Sugar Shack Menu Prices [September 2023 Updated]

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Sugar Shack is also known as Sap House, Sugar House, Sugar Shanty, or Sugar Cabin, which specializes in ice cream. If you are looking for the latest Sugar Shack menu with prices then you have come to the right place.

If someone is looking for an excellent restaurant to have food with family or friends then Sugar Shack is the best option since they serve a variety of different types of foods. Apart from that, the restaurant has another plus point as the Sugar Shack restaurant menu is very pocket-friendly compared to the other restaurants.

The Sugar Shack menu features various sections including burgers, donuts, milkshakes, fries, cakes, holes, coffees, etc. The price of the Sugar Shake menu goes up to $16.99.

The article will provide you with all the factual information regarding the restaurant chain, from the Sugar Shack menu with prices to the public reviews. You will also get to know other details like the Sugar Shack hours, important links, etc. through this article.

Sugar Shack Menu Prices

Sugar Shack Menu With Prices
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Freshly Made Donuts Menu Prices


Maple Bacon$2.39
Party Time$2.39
Mud Pot$2.39
Boston Cream$2.39
Strawberry Shortcake$2.39
Birthday Cake$2.39
Jelly Filled$2.39
Bavarian Cream$2.39
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French Toast$2.09
Chocolate Chip$2.09
Fresh Strawberry Iced$2.09
Sweet Coconut$2.09


Cinnamon Sugar$1.79
Powdered Sugar$1.79
Salted Caramel$1.79
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Sour Cream$2.39
Red Velvet$2.39


12 Holes$4.99
25 Holes$8.99
50 Holes$17.99


Orange Roll$2.99
Cinnamon Roll$2.89
Apple Fritter$3.89
Glazed Twist$2.69
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Party Sized

12″ (12-16 PPL)$19.99
18″ (18-24 PPL)$29.99

Burgers Menu Prices

Beef Smash

Kids Meal$7.49

Vegan Smash

Kids Meal$7.99
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Turkey Smash

Kids Meal$7.89

Fries Menu Prices

Waffle Fries (Large)

Sea Salt$4.39
Dragon’s Breath$4.39
Old Bay$4.39
White Cheddar$4.39
Garlic Parm$4.39
Salt & Vinegar$4.39
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Crab Smash


Shakes Menu Prices

Milkshakes (20 oz.)


Vegan Shakes (20 oz.)

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Locally Roasted Coffee & More Menu Prices

Cold Brews

Iced Cold Brew$3.49 / $4.19
Iced Honey Oat Milk$3.89 / $4.59
Iced Pistachio Cream$3.89 / $4.59

Espresso & Coffee

Honey Lavender$4.69 / $5.89
Generra$4.69 / $5.89
Mint Mocha$4.39 / $5.59
Raspberry White$4.39 / $5.59
Cafe Con Leche$4.49 / $5.69
Latte$3.99 / $5.39
Americano$2.89 / $3.79
Brewed Coffee$2.49 / $3.49


Vanilla Frappe$5.59 / $6.29
Oreo Frappe$5.69 / $6.39
Caramel Frappe$5.59 / $6.29
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Teas & Beverages

Chai Latte$4.29 / $5.09
Dirth Chai Latte$4.69 / $5.89
Matcha Latte$4.29 / $5.09
Dirty Matcha Latte$4.69 / $5.89
London Fog Latte$4.49 / $5.19
Hot Cocoa$3.19 / $3.89
Vanilla Streamer$3.09 / $3.79
Hot Tea$2.49 / $3.19


WholeSkim Oat
Half & Half


PistachioHoney / Agave

History of Sugar Shack

Sugar Shack Donuts Menu Prices
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Sugar Shack started the journey in 2013. Ian Kelley founded the restaurant chain. Sugar Shack is currently operating three outlets in different spots. When the restaurant was first launched, it had 33 employees and with time they have increased to a great extent.

However, they might have increased until today but the exact number is currently unavailable. But for now, the Sugar Shack restaurant menu has accumulated an enormous fanbase.

Review of Sugar Shack

The Sugar Shack menu features the best items for lunch along with American cuisine. Other facilities have been equipped which include takeout, outdoor seating, parking, highchairs in the seating locations, a wheelchair for anyone who is facing some physical issues, and the option of paying by credit card if there is no cash available in your pocket.

The Sugar Shack menu has managed to impress customers with its foods, especially ice creams. A lot of people have commented about their personal experience in Sugar Shack. According to the online comments, Sugar Shack serves one of the best ice creams with delicious flavors.

A few have posted that they did not find the restaurant likable since the Sugar Shack menu with prices is expensive compared to the other restaurants. Also, they did not like the customer service since it was a bit slow.

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How to Order Online from Sugar Shack Menu?

Sugar Shack Donuts Menu everymenuprices
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If you want to order from Sugar Shack Donuts then you can do that with the help of Toasttab. Below I will show you some steps on how you can easily order food from Sugar Shack Donuts so that you can enjoy it in your home.

You can also check the prices of Sugar Shack based on different locations by following the same steps below because the menu and prices may vary from location to location.

  1. First, head over to Toasttab and select your location.
  2. After selecting your location, the menu prices of Sugar Shack Donuts will display based on that particular location (here you can just check the menu prices).
  3. Select all the food items you want to order from Sugar Shack and add them individually to your cart.
  4. In the next step, go to checkout and fill in some of your personal information like name, phone number, email address, etc.
  5. If you have an account on Toasttab, you can log in to that one or create a new one at the time of checkout very easily.
  6. After successful login, confirm your order.

Sugar Shack Contact Information & Important Links

Sugar Shack MenuCheck Here
Sugar Shack LocationsCheck Here
Sugar Shack CareersCheck Here

Social Media Handles

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Sugar Shack Contact Info

Sugar Shack Corporate Office AddressN/A
Sugar Shack Corporate Office Phone NumberN/A
Sugar Shack Contact Page/FormVisit Now


Sugar Shack is famous for serving delicious donuts, which was established a few years ago. However, Sugar Shack has become a well-liked restaurant chain among the public.

In these years, the restaurant has expanded its business to three locations with three outlets and still planning to launch its company in various places. The Sugar Shack restaurant menu is expected to receive a similar response in the upcoming outlets.

Well, Sugar Shack is a developing franchise at this moment but we can expect it to become a big franchise in the upcoming years. So what did you like the most from the above given Sugar Shack menu with prices? Share your thoughts regarding Sugar Shack in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Sugar Shack (FAQs)

Who is the current owner of Sugar Shack?

Ian Kelley owns the restaurant chain.

Where is the headquarters of Sugar Shack located?

The headquarters of Sugar Shack is located in Richmond, Virginia, United States.

What is the annual revenue of Sugar Shack?

The annual revenue of Sugar Shack is $7.1 million.

What is the major attraction of Sugar Shack?

The major attraction of Sugar Shack is its donuts.

How many outlets are currently operating by Sugar Shack?

Currently, Sugar Shack is operating three outlets in different spots.

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