Sugar Shack Menu Prices [February 2024 Updated]

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Assemble all the sweet-craving people! Sugar Shack is here to elevate your sweet mood to another level. The latest sugary items and syrup it has introduced that you can’t miss out. Therefore, grab the latest Sugar Shack menu with prices given below to choose your next item. 

You may be wondering what’s actually on Sugar Shack’s menu that we’re going crazy about, well, once you try out each and every item from its menu, then you can’t resist visiting it again and again.

All you’ve got is your sweet taste buds and savor the delicious items that will leave you amazed.

Below I have provided crisp details about Sugar Shack and you can also check their operating hours here. However, Sugar Shack menu prices might change due to unavoidable factors. Don’t worry we have got you covered throughout!

Sugar Shack Menu Prices

Sugar Shack Donuts Menu Prices
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Freshly Made Donuts Menu


Maple Bacon$2.69
Party Time$2.69
Mud Pot$2.69
Boston Cream$2.69
Strawberry Shortcake$2.69
Birthday Cake$2.69
Jelly Filled$2.69
Bavarian Cream$2.69


French Toast$2.29
Chocolate Chip$2.29
Fresh Strawberry Iced$2.29
Sweet Coconut$2.29


Cinnamon Sugar$1.89
Powdered Sugar$1.89
Salted Caramel$1.89


Sour Cream$2.69
Red Velvet$2.69


12 Holes$4.99
25 Holes$8.99
50 Holes$16.99


Orange Roll$2.99
Cinnamon Roll$2.89
Apple Fritter$3.89
Glazed Twist$2.69

Party Sized

12″ (12-16 PPL)$19.99
18″ (18-24 PPL)$29.99

Burgers Menu

Beef Smash

Kids Meal$7.49

Vegan Smash

Kids Meal$7.99

Turkey Smash

Kids Meal$7.89

Fries Menu

Waffle Fries (Large)

Sea Salt$4.39
Dragon’s Breath$4.39
Old Bay$4.39
White Cheddar$4.39
Garlic Parm$4.39
Salt & Vinegar$4.39

Crab Smash


Shakes Menu

Milkshakes (20 oz.)


Vegan Shakes (20 oz.)


Locally Roasted Coffee & More Menu

Cold Brews

Iced Cold Brew$3.49 / $4.19
Iced Honey Oat Milk$3.89 / $4.59
Iced Pistachio Cream$3.89 / $4.59

Espresso & Coffee

Honey Lavender$4.69 / $5.89
Generra$4.69 / $5.89
Mint Mocha$4.39 / $5.59
Raspberry White$4.39 / $5.59
Cafe Con Leche$4.49 / $5.69
Latte$3.99 / $5.39
Americano$2.89 / $3.79
Brewed Coffee$2.49 / $3.49


Vanilla Frappe$5.59 / $6.29
Oreo Frappe$5.69 / $6.39
Caramel Frappe$5.59 / $6.29

Teas & Beverages

Chai Latte$4.29 / $5.09
Dirth Chai Latte$4.69 / $5.89
Matcha Latte$4.29 / $5.09
Dirty Matcha Latte$4.69 / $5.89
London Fog Latte$4.49 / $5.19
Hot Cocoa$3.19 / $3.89
Vanilla Streamer$3.09 / $3.79
Hot Tea$2.49 / $3.19


WholeSkim Oat
Half & Half


PistachioHoney / Agave

A Little History of Sugar Shack

Sugar Shack Donuts Menu everymenuprices
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Sugar Shack was founded in Eastern Canada and England to establish sugar syrups and maple syrups. Earlier, it was originally founded to gather sap collected from the maple trees and then purify it by boiling it into maple syrup.

Soon, this business turned into a thriving business to serve sugary items to the locals. The owners felt that there should be an eatery place that would provide a bakery, desserts types of food as it’s a popular choice for every person.

Must Try Items at Sugar Shack

Must Try Items at Sugar Shack

The above-given Sugar Shack menu prices have been offering some incredible sugary snacks to crave out your sweet tooth.

Once you have its items you can’t afford to miss out the next moment. The ingredients are well-crafted and enhance the taste and quality of the products.

Moreover, we have maintained an average price range as we firmly believe in customer satisfaction through affordability. Don’t waste your time, let’s see 5 top-selling items at Sugar Shack:-

1. Yellow Cupcake with Vanilla Frosting

It comes in a pack of 6 and intends to serve 6 people at once. The yellow cupcakes with vanilla frosting have a strong scent of vanilla essence and have been topped with fresh whipped cream that goes with your taste.

The yellow cupcake has a mixed taste of banana flavor. When in Sugar Shack, you must try out these delicious cupcakes!

2. Gourmet Chocolate Cupcake

As the name suggests, gourmet items at Sugar Shack stand out more than most of the regular cupcakes. This gourmet chocolate cupcake comes in pure Belgian chocolate coatings, with a choice of either vanilla or cheesecake frostings.

You can also choose the base of the cupcake from the given options. To make it more appealing, pair it with vanilla cupcakes.

3. Fudge Nut Brownie Cookie

Can you resist brownies? Brownies are a go-to chocolate item whether in milkshakes, ice creams, or taken as a snack. Sugar Shack provides hand-crafted, delicious fudge brownie nuts under $ 2.55.

It also comes with complimentary chocolate cupcakes to make your mood chocolaty. Try out this brownie right away!

4. Peanut Butter Cookie

If you want to try out regular peanut butter, nutty cookies then this Peanut Butter Cookie is for you.

You must try out this newly launched recipe for a vegan cookie that melts in your mouth. And it comes under the price of $2.65 so it won’t be that huge for you not to try out!

5. Chocolate Cupcake with Vanilla Frosting

As you can see Sugar Shack is all about sugary treats, you can’t miss out on this last one Chocolate Cupcake with Vanilla Frosting.

It comes in 6 as well as 12 packs, depending on the number of people, you can buy this combo. Also, it is paired with maple syrup cookies that take you through a whole ride of sweetness!

Sugar Shack’s Secret Menu

Officially, there has been no revelation of Sugar Shack’s secret menu. Because it has very few offerings of food items, that’s why Sugar Shack brings in no secret menu.

However, till then you must enjoy the delicious and creamy treats of chocolates, cupcakes, and cookies.

How to Order Online From Sugar Shack?

Order Online From Sugar Shack
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The advanced technology has made it easy to find any restaurant at once and place an order online. Similarly, Sugar Shack allows you to opt for home delivery services.

You can either surf their official website or use their partnered third-party delivery service companies like Doordash, Grubhub, Ubereats, and Toasttab. The delicate and delicious food items are waiting for you! Hurry!

FAQs Related to the Sugar Shack’s Menu

How many pieces of cupcakes are offered in one pack?

Sugar Shack provides 6 and 12 pieces of cupcakes. The combo of 6 is for 6 people and the combo of 12 is for a large number of people.

Which is the most ordered item at Sugar Shack?

Chocolate Cupcake with chocolate frosting is the most ordered item at Sugar Shack. As it is loaded with pure Belgian chocolate and creamy whipped chocolate cream, people are more interested in this cake.

Are extra large gourmet cupcakes offered at Sugar Shack? 

Yes, you can purchase various gourmet cupcakes under the budget of $30.

Are the brownies served with ice cream?

No, brownies are served without ice creams at Sugar Shack.

Can you buy ice cream at Sugar Shack?

There are several ice cream options available at Sugar Shack like ice cream sandwiches, brownie sundae, and many more.

Check More Menus Below:

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