Costa Vida Menu With Prices [February 2024 Updated]

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Are you ready for a fiesta? Costa Vida brings you the ultimate joy of Mexican grilled food. Cheers to the delicious and thoughtfully nourished food items that can leave you awestruck. I suggest you check out the Costa Vida menu with prices to grab the best treats!

The culinary skills of this restaurant leave a great impression on the crowds. And therefore, Costa Vida attracts a lot of guests regularly. Moreover, Costa Vida menu prices are relatively affordable and build customer satisfaction.

So, below I have shared some of the details about Costa Vida’s menu that can make you curious and excite your interest to try out some well-crafted food items. Now, without wasting much time, let’s have a look at Costa Vida’s menu prices.

Costa Vida Menu With Prices

Costa Vida Menu And Prices
Image Credit:- Costa Vida’s Instagram

Nachos Menu

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Sweet Pork NachosSmall$9.49
Sweet Pork NachosRegular$10.49
Grilled Chicken NachosSmall$9.49
Grilled Chicken NachosRegular$10.49
Barbacoa Beef NachosSmall$10.49
Barbacoa Beef NachosRegular$11.49
Raspberry Chipotle Chicken NachosSmall$10.49
Raspberry Chipotle Chicken NachosRegular$11.49
Grilled Steak NachosSmall$11.99
Grilled Steak NachosRegular$12.99
Cheese NachosSmall$8.49
Cheese NachosRegular$9.49

Burritos Menu

Sweet Pork Burrito$9.49
Grilled Chicken Burrito$9.49
Barbacoa Beef Burrito$10.49
Raspberry Chipotle Chicken Burrito$10.49
Grilled Steak Burrito$11.99
Bean and Cheese Burrito$8.49

Salads Menu

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Sweet Pork SaladSmall$8.99
Sweet Pork SaladRegular$9.99
Grilled Chicken SaladSmall$8.99
Grilled Chicken SaladRegular$9.99
Barbacoa Beef SaladSmall$9.99
Barbacoa Beef SaladRegular$10.99
Raspberry Chipotle Chicken SaladSmall$9.99
Raspberry Chipotle Chicken SaladRegular$10.99
Grilled Steak SaladSmall$11.49
Grilled Steak SaladRegular$12.49
Mango Chicken SaladSmall$8.99
Mango Chicken SaladRegular$9.99
Veggie SaladSmall$7.99
Veggie SaladRegular8.99

Enchiladas Menu

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Sweet Pork EnchiladaA la Carte$3.49
Sweet Pork Enchilada1 Pc$8.49
Sweet Pork Enchilada2 Pcs$9.49
Grilled Chicken EnchiladaA la Carte$3.49
Grilled Chicken Enchilada1 Pc$8.49
Grilled Chicken Enchilada2 Pcs$9.49
Barbacoa Beef EnchiladaA la Carte$3.99
Barbacoa Beef Enchilada1 Pc$9.49
Barbacoa Beef Enchilada2 Pcs$10.49
Raspberry Chipotle Chicken EnchiladaA la Carte$3.99
Raspberry Chipotle Chicken Enchilada1 Pc$9.49
Raspberry Chipotle Chicken Enchilada2 Pcs$10.49
Grilled Steak EnchiladaA la Carte$4.99
Grilled Steak Enchilada1 Pc$10.99
Grilled Steak Enchilada2 Pcs$11.99
Cheese EnchiladaA la Carte$3.49
Cheese Enchilada1 Pc$7.49
Cheese Enchilada2 Pcs$8.49

Tacos Menu

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Sweet Pork TacoA la Carte$3.49
Sweet Pork Taco1 Pc$8.49
Sweet Pork Taco2 Pcs$9.49
Grilled Chicken TacoA la Carte$3.49
Grilled Chicken Taco1 Pc$8.49
Grilled Chicken Taco2 Pcs$9.49
Barbacoa Beef TacoA la Carte$3.99
Barbacoa Beef Taco1 Pc$9.49
Barbacoa Beef Taco2 Pcs$10.49
Raspberry Chipotle Chicken TacoA la Carte$3.99
Raspberry Chipotle Chicken Taco1 Pc$9.49
Raspberry Chipotle Chicken Taco2 Pcs$10.49
Grilled Steak TacoA la Carte$4.99
Grilled Steak Taco1 Pc$10.99
Grilled Steak Taco2 Pcs$11.99

Quesadillas Menu

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Sweet Pork QuesadillaA la Carte$6.79
Sweet Pork QuesadillaRegular$9.49
Grilled Chicken QuesadillaA la Carte$6.79
Grilled Chicken QuesadillaRegular$9.49
Barbacoa Beef QuesadillaA la Carte$7.49
Barbacoa Beef QuesadillaRegular$10.49
Raspberry Chipotle Chicken QuesadillaA la Carte$7.49
Raspberry Chipotle Chicken QuesadillaRegular$10.49
Grilled Steak QuesadillaA la Carte$8.29
Grilled Steak QuesadillaRegular$11.99
Cheese QuesadillaA la Carte$6.79
Cheese QuesadillaRegular$8.49

Baja Bowls Menu

Sweet Pork Bowl$9.49
Grilled Chicken Bowl$9.49
Barbacoa Beef Bowl$10.49
Raspberry Chipotle Chicken Bowl$10.49
Grilled Steak Bowl$11.99
Bean and Cheese Bowl$8.49

Queso-Smothered Burrito Menu

Queso-Smothered Sweet Pork Burrito$10.49
Queso-Smothered Grilled Chicken Burrito$10.49
Queso-Smothered Barbacoa Beef Burrito$11.49
Queso-Smothered Raspberry Chipotle Chicken Burrito$11.49
Queso-Smothered Grilled Steak Burrito$12.99
Queso-Smothered Bean and Cheese Burrito$9.49

Kids Meal Menu

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Sweet Pork TacoA la Carte$2.49
Sweet Pork TacoMeal$4.99
Grilled Chicken TacoA la Carte$2.49
Grilled Chicken TacoMeal$4.99
Barbacoa Beef TacoA la Carte$2.49
Barbacoa Beef TacoMeal$5.99

Appetizers Menu

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Chicken Tortilla Soup$5.49
Chips & SalsaSmall$3.49
Chips & SalsaRegular$4.49
Chips & Refried BeansSmall$3.49
Chips & Refried BeansRegular$4.49
Chips & QuesoSmall$4.49
Chips & QuesoRegular$5.49
Chips & GuacamoleSmall$3.99
Chips & GuacamoleRegular$5.49

Desserts Menu

Tres Leches$4.49
Key Lime Pie$4.49
Sweet Cinnamon Tortilla$0.99

Sides Menu

Side of Pork$3.99
Side of Chicken$3.99
Side of Barbacoa Beef$4.99
Side of Steak$4.99
Black Beans$1.29
Pinto Beans$1.29
Refried Beans$1.29
Sour Cream$0.50
Queso$0.99 – 2 oz
Queso$1.99 – 4 oz

Beverages Menu

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Soft Drinks12 oz$0.99
Soft Drinks22 oz$2.49
Soft Drinks32 oz$2.79
Bottled Water$2.79
Bottled Jarritos$2.99
Horchata1 Gallon$14.99
Limonada1 Gallon$14.99
Jamaica1 Gallon$14.99

A Little History of Costa Vida

Costa Vida Menu With Prices
Image Credit:-

It was in the year 2003 when two friends Kenny Prestwich and JD Garner founded the famous Costa Vida restaurant near Utah.

With immense passion and dedication, the owners made sure to strive to establish a special experience for the customers.

Costa Vida had a fueling growth over the years and thus, its success was attributed when Dave Rutter and Sean Collins acquired a franchise and set it up in Provo.

And people got crazy with its incredible and delicious food offerings. In 2008, they got a controlling opportunity over Costa Vida.

As the restaurant invites customers from all over the world, it has been spread across 94 different locations in the United States.

Thus, the story started with two friends and was carried forward by the franchise owners who made Costa Vida a hit.

I know you are feeling tired of reading the history, so why not check out the scrumptious dishes Costa Vida’s menu offers?

Must Try Items at Costa Vida

Must Try Items at Costa Vida everymenuprices

The affordability rate at Costa Vida is high. Initially, when it was started, it had the intention of creating memories with the customers.

And even up to this day, it is following that tradition. The dishes at Costa Vida stand out more than many other valuable restaurants and people are more interested in its taste.

Let’s check out some of the best dishes:-

1. Baja Bowl

This is the dish you can’t miss out on. A Baja Bowl has a special place in a customer’s heart as they get to taste sweet pork, grilled tender chicken pieces, cheese, signature sauce, fried green chillies along tomato-cilantro.

A dish that’s fully nutritious and easy to find.

2. Enchiladas

I know your thoughts are on Enchiladas. Costa Vida’s enchanting Enchiladas are a pack of Mexican flavors with shredded beef, seasoned spices, and delicious barbecue chicken with cilantro.

The barbecue beef provided is non-frozen and freshly cooked.

3. Burritos

A delicious recipe made from scratch, Burritos offered at Costa Vida are a great meal for the guests. Here, you’ll get a medium-sized burrito stuffed with well-cooked rice, beans, shredded cheese, and juicy meat.

Moreover, you can get carried away with its signature sauce and the crunchy lettuce.

4. Key Lime Pie

It’s a necessity for anyone to have a dessert at the end of the meal. This Key Lime Pie is a freshly made pie that is crafted with custard, creamy whipped cream, a sweet cracker crust, and a little wedge of lime.

Who would even resist this mouth-watering pie?

5. Chicken Tortilla Soup

If you are craving healthy broth then Costa Vida has it for you all. The Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe is hand-crafted with creamy soup filled with chicken and topped with fresh veggies that leave a crunchy effect.

A hot chicken soup is a perfect way to make your mood fantastic.

Costa Vida Secret Menu

Most of us are aware of Costa Vida’s menu and even the list of incredible food items it offers.

However, do you know Costa Vida has a secret menu? It has unlocked a limited edition of food items that attract people to order.

You can also ask the restaurant managers and know the ultimate secret menu for certain items.

How to Order Online From Costa Vida?

Costa Vida Order Online
Image Credit:-

Ordering online from Costa Vida is not a big deal. All you need to do is grab your mobile, download their app, or visit their official website.

If you can get your favorite food from the restaurant, you can also get it at your doorstep.

However, many of you are also unaware of the fact that it has home delivery services. Also, you can get exciting rewards while placing orders online.

Some people also opt for takeaway deliveries. Therefore, search your nearest location and get your food delivered on time.

Costa Vida has also come up with a partnership with third-party delivery apps like Grubhub, Doordash, Seamless, Ubereats, and Postmates.

FAQs Related to the Costa Vida Menu

Which is the best cuisine offered at Costa Vida?

The Mexican Cuisines are considered to be the best cuisines of all time in Costa Vida.

Are there offerings of desserts at Costa Vida?

Yes, there are a variety of options for desserts at Costa Vida.

Can you order salads at Costa Vida?

Yes, you can build your salads and even excellent options salads are available too.

What is dairy-free at Costa Vida?

Dairy-free food items are offered to people who are milk intolerant and thus, Costa Vida includes safe food items.

Can you get free drinks at Costa Vida?

Yes, when you collect above 10 beans you get a free drink.

Are Costa Vida menu prices affordable?

Yes, Costa Vida menu prices are affordable.

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