Barburrito Menu With Prices [February 2024 Updated]

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Barburrito is a unique place that never fails to impress its visitors with its incredible offerings of burritos, tacos, quesadillas and so many more. You’ll surely be attracted to its ambiance, unmatched services of the staff, and unparalleled authentic Mexican dishes. Get in touch with the Barburrito menu with prices given below to see how the foods you want to try are priced.

Before you plan to visit the restaurant, always check out the accurate menu and hours of operation as you may find it different from that listed online.

I have ensured all the relevant information regarding the restaurant so that you’re at ease when you try out the food items. Below you’ll also find some of the details of the Barburrito of England location.

Simply, you just have to make a decision, invite some of your friends and family, and then dive into this authentic restaurant. Thus, indulge in the rich flavors as soon as possible!

Barburrito Menu With Prices

Barburrito Menu And Prices
Image Credit:- Barburrito’s Instagram

Christmas Specials Menu

Festive Turkey Burrito£10.60
Festive Vegan Burrito£11.60
Festive Turkey Bowl£11.60
Pot of Festive Salsa£1.50
Festive Vegan Naked Bowl£11.60

The Burritos Menu

The Classic£10.70
Pork Burrito£11.60
Mexican Veg & Guac£10.70

Loaded Nachos Menu

Classic Nachos£4.90

Fries Menu

Signature Fries£3.90
Cheesy Fries£5.40

Other Dishes Menu

Power Bowl£11.70
Classic Naked Bowl£10.70

Sides Menu

Chipotle BBQ Chicken Wings£5.90
Spicy Chicken Wings£5.90
Plain Tortilla Chips£2.90
Tortilla Chips With a Dip£2.95
Loaded Chorizo Chips£5.50
Pot Of Fresh Crunchy Slaw£1.95
Choice Of Dips£1.00

Drinks Menu

Share-Size Soft Drinks£3.50
Soda Bottles£2.10
Bottled Water£1.80
Irn Bru£1.95
San Pellegrino Lemon£2.00

Desserts Menu

Mini Doughnuts£4.90
Chocolate Brownie£4.90

A Little History of Barburrito

Barburrito Menu Prices
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Barburrito is a British chain of Mexican restaurants founded by Paul Kilpatrick and Morgan Davies. It was established in the year 2005, almost 18 years ago, focusing more on burritos.

With the huge growth in its business over the years, it started developing tacos, quesadillas, nachos, and many other Mexican dishes.

The owners of Barburrito received an investment of about £3.50 million from the famous Business Growth Fund. And then started expanding to different locations near London.

It specialized in fast food and Tex-Mex food items, thus, this privately held company became a popular destination among the people.

As of now, it is headquartered in Manchester, United Kingdom, and serves 21 different locations all across the country.

Moreover, it went on to grow from 14 locations in 2016 to 21 in 2023. In June 2013, it was the first time Barburrito opened its stores in London which was outside the North West.

How about a barburrito treat? Let’s get away from this boring history and stop at the little exciting items below!

Must Try Items at Barburrito

Must Try Items at Barburrito

When deliciousness comes with extra flavours then trying out the food items becomes more enjoyable. Barburrito brings in a lot of different flavors that will make you crave more.

Knowing that you’ve already checked Barburrito’s menu to get an idea of what it has to offer. Below you’ll find 5 top food items that you can enjoy while you visit the place.

1. Après-Ski Burritos

At Barburrito you’ll be unstoppable once you get hold of delicious items. These Apres-Ski Burritos will surely make you feel alive and warm again this winter. Nothing can warm you up after you hit the sloped like hearty, flavour-filled bites. Don’t wait as winter is running away too fast, you can also enjoy it right away!

2. Barburrito Bowl

A crunchy bowl of burritos is all you need. Served with delicious crunchy chunks of chicken, coleslaw, corn, shredded cheese, and lots of veggies. Make your dinner tonight perfect with the best Mexican dishes and juicy burritos. Fill your taste buds with utter joy and deliciousness!

3. Northern Reaper Burritos

Would you mind trying out the spiciest recipe at Barburrito? The Northern Reaper Burritos has been made with special spices and sauces that are flavourful. It’s so spicy that it might even wake your skeletons up in your closet! Try out now for extreme heat!

4. Street Tacos

Deal with the street tacos to get the ultimate vibe of goodness! These tacos come with a lot of fillings of fresh veggies, small chunks of chicken, salsa, and cream cheese spread. Come find a seat at Barburrito and try out this exclusive recipe that will make you feel accomplished!

5. Nachos

How can I even miss out on this delicious nachos recipe? Try out these extremely crunchy tasty nachos filled with chunks of chicken, fresh herbs, and delicious mayonnaise spread. And some onion leaves as toppings! Can’t wait? Skip the line and order now!

Barburrito’s Secret Menu

Barburrito deals with only burritos and thus, considering the limited options it hasn’t launched any of the secret menu.

However, you can also uncover the secret ingredients that go with the taste of the burritos, tacos, and nachos meals. Experience the best food that Barburrito has in its store and don’t forget to explore its unique food ingredients.

How to Order Online From Barburrito?

Barburrito Order Online
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Do you know Barburrito is now at your doorstep? It has a super fast delivery service and offers round-the-clock service.

You must also indulge yourself to enjoy the delicious Mexican treats by ordering online. Place your favorite burritos online. And you won’t miss out on the chance of getting your fresh hot Mexican food right away.

Before that, you have to check out the Barburrito menu prices given above. Then either visit its official website or order from other associated delivery companies like Deliveroo, Ubereats, and Doordash.

FAQs Related to Barburrito’s Menu

Can you order tacos and beverages at Barburrito?

Yes, you can order a variety of fresh tacos and different types of beverages.

What can you order for sides at Barburrito?

Barburrito offers tasty starters like- churros, signature sauce, salsas, guacamole, and fries and chips.

Are the Tortillas offered at Barburrito gluten-free?

Every dish of the Tortillas offered at Barburrito is gluten-free.

Which is the best burrito found at Barburrito?

Barburrito offers some of the best burritos of all time. A burrito bowl is the best one available here.

Is there any spicy burrito offered at Barburrito?

Barburrito ‘s newly launched spicy burrito is Northern Reaper which is extremely spicy and all red.

Are Barburrito menu prices affordable?

Yes, Barburrito menu prices are affordable.

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