Rubio’s Menu With Prices [February 2024 Updated]

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Are you looking for some scrumptious coastal foods? Well, Rubio’s has it all for you like tacos, burritos, bowls, and other dishes. You should get hold of Rubio’s menu with prices to list down the food items that you wanna have. I know many of you crave seafood too, so don’t wait to grab the ultimate food treats.

You might think why to check Rubio’s menu? As there are already plenty of options available and so that you don’t get confused and everything remains under your budget, we have made the best decision of creating Rubio’s menu prices.

We can ensure that you don’t face any consequences while having your favorite tacos or burritos!

Below I have mentioned Rubio’s menu and prices of the California, U.S outlet. However, the menus might change due to certain factors.

Before going to Rubio’s always get in touch with their current menus and hours of operation so that you don’t miss out on the chance to get the most favorable food items.

Rubio’s Menu With Prices

Rubio's Menu And Prices
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Featured Items Menu

California Bowl$13.11
Mexican Street Corn Bowl$13.74
Wild – Caught Mahi Mahi Burrito$15.99
Burrito Especial With Grilled All Natural Chicken$13.74

Family Meals Menu

Family Burrito Box$56.25
Family Taco Kit$56.25

Bowls & Salads Menu

California Bowl$12.86
Mexican Street Corn Bowl$13.49
Cilantro Lime Quinoa Bowl$14.11
Chopped Salad$12.49
Avocado Corn Taco Salad$13.49
Mango Avocado Salad$14.11

Burritos Menu

California Burrito With Grilled USDA – Choice Steak$15.61
Family Burrito Box$32.00
California Burrito$9.79
Shrimp & Bacon Burrito$ .99
Ancho Citrus Grilled Shrimp Burrito$9.49
Classic Shrimp Burrito$14.99
Wild-Caught Mahi Mahi Burrito$9.79
Wild-Caught Alaska Salmon Burrito$10.29
Signature Beer-Battered Fish Burrito$14.99
Burrito Especial With Grilled All Natural Chicken$13.74
Burrito Especial With Grilled, UDSA-Choice Steak$9.29
Burrito Especial With Grilled Veggies$13.74
Bean & Cheese Burrito$11.24

Taco Plates Menu

The Coastal Trio$15.16
The Shrimp Trio$16.86
Fish Taco Espical Two Taco Plate$13.74
Three Street Tacos Plate$13.11

Tacos A La Carte Menu

The Original Fish Taco$6.24
Fish Taco Especial$6.86
Street Taco$5.36
Grilled Gourmet Shrimp Taco$6.86
Salsa Verde Grilled Shrimp Taco$6.61
Mexican Street Corn Shrimp Taco$7.24

Quesadillas And Nachos Menu

Loaded Nachos$12.49

Kids Menu

Build Your Own Tacos Kids Meal$8.74
Kid’s Dippers – Crispy Chicken Bites and Fries$8.74
Kid’s Dippers – Hand-Battered Fish & Fries$8.74
Bean & Cheese Burrito$8.11
Chicken Taquitos$8.11
Chicken Bowl$8.11

Drinks Menu

Large Drinks$4.74
Bottled Drinks$4.11
Regular Drinks$4.11

Desserts Menu

Warm Cinnamon Churro$3.74
Chocolate Chunk Cookie$4.36
Salted Caramel Cookie$4.36
Gluten Free Honduran Chocolate Brownie$4.36
Toffee Crunch Blondie$4.36
Sweet Treats Bundle$15.00

Sides & Extras Menu

Roasted Chipotle Salsa$0.00
Mild Salsa$0.00
Tomatillo Salsa$0.00
Salsa Picante$0.00
Lime Slice$0.00
Jalapeno Citrus Hot Sauce$0.00
Diablo Hot Sauce$0.00
Fresh Guacamole & Chips$ 3.79
Fresh Guacamole, 4oz.$2.29
Tortilla Chips
Tortilla Chips
“No-fried” Pinto Beans
“No-fried” Pinto Beans
Black Beans
Black Beans
Mexican Street Corn – Large Side$2.49
Grilled Veggies$1.50
Fresh Greens$2.29
Sour Cream, 1.5oz.$0.99
Chipotle White Sauce$0.50
White Sauce$0.50
All Natural Bacon$1.00
All Natural Chicken raised without antibiotics$3.00
All Natural USDA-Choice Steak$3.00
Beer-Battered Wild Alaska Pollock$1.50
Wild-Caught Mahi Mahi – Blackened$3.80
Wild-Caught Mahi Mahi – Grilled$3.80
Wild-Caught Alaska Samon – Blackened$4.50
Wild-Caught Alaska Samon – Grilled$4.50
Pan-Seared Shrimp$4.00

A Little History of Rubio’s

Rubio's Menu With Prices
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Rubio’s was opened by Ralph Rubio when he with his few friends were on a vacation near San Felipe, California when he encountered fish tacos.

He liked the taste so much that he decided to open a restaurant specifically based on Mexican food cuisine.

Gradually, the popularity of the fish tacos spread like wildfire near California and its first outlet opened in 1983 near Orange Julius, San Diego. Initially, Rubio’s offered fish tacos, french fries, and other items.

Soon after Rubio’s success, it became popular among the locals and started operating in Arizona, California, and Nevada Markets.

However, due to the great impact of the Coronavirus in 2020, its Florida and Colorado stores closed.

Rubio’s history is quite interesting but don’t you think we should check out some more interesting food items? Let’s check them out.

Must Try Items at Rubio’s

Must Try Items at Rubio’s

I know you must have reached here to get a glimpse of the best food items that gonna match your budget. Well, I assume that you’ve already decided on what to order from Rubio’s menu so why not check out some more items?

Yes, brace yourself and enjoy Rubio’s delicious food items under:-

1. Puerto Nuevo Burrito

A scrumptious burrito leaves a drooling impact among the guests. Rubio’s Puerto Nuevo Burrito has a lot of nutritional value as it comes with wild-cooked lobster, Salsa Fresca, delicious garlic butter, and guacamole. And also served with chips.

2. Langostino Lobster Two Taco Plate

Can you resist a loaded taco plate? Well, I guess no, as the taco plate is decorated with grilled lobster, drizzled with special garlic butter and crispy cabbage that leaves a crunch effect. Also, the creamy chipotle sauce stands out more than the rest of the sauces at Rubio’s.

3. Más Queso Quesadillas

This handmade is stuffed with fresh lobster, cream cheese, and mayonnaise, and served in a tortilla flour. You can opt for any side dishes like salsa fresca, guacamole, and other handmade garlic butter.

4. Chicken Tortilla Soup

Be it winter or summer days a bowl of chicken tortilla soup is a go-to food item for anybody visiting Rubio’s. It comes with chicken, citrus rice, delicious avocado, and strips of tortilla. This flavored broth is a great one for nutritional purposes.

5. Langostino Lobster Bowl

This mouth-watering bowl is one of the top food items in Rubio’s. People are very fond of this bowl as it is an all-in-one package.

The bowl is filled with fresh and juicy lobsters, citrus rice, the romaine topped with guacamole and grilled lemon wedges. It is served with soft tortillas and garlic butter.

Rubio’s Secret Menu

Unfortunately, Rubio’s does not offer a secret menu. While going to Rubio’s you must check its best food dishes.

As specializes in fish tacos, and considers small menu options, Rubio’s loyal fans wouldn’t mind not having any secret menu. However, as soon as we get to know any of its secret menus, we’ll immediately let you know.

How to Order Online From Rubio’s?

Rubio's Order Online everymenuprices
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The list of Rubio’s menu prices above has some great food offerings, doesn’t it? When you can get your favorite food delivered right to your doorstep without any hassle, then surely Rubio’s is there for you.

Many of the restaurants near the United States have been open for home delivery services as this is something people are getting accustomed to. Choose your favourite food be it fish tacos or dietary items right away!

Rubio’s has also been providing some great reward points when you order from their official website or own app. It is also partnered with other companies like Doordash, Grubhub, and UberEats.

FAQs Related to Rubio’s Menu

Which is the most ordered item at Rubio’s? 

One of the most popular food items is the Fish tacos which is quite popular among the crowd at Rubio’s.

Is a salmon dish available at Rubio’s? 

Yes, you can also try out the salmon dishes that come under $9.

Which is the best taco plate at Rubio’s?

Rubio’s street taco plate is the best one loaded with lobster grilled butter and other toppings.

Which is the most expensive burrito?

The Atlantic Salmon burrito is one of the most costly burritos offered at Rubio’s.

Can you order salads and bowls?

Yes, there are various dishes of salads and bowls available at Rubio’s.

Are Rubio’s menu prices affordable?

Yes, Rubio’s menu prices are affordable.

Check More Menus Below:

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