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Sugar & Spice has got the best cakes of all time that can make you feel warm as well as wonderful. No matter which cake you try out, Sugar & Spice’s classic recipe of pastries and cakes is going to blow your mind.

Your taste buds require some moments of sweet promises. You shouldn’t miss out on the Sugar & Spice menu with prices for ultimate comfort and convenience.

Every day is a celebration at this special place which requires your attention. You can also be a part of their mouth-watering offerings of cakes and desserts.

They have authentic customisation of birthday cakes which will make the appearance too good to be true! Sugar & Spice is a place where you’ll feel complete.

Why don’t you get ahead in this article and find out what Sugar & Spice has in its store? Below, I have mentioned some of the details of Sugar & Spice which is quite interesting.

Sugar & Spice Menu With Prices

Sugar & Spice Menu everymenuprices
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Strawberry Almond TartRs.130
Strawberry Shortcake PastryRs.160
Strawberry Shortcake FromRs.903
Big Hamper Box2Rs.4495
Big Hamper Box1Rs.4550
Caribbean BlueRs.1520
Peach BoxRs.3460
Move Hamper Box1Rs.2710
Hand Rolled Chocolates And Cookies BoxRs.1200
Praline Chocolates And Cookies BoxRs.1050
Praline Chocolate BoxRs.700
Cookie BoxRs.1400
Hand Rolled Chocolate BoxesRs.1400
Purse Box – “Praline Chocolates”Rs.425
Hand Rolled Purse BoxRs.890
Hamper Box 12Rs.1670
Hamper Box 11Rs.1685
Hamper Box 10Rs.1800
Hamper Box 9Rs.1600
Hamper Box 8Rs.1500
Hamper Box 7Rs.1725
Hamper Box 6Rs.1650
Hamper Box 5Rs.1877
Hamper Box 4Rs.1645
Hamper Box 3Rs.1982
Hamper Box 2Rs.1782
Hamper Box 1Rs.1917
Hamper BoxRs.1360
French HeartsRs.350
Almond Dragees And Hazelnut DrageesRs.295
Jar Of MarshmallowsRs.125
Minced Meat PieRs.150
Opera GateauxRs.1003
Gift Hamper – 2Rs.950
Gift Hamper – 1Rs.900
Fresh Pineapple CakeRs.903
Red Velvet CakeRs.903
Moist Chocolate Truffle CakeRs.903
Fresh Fruit GateauxRs.903
Chocolate Crackle CakeRs.1003
Blueberry Cheese CakeRs.1003
Black Forest CakeRs.903
Belgium Chocolate Mousse CakeRs.1003
Soft Chocolate CakeRs.903

A Little History of Sugar & Spice

Sugar & Spice Inside everymenuprices
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Sugar & Spice was established as a Bengali entrepreneur’s dream to found a special confectionary brand around the country.

The manufacturing of the products started in the early 1990s and was named their marketing unit “The Sugar & Spice”. Eventually, it sold bakery food items and later on started serving savory food products as well.

In today’s world, Sugar & Spice has already made a mark of its own and made a foray into a successful business.

A bakery chain built by Supriya Roy where baking wasn’t just about flour and essence but it was an ultimate step to make all the ingredients serve in all-purpose tastes. Sugar & Spice was established to meet the expectations of food lovers and suit sweet cravings.

Currently, The Sugar and Spice is headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, and in Eastern India, it had already started serving with 136 outlets in 2017.

The major outlets are located in major cities like Bolpore, Rajarhat, Dum Dum, Bankura, Khardah, Kolkata South & Central, Ranaghat and more.

Must Try Items at Sugar & Spice

Must Try Items at Sugar & Spice everymenuprices

Sugar & Spice is all about deliciousness and customers are building a great relationship with Sugar & Spice. From yummy savory snacks to scrumptious sweet treats, you’ll get it all.

It’s time to go straight to the place and pick up some food items from the above-given Sugar & Spice menu prices to venture into their offerings.

1. Chocolate Roll

Craving for some chocolate cake? Then try out Chocolate Roll which is very tasty and savoured with chocolate goodness. This roll is filled with creamy and choco chip-infused whipped cream. Try this chocolate roll cake from Sugar & Spice.

2. Chicken Rezala

A quick bite if you’re feeling hungry! This chicken Rezala is made with delightful chicken chunks with Sugar & Spice special sauce. One crunchy bite can give you the ultimate savory goodness. It’s the best Sunday treat to try out. Hurry and dive into this tasty Chicken Rezala!

3. Marble Pastry

All the deliciousness is infused in this Marble Pastry. This super yummy and mouth-watering pastry has a mixed flavor of vanilla and chocolate. Every bite is made with the fantastic cookie crumb of this pastry. Make sure you try this out now!

4. Cheese Corn Roll

It’s time for some Cheese Corn Rolls. A simple yet tasty snack is good for any time of the day. You can carve out your hunger by munching this simple recipe of Cheese Corn Roll which is loaded with cream cheese. You’ll get this delicious snack for only 25/-

5. Butter Chicken Burger

The black butter chicken burger is back at Sugar & Spice. All you have got is today and try out this delicious whole-meal burger filled with crispy chicken chunks with mayonnaise and lettuce in between the toasted black bun. Try out this mouth-watering burger recipe now!

Sugar & Spice Secret Menu

The secret menu of Sugar & Spice is not revealed yet. The brand is known for its quality offerings of delicious cakes, pastries, custards, and other treats of snacks.

Every customer’s expectation is met with the flavourful cosmos of snacks and pastries. You can wait for their revelation of a secret menu till then enjoy Sugar & Spice’s best ones.

How to Order Online from Sugar & Spice?

Sugar & Spice Order online everymenuprices
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Sugar & Spice is available at every customer’s doorstep. It’s just that it’s a click away and everything from the Sugar & Spice classic menu will be served. To place an online order check out their official website and know their rewards and offers.

Or else, you can get your favorite snacks and pastries or birthday cakes delivered to you at the right time from Swiggy or Zomato.

FAQs Related to the Sugar & Spice Menu

Which are the highest-selling snacks at Sugar & Spice?

The Paneer Rezala, Spicy Korean Chicken Burger, and the Chicken Nest are some of the highest-selling snacks.

Can you customize birthday cakes at Sugar & Spice?

Yes, you can customize the cakes as per your requirements at Sugar & Spice.

Is it only available in the Eastern part of India?

Sugar & Spice is only available in the Eastern part of India.

What are the best sweet treats offered at Sugar & Spice?

The triple chocolate mousse, rainbow mousse, very berry strawberry, and wild chocolate pastry are some of the best sweet treats offered at Sugar & Spice.

Does Sugar & Spice offer special cakes on Christmas?

During Christmas, Sugar & Spice sells specialized bakery cakes.

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