Sarpino’s Pizzeria Menu Prices [November 2023 Updated]

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Sarpino’s Pizzeria is a famous restaurant chain that specializes in pizzas. If you are searching for the latest Sarpino’s Pizzeria menu with prices then you have come to the right place.

Sarpino’s Pizzeria is available with delivery and takeout options, which makes it easy to enjoy their food. Sarpino’s Pizzeria menu has a huge collection of different food items and the restaurant is known for serving fresh and delicious foods to its customers.

If you are searching for a perfect place to hang out with your family and friends then Sarpino’s Pizzeria is a good option for you.

It is known for its excellent customer service, so you can go to this restaurant. Sarpino’s Pizzeria menu contains something for everyone whether you are looking for a full meal or a light snack.

Sarpino’s Pizzeria menu with price features various sections including Create Your Own, Specialty Pizzas, Gourmet Pizzas, Vegan Items, Calzones, Breadsticks, Wings, Sandwiches, Desserts, and much more are there. 

The article will provide all the factual details regarding the restaurant chain starting from Sarpino’s Pizzeria menu prices to the public response towards Sarpino’s Pizzeria locations.

Apart from these, the article will also cover some important details like the social profile of Sarpino’s Pizzeria, important links, contact details, nutritional values, and much more. So keep reading the article to learn more about Sarpino’s Pizzeria.

Sarpino’s Pizzeria menu is very affordable compared to the other restaurant chains. If you are craving to have a delicious pizza then you should give a try to Sarpino’s Pizzeria’s menu.

Sarpino’s Pizzeria Menu Prices

Sarpino's Pizza Menu Prices
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Create your own Menu Prices

Create your own8”10”12”14”16”
Create Your Own Pizza$8.99$11.99$14.99$16.99$19.99
Vegan CYO$10.99$15.99$17.99$19.99$22.99
Gluten Free CYO$13.99
CYO Valentine$26.99
Vegan Valentine CYO$30.99
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Specialty Pizzas Menu Prices

Specialty Pizzas8”10”12”14”16”
*New* Italian Artichoke$11.99$15.99$20.99$23.99$26.99
Alfredo Pomodoro$11.99$15.99$20.99$23.99$26.99
Bacon Cheeseburger$11.99$15.99$20.99$23.99$26.99
Buffalo Ranch Chicken$11.99$15.99$20.99$23.99$26.99
Canadian Classic$11.99$15.99$20.99$23.99$26.99
Classico Italiano$11.99$15.99$20.99$23.99$26.99
Hot Honey Pizza$11.99$15.99$20.99$23.99$26.99
House Special$11.99$15.99$20.99$23.99$26.99
New York Deli$11.99$15.99$20.99$23.99$26.99
Pesto Veggie$11.99$15.99$20.99$23.99$26.99
Tikka Masala$11.99$15.99$20.99$23.99$26.99
Tropical Hawaiian$11.99$15.99$20.99$23.99$26.99

Gourmet Pizzas Menu Prices

Gourmet Pizzas8”10”12”14”16”
Pepperoni Margherita$11.99$15.99$20.99$23.99$26.99
BBQ Chicken Bonanza$11.99$15.99$20.99$23.99$26.99
Buffalo Blue Chicken$11.99$15.99$20.99$23.99$26.99
Capo Siciliano Pizza$11.99$15.99$20.99$23.99$26.99
Sarpino’s Cheese Bonanza$11.99$15.99$20.99$23.99$26.99
Ranch Style Chicken$11.99$15.99$20.99$23.99$26.99
Midnight Express$11.99$15.99$20.99$23.99$26.99
Primo Capicollo$11.99$15.99$20.99$23.99$26.99
Santa Fe Chicken$11.99$15.99$20.99$23.99$26.99
Pesto Lovers$11.99$15.99$20.99$23.99$26.99
Pizza Santorini$11.99$15.99$20.99$23.99$26.99
Sarpino’s Classic$11.99$15.99$20.99$23.99$26.99
Sarpino’s White Pizza$11.99$15.99$20.99$23.99$26.99
Sorrento Delight$11.99$15.99$20.99$23.99$26.99
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Vegan Items Menu Prices

Vegan Items8”10”12”14”16”
Vegan CYO$10.99$15.99$17.99$19.99$22.99
Vegan Basiliko$13.99$18.99$24.99$27.99$30.99
Vegan Dubai$13.99$18.99$24.99$27.99$30.99
Vegan Florentina$13.99$18.99$24.99$27.99$30.99
*New* Vegan Italian Artichoke$13.99$18.99$24.99$27.99$30.99
Vegan Italiano$13.99$18.99$24.99$27.99$30.99
Vegan Margherita$13.99$18.99$24.99$27.99$30.99
Vegan Mediterranean$13.99$18.99$24.99$27.99$30.99
Vegan Mediterranean Classic$13.99$18.99$24.99$27.99$30.99
Vegan Sorrento Delight$13.99$18.99$24.99$27.99$30.99
Vegan Tuscany$13.99$18.99$24.99$27.99$30.99
Vegan Vegetarian$13.99$18.99$24.99$27.99$30.99
Vegan White Pizza$13.99$18.99$24.99$27.99$30.99
Vegan Garlic Bread$6.99$8.99$10.99$12.99$14.99
Vegan Cheesy Bread$8.99$11.99$13.99$15.99$17.99
Vegan Extra Cheesy Bread$10.99$13.99$15.99$17.99$19.99
Vegan ItemsRegularLarge
Vegan Sausage Calzone$11.99$13.99
Vegan Vegetarian Calzone$11.99$13.99
Vegan Valentine CYO$30.99
Baked Vegan Spaghetti$9.99
Vegan Mostaccioli$9.99

Calzones Menu Prices

Create Your Own Calzone$9.99$11.99
Bacon Cheeseburger$9.99$11.99
Buffalo Chicken$9.99$11.99
Ham & Cheese$9.99$11.99
Sausage Supreme$9.99$11.99
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Breadsticks Menu Prices

Garlic Bread$5.49$5.99$7.99$9.99$11.99
Cheesy Bread$6.99$8.99$10.99$11.99$13.99
Double Cheesy Bread$8.99$9.99$12.99$14.99$16.99

Wings Menu Prices

BBQ Chicken$14.99
Hot’N Spicy Buffalo Chicken$14.99
Combo Chicken$14.99

Sandwiches Menu Prices

Hot Honey Crispy Chicken Sandwich$9.99
Chicken Club$9.99
Create Your Own Sandwich$8.99
Sarpino’s Gyro$9.99
Ham And Cheese$9.99
Mediterranean Veggie$9.99
Petto Ala Parmigiania Sandwich$9.99
Country Ranch$9.99
Turkey Club$9.99
Sarpino’s Steak$9.99
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Salads Menu Prices

Chicken Caesar$9.99
Grilled Chicken$10.99

Pasta Menu Prices

* New * Sausage Lasagna$13.99
* New * Spinach Lasagna$13.99
Baked Cheese Tortellini$11.99
Baked Chicken Parmesan on a bed of pasta$11.99
Baked Lasagna$11.99
Baked Meat Ravioli$11.99
Baked Spaghetti$9.99
Baked Mostaccioli$9.99
Baked Chicken Alfredo$14.99
Fettuccine Alfredo$14.99
3 Meatballs$5.99

Appetizers Menu Prices

Spinach Artichoke Dip$9.99
Buffalo Chicken Dip$9.99
Chicken Tenders$8.99
Mac N’ Cheese Bites$8.99
Mozzarella Sticks$8.99
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Desserts Menu Prices


Drinks Menu Prices

Diet Pepsi$2.29$3.29
Sierra Mist$2.29$3.29
Mountain Dew$2.29$3.29
Dr. Pepper$2.29$3.29
Pepsi Zero$2.29
Orange Crush$2.29
Aquafina Water$2.29
20oz Lemonade$2.29
20oz Strawberry Lemonade$2.29
Peach Tea$2.29
Gatorade Fruit Punch$2.29
Tropicana Orange Juice$2.29
20oz Lipton Green Tea Citrus$2.29
Lipton Sweet Tea Lemon$2.29
Pinot Grigio$5.99
Cabernet Sauvignon$5.99
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Bud Light$2.99$16.99
Goose Island Pale Ale$3.99$22.99
Stella Artois$3.99$22.99

Sauces Menu Prices

Blue Cheese$0.79
Chipotle Ranch$0.79
Garlic Butter$0.79
Golden Italian$0.79
Honey Mustard$0.79
Jalapeno Ranch$0.79
Olive Oil$0.79

Condiments Menu Prices

Side ParmesanFREE
Side Crushed PepperFREE
Side Jalapeno Peppers$0.79
Side PepperonciniFREE
Side Banana Peppers$0.79
Side Anchovies$0.79
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Catering Pizzas Menu Prices

Catering Pizzas14”16”
Create your Own$16.99$19.99
Classico Italiano$23.99$26.99
New York Deli$23.99$26.99
Buffalo Blue$23.99$26.99
Margarita Pepperoni$23.99$26.99
BBQ Chix Bonanza$23.99$26.99
Chicken Ranch$23.99$26.99
Alfredo Chicken$23.99$26.99
Tropical Hawaiian$23.99$26.99
Bacon ChBurger$23.99$26.99
Capo Siciliano$23.99$26.99
Midnight Express$23.99$26.99
Primo Capicollo$23.99$26.99
Pesto Lovers$23.99$26.99
Santa Fe Chicken$23.99$26.99
Cheese Bonanza$23.99$26.99
Alfredo Pomodoro$23.99$26.99
Canadian Classic$23.99$26.99
Buff Ranch Chix$23.99$26.99
House Special$23.99$26.99
Pesto Veggie$23.99$26.99
Sarpino’s White$23.99$26.99

Beer & Wine Menu Prices

Beer & WineBTL6 Pack
Goose Island Pale Ale$3.99$22.99
Bud Light$2.99$16.99
Stella Artois$3.99$22.99
Cabernet Sauvignon$5.99
Pinot Grigio$5.99
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Catering Calzones Menu Prices

Create Your Own Calzone$9.99
Bacon Cheeseburger Calzone$9.99
Buffalo Chicken Calzone$9.99
Chicken – choice of of your favorite Flavor$9.99
Gyro Calzone$9.99
Ham & Cheese$9.99
Vegetarian – choice of your favorite Flavor$9.99

Catering Sandwiches Menu Prices

Chicken Club Sandwich$9.99
Country Ranch Sandwich$9.99
Sarpino’s Gyro Sandwich$9.99
Ham and Cheese Sandwich$9.99
Italian Sandwich$9.99
Meatball Sandwich$9.99
Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich$9.99
Sarpino’s Steak Sandwich$9.99
Turkey Club Sandwich$9.99

Catering Pasta, Breadsticks and Wing Menu Prices

Pasta Trays

Tray Baked Cheese Tortellini$49.99
Tray Baked Chicken Alfredo$54.99
Tray Baked Lasagna$49.99
Tray Baked Meat Ravioli$49.99
Tray Baked Spaghetti$49.99
Meatball Tray$29.99
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Garlic Bread$10.99
Cheesy Bread$11.99
Double Cheesy Bread$12.99

Wing Trays

Tray Hot & Spicy Buffalo Wings$59.98
Tray BBQ Wings$59.98

Catering Salad and Desserts Menu Prices

Salad Trays

Tray Caesar Salad$29.99
Tray Greek Salad$34.99
Tray Green Salad$29.99
Tray Spinach Salad$34.99
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History of Sarpino’s Pizzeria

Sarpino's Menu And Prices
Image Credit:-

Sarpino’s Pizzeria started the journey in 2001 in Lincolnshire, Illinois, and it was established by Gerry Koutougos. It is an international pizza chain, which has a long and successful history.

Sarpino’s Pizzeria has grown up into a big franchise and currently operates multiple outlets in different locations. It is operating more than 200 restaurants in Hong Kong, China, Canada, Indonesia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Qatar, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates.

It also has outlets in Egypt and India. Within a little time, the restaurant chain added a delivery service and began to stay open later to accommodate their customers’ needs.

Sarpino’s Pizzeria has multiple locations across the country. Sarpino’s Pizzeria is also known for its delivery service, which delivers the order within 30 minutes of ordering.

Review of Sarpino’s Pizzeria

Sarpino's Pizzeria Menu everymenuprices
Image Credit:- Sarpino’s Pizzeria’s Facebook

There are a lot of public reviews available on several websites and according to them, Sarpino’s Pizzeria received mixed reviews from customers.

A lot of customers have praised Sarpino’s Pizzeria for serving delicious pizzas and many other food items. Many customers have also been complimented on their customer service.

However there are also some negative comments available on the websites and according to them, there were a few instances where the customer complained about the service, stating that when they ordered their food online, they didn’t receive it in time.

A few customers said that when they enquired about the problem, they received a very rude response and the reasons behind the problem were not exactly revealed to them.

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How to Order Online From Sarpino’s Pizzeria Menu in Few Steps?

Sarpino's Pizzeria Order Online everymenuprices
Image Credit:-

Pizza lovers are everywhere in the world. If you are also a pizza lover, then you should try Sarpino’s Pizzeria once in your life. Now, you can order online from Sarpino’s Pizzeria by sitting in the comfort of your home with the help of Grubhub, Ubereats, Doordash, etc.

Below I will show you some steps on how you can easily order online from Sarpino’s Pizzeria with the help of Doordash so that you can enjoy their yummy pizza streaming your favorite Netflix show.

But the menu prices of Sarpino’s Pizzeria may vary from location to location so you can check the latest menu prices of Sarpino’s Pizzeria by following the same steps given below.

  1. First, head over to Doordash and select your location from the given list of locations.
  2. After selecting your location, the latest Sarpino’s Pizzeria menu prices of your selected location will appear (by following this step, you can check the latest Sarpino’s Pizzeria menu prices for different locations).
  3. Now, select all the food items and add them one by one to your cart that you want to order online from Sarpino’s Pizzeria.
  4. In the next step, if you have an account on Doordash then you have to sign in, and if you don’t have an account, you can create a new one very easily in a few minutes.
  5. After successfully signing in, fill in the required information, make the payment, and confirm your order.

Sarpino’s Pizzeria Contact Information & Important Links

Sarpino's Pizzeria MenuCheck Here
Sarpino's Pizzeria CareersCheck Here
Sarpino's Pizzeria FranchisingCheck Here

Social Media Handles

FacebookVisit Now
TwitterVisit Now

Sarpino’s Pizzeria Contact Info

Sarpino's Pizzeria Corporate Office Address200 Tri State International, Suite 550, Lincolnshire, IL 60069
Sarpino's Pizzeria Phone Number847-374-6300
Sarpino's Pizzeria Email Address[email protected]
Sarpino's Pizzeria Contact Page/FormVisit Here


Sarpino’s Pizzeria is an international pizza chain currently operating around 70 outlets in different locations. The restaurant is still planning to expand its company in different countries.

The public has been warmly receiving the restaurant chain for many years and considering that we can expect Sarpino’s Pizzeria to become a big franchise in the upcoming days.

So what did you like the most from the above given Sarpino’s Pizzeria menu with prices? Is it Bacon Cheeseburger, Buffalo Ranch Chicken, or something else? Do let me know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Sarpino’s Pizzeria (FAQs)

How many calories are there in a Sarpino’s pizza?

There are 313 calories in a Sarpino’s pizza.

Who owns Sarpino’s Pizzeria?

The restaurant chain is owned by Greg Blakney.

Where are the headquarters of Sarpino’s Pizzeria located?

The headquarters of Sarpino’s Pizzeria are located in Lincolnshire, Illinois (Sarpino’s USA) Singapore (Sarpino’s International) Victoria, BC (Sarpino’s Canada).

How many outlets are currently operating by Sarpino’s Pizzeria?

There are around 70 outlets currently operating by Sarpino’s Pizzeria.

Why Sarpino’s Pizzeria menu is famous?

Sarpino’s Pizzeria menu features a long list of items compared to any other restaurant and that is the reason why it is so famous.

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