Peet’s Coffee Menu Prices [February 2024 Updated]

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A new twist for all the coffee lovers. Come join us in the most awaited celebration of Peet’s Coffee as you’ll be exposed to Peet’s Coffee menu with prices for your taste. The coffees offered here are fresh and seasonal and that can make you come back again and again. 

Be it holidays or weekdays, a good coffee is always needed. Peet’s Coffee’s menu has some great coffee collections. To avoid confusion regarding Peet’s Coffee’s menu and prices, check out the latest coffee on their list.

Addicted to coffee rituals? Below we have shared Peet’s Coffee menu and prices of California, U.S location. You can also check their operation hours here.

Nonetheless, the menu and prices can vary depending on the situation and time. You must keep in mind that any changes in their menu and prices shouldn’t affect your coffee cravings.

Peet’s Coffee Menu Prices

Peets Menu With Prices
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Iced Drinks Menu

Iced Matcha Or Chai Latte$3.50
Cold Brew Iced Coffee$2.45
Iced Mocha$3.75
Iced Latte$3.25
Iced Caramel Macchiato$4.05

Iced Teas Menu

Mighty Leaf Ice Tea$1.85
Mighty Leaf Ice Tea Infusion$2.85

Coffee Menu

Cafe Au Lait$2.55
Press Pot$4.05

Espresso Menu

Caramel Macchiato$4.05
Soy Or Almond Milk Latte$3.85

Tea Menu

Hot Tea$2.15
Chai Latte$3.50
Matcha Green Tea Latte$3.50
Dirty Chai Latte$4.30

Javiva Blended Menu

Javiva Blended Espresso$4.00
Javiva Blended Chai or Matcha Green Tea$4.00
Javiva Blended Coffee$3.50
Javiva Blended Coffee-Free$4.00
Javiva Blended Vanilla Or Maple$4.00

A Little History of Peet’s Coffee

The famous Coffee revolution at Peet’s Coffee came into existence on April 1, 1966. An amazing place for coffee with a unique blend and brewing freshness, it first opened its doors in Berkeley, California. Eventually, with time it met the demands and expectations of the American coffee drinkers.

The contribution of Alfred Peet played a crucial role in transforming Peet’s Coffee that is built today. However, in 1950-1965, he started working in a tea business in Indonesia which inspired him to bring dark roasted coffee in public.

Soon, he realized people didn’t like it and thus, he came back to California to discover that coffee is a great beverage among the American People.

Well, enough of a boring read of history, now you may be wondering about some interesting facts that will let you sip your coffee. Let’s read something that will make you want fresh coffee right away!

Must Try Items at Peet’s Coffee

Must Try Items at Peet’s Coffee everymenuprices

If this brings you here, then I can already assume that you have been through Peet’s Coffee’s menu and prices properly. To make you decide the right coffee be it hot or cold, I have provided some incredible coffee options.

For amazing affordable options at Peet’s Coffee, I suggest you check out the latest coffee creations below:- 

1. Cold Brew Coffee

One of the famous coffees at Peet’s Coffee, people always intend to go first with this choice as it tastes heavenly. There are many size options available such as short, tall, and medium. Try out this unique blend of coffee soon.

2. Hot Mocha Coffee

Who wouldn’t love to devour hot mocha coffee in cold winters? Well, you heard it right, Hot Mocha Coffee stands out the best at Peet’s coffee as it beats well with the blend of mocha with fresh and roasted beans. It’s that time of the year so hurry and grab a cup of hot mocha coffee.

3. Nutella Hot Coffee

Nutella itself has been a favorite chocolate item among people. Peet’s Coffee brings you the absolute favorite Nutella Hot Coffee that leaves your taste buds craving for more. It is available at 4 oz-114ml, 6 oz- 140ml, and 8 oz-227ml. It has more calories than you think so we suggest you grab the lowest ml.

4. Frappuccino

The icy, cold, and whipped coffee that goes with every mood. Peet’s Coffee has created an incredible blend of coffee and creamy caramel and chocolate toppings that lets you blend with its sweetness.

Moreover, it is available in 12 oz, 16 oz, and 24 oz. And hence, it doesn’t end here, try out the Java chip Frappuccino now! 

5. Espresso Frappuccino

Espresso Frappuccino gives its customers the best sipping joy and little jolts of ice. With an absolute blend of coffee and espresso shots, it ensures a refreshing and smooth coffee-drinking experience. Additionally, you can also add your favorite syrups or creams as your toppings.

How to Order Online From Peet’s Coffee?

Peet's Coffee Order Online everymenuprices
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Now that we have reached here, ordering online from Peet’s Coffee won’t be an issue as it has easy online ordering and home delivery options. So why not grab a tasty coffee?

You just have to possess a mobile, add your favorite coffee drink to the cart, confirm your present location, make the payment, and place the order. That’s simple, isn’t it? Rather than going out, enjoy the comfort of your home.

You can also order from partnered delivery companies like Grubhub, Doordash, and their official website.

FAQs Related to Peet’s Coffee Menu

Which is the best coffee bean at Peet’s Coffee?

The dark-roasted coffee beans are the exceptional coffee beans available at Peet’s Coffee.

Are Peet’s Coffee menu prices affordable?

Peet’s Coffee is quite affordable as it offers a wide range of coffee drinks.

Which is the most common coffee drink ordered at Peet’s Coffee?

Cold brew coffee is the most common coffee ordered.

What do you mean by Peet’s Coffees’ secret menu?

Peet’s Coffee has a secret menu that has certain items that are exclusively given when ordered.

Which is the cheapest coffee at Peet’s Coffee?

Cappuccinos are the cheapest drinks at Peet’s Coffee.

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