, mocha cake, rainbow cake, souffle cheesecake, mint strawberry cake, and more. Paris Baguette cake menu prices are so amazing that be it any occasion you will choose their cake for your celebration.

At Paris Baguette, you get to enjoy fresh and delicious products. The quality of each Paris Baguette eatables is of a high standard without even a chance of any complaint.

The Paris Baguette sandwich menu attracts the attention of commuters who would love to have a bite before going out for work. Options like turkey avocado, turkey mozzarella, tuna panino, and egg salad sandwich are amongst the most ordered.

Don’t forget to try on their sweet and savory flavored bakery items that contained croissants, bagels, donuts, pastries, breads, and much more to elevate your experience at Paris Baguette. They also had seasonal specials to make the Paris Baguette menu even more versatile.

To complement your experience at Paris Baguette, you also get to choose from a hot, cold, iced, and seasonal beverage range that makes sure that you leave the café with sheer satisfaction. With an amazing Paris Baguette menu with prices along with mouth-watering eatable and refreshing drinks, indeed Paris Baguette has it all.

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How to Order Online from Paris Baguette Menu in Few Steps?

Paris Baguette Order Online
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You can easily order online from Paris Baguette with the help of many food delivery services like Grubhub, Ubereats, Doordash, etc. Below I will show you some simple steps on how you can order online from Paris Baguette with the help of Doordash.

If you want to order from Grubhub or Ubereats, you can follow the same steps below. Also, if you just want to check the menu and their prices based on your location, then you can do that by following the same steps below as the prices may vary from location to location.

  1. First, head over to Doordash and choose your location.
  2. After selecting your location, the latest menu and the prices for Paris Baguette of that particular location will be displayed (here you can just check the prices of Paris Baguette if you don’t want to order anything).
  3. If you want to order, select all the food items from the menu of Parish Baguette and add them to your cart one by one.
  4. In the next step, go to checkout and sign in to your account if you have one or you can create a new one.
  5. After successfully signing in, fill in some of your personal information, shipping address, and payment method and confirm your order.

Paris Baguette Contact Information & Important Links

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Social Media Handles

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Paris Baguette Contact Info

Paris Baguette Head Office Address6100 S. Malt Avenue, Commerce, CA 90040
Paris Baguette Phone Number+1 562-946-2010
Paris Baguette Contact Page/FormVisit Now


Since its inception, Paris Baguette has been the gathering place for many families, friends, and lovers. The Paris Baguette cake price makes every occasion even more special for being so value for money.

As if it was not enough, the Paris Baguette catering services assure to make a remarkable contribution to each of your special occasions like weddings, and birthdays.

So, what do you think of the detailed Paris Baguette menu with the prices discussed above? Write your response regarding the Paris Baguette café in the comment sections below.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Paris Baguette (FAQs)

Who owns Paris Baguette?

Paris Baguette is a subsidiary company of the South Korea-based SPC Group.

Where is Paris Baguette from?

Paris Baguette is from Seoul, South Korea.

How many Paris Baguettes locations are there?

Paris Baguette has over 4000 locations in South Korea itself and other retail stores in the USA, China, Singapore, and Vietnam.

How much are Paris Baguette cakes?

The Paris Baguette cake prices start from as low as $13 and range up to $50.

When does Paris Baguette close?

Though the Paris Baguette hours of closing vary from location to location however most stores close at around 9 pm.

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