Mio Amore Menu With Prices [April 2024 Updated]

It’s the final call to grab the ultimate discount on your pre-order cakes or any patties, pastries, cakes, or crunchy treats at a flat discount. Mio Amore is here to give you the treats of business with extra hints of authentic flavors.

You have to grab Mio Amore’s menu with prices for some extra sweetness that can’t be found in any other place all across East India. Get ready to unwrap the perfect weekend treats only at Mio Amore. Head straight to any outlet of it to find the best ones!

You can always pre-order your cakes. Don’t forget to treat yourself to the symphony of great flavors along with sweetness as a side.

A simple and uncomplicated start is the beginning of every great relationship, so build a fantastic relationship with Mio Amore and get your perfect journey ahead with extra smiles and food!

Below you’ll come across some of the most viewed details on Mio Amore. And I hope this article will bring you directly to the outlets of Mio Amore near you.

Mio Amore Menu With Prices

Mio Amore Menu everymenuprices
Image Credit:- Mio Amore’s Facebook

Recommended Menu

Chicken Burger₹50.00
Veg Burger₹43.00
Chicken Marble Sandwich₹40.00
Butter Chicken Masala Roll₹47.00
Tandoori Chicken Roll₹47.00

Veg Snacks Menu

Chilli Paneer Roll₹40.00
Mushroom Roll₹42.00
Vegetable Patties₹22.00
Paneer Patties₹25.00
Veg Manchurian Patties₹16.00
Vegetable Cutlet₹21.00
Veg Burger (Veg Snacks)₹43.00
Smoky Paneer₹42.00
Chilli Baby Corn Wrap₹32.00
Cheese Corn Sandwich₹37.00
Paneer Croissant₹41.00
Veg Roll₹30.00
Paneer Pizza₹47.00

Non-Veg Snacks Menu

Chicken Cutlet₹40.00
Chicken Burger (Non Veg Snacks)₹50.00
Chicken Pizza₹52.00
Chicken Patties₹30.00
Chicken Kebab₹32.00
Chicken Internet₹34.00
Chicken Samosa₹21.00
Chicken Kebab Sub₹60.00
Chicken Marble Sandwich (Non Veg Snacks)₹40.00
Tandoori Chicken Roll (Non Veg Snacks)₹47.00
Chicken Claws₹52.00
Smoky Chicken₹50.00
Butter Chicken Masala Roll (Non Veg Snacks)₹47.00

Dry Items Menu

Tea Time Puff₹54.00
Cheese Sticks₹54.00
Sweet Bun₹10.00
Brown Bread₹40.00
White Bread₹38.00
Bread Rusk₹48.00

Pastry Menu

Choco Vanilla Mousse Pastry₹52.00
Black Forest Pastry₹47.00
Pure Chocolate Pastry₹47.00
Choco Crunch Pastry₹30.00
Rich Vanilla Pastry₹34.00
Butterscotch Pastry₹34.00
Vanilla Tutti Frutti Pastry₹30.00
Strawberry Fresh Cream Pastry₹38.00
Choco Chips Fresh Cream Pastry₹40.00
Choco Strawberry Pastry₹40.00
Orange Crunch Pastry₹27.00

Chocolate Items Menu

Chocolate Smile₹15.00
Chocolate Roud₹14.00
Chocolate Double Heart₹27.00

Dry Cake Menu

Butter Dry Cake Slice₹30.00
Date Walnut Dry Cake Slice₹27.00
Muffin Dry Cake₹23.00
Fruit Dry Cake Slice₹27.00
Cashew Cup Dry Cake₹25.00
Milk Cake₹15.00
Crown Cake₹16.00
Banana Dry Cake Slice₹18.00
Rich Fruit Cake (400 gms)₹250.00

Celebration Cake Menu

Dual Forest Cake (600 gms)₹649.00
Pineapple Fresh Cream Cake (Round)₹599.00
Black Forest Cake (Round)₹599.00
Pure Chocolate Cake (Round)₹599.00
Strawberry Heart Small Cake₹499.00
Vanilla Heart Small Cake₹499.00
Truffle Heart Small Cake₹499.00
Butterscotch (Heart) Small Cake₹499.00
Butterscotch (Round) Small Cake₹499.00
Junior Heart Strawberry Cake₹299.00
Junior Heart Truffle Cake₹349.00
Choco Fantasy Cake₹449.00
Floral Fresh Cream Cake₹449.00
Chocomania Cake (500 gms)₹499.00
Violin Cake (700 gms)₹649.00
Choco and Chips Cake₹499.00
Chocolate Fresh Cream Round₹499.00
Chocomania Truffle Cake (1 kg)₹750.00
Jungle Safari Truffle Cake₹750.00
Choco Marble Cake₹499.00
Angle Heart Vanilla Cake (1 kg)₹740.00
Black Beauty Cake (1 kg)₹810.00
Butterscotch Round Cake (1 kg)₹750.00
Strawberry Love Cake (500 gms)₹499.00
Rich Butterscotch Delight Cake (500 gms)₹499.00
Choco Delight Cake (400 gms)₹489.00
Morning Walk Butterscotch Cake (1 kg)₹680.00
Palm Village Truffle Cake (1 kg)₹680.00

Desserts Menu

Misthi sukh₹21.00
Cream Roll₹27.00
Chocolate Heart₹27.00
Round Chocolate₹15.00
Choco Mio Chocolate₹68.00
Choco Muffin₹25.00
Special Fruit Cake (500 gms)₹360.00
Plum Cake (500 gms)₹360.00
Strawberry Heart Shape Cake (500 gms)₹400.00
Vanilla Heart Shape Cake (500 gms)₹400.00
Truffle Heart Shape Cake (500 gms)₹400.00
Butterscotch Heart Shape Cake (500 gms)₹400.00
Chocolate Fresh Cream Round Cake₹410.00
Butterscotch Round Shape Cake (500 gms)₹400.00

A Little History of Mio Amore

Mio Amore Inside everymenuprices
Image Credit:- Mio Amore’s Facebook

Mio Amore, a reliable and authentic brand of bakery founded as Monginis started in 1992 by Arnab Basu. The word Mio Amore has an Italian meaning which states My Dearest.

After a series of legal battles, Arnab Basu agreed to get separated from Monginis and open Mio Amore. That’s why most outlets owned by the owner are renamed Mio Amore.

To gain more popularity and distribute its products to every customer, Mio Amore joined hands with ITC and Britannia companies. Mio Amore without any doubt is one of the most successful companies established around the northeast part of India.

With nearly 25 years of experience in baking, and delicacies, they have been serving flavourful veg, non-veg, and creamy cakes.

Mio Amore has been headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal. As it was founded in 2008, it has been spread across all the major parts of India as well as Kolkata. Currently, Switz Food Private Limited owns the bakery chain.

Must Try Items at Mio Amore

Must Try Items at Mio Amore everymenuprices

The foods and other bakery items are known for their great quality and unique taste and flavor. Mio Amore menu prices given above are quite affordable when it comes to serving people.

That’s why your sweet and savory cravings are one step away. Let’s find out some of the most popular items available at Mio Amore below:-

1. Choco Fudge Cookies

Need some extra sweetness in your life? Then, Mio Amore’s recently launched Choco Fudge Cookies are going to blow your mind.

Loaded with rich cocoa flavor and made with love, these cookies have everything that you can ask for. These cookies are perfect to satisfy your sweet cravings.

2. Chicken Quesadilla

Experience an explosive weekend by getting straight to Mio Amore. This Chicken Quesadilla is the ultimate meal that you need to grab.

Filled with cream cheese, a perfect blend of flavourful vegetables and chicken which are grilled to give you the perfect taste. It’s the only answer to your cravings.

3. Choco Hazelnut Sandwich

Winter is gone but not the winter hug, so find something that can work with every mood and season. Choco Hazelnut Sandwich is the best option to get your mind diverted from the chaos, as it is loaded with hazelnut in the center of the chocolate sandwich which is rich chocolate that will warm your soul.

4. Nolen Wonder Cake

It’s the taste of liquid golden flavor that has promised to transport every bit of taste to your mouth. Try out this Nolen Wonder Cake to build your taste buds with sweet paradise. Every slice of this special cake is a golden affair. So join in for the delicious ride to Nolen Gur Cake.

5. Chicken Kulhad Pizza

Have you heard of the ongoing trend of Kulhad Pizza? Then your cravings must be as unique as yours. Try out this special recipe of Chicken Kulhad Pizza from Mio Amore which is loaded with a mix of fresh and grilled vegetables, chicken, and a delicious cheese layer. A perfect recipe for a modern pizza recipe.

Mio Amore’s Secret Menu

Mio Amore is the only place that provides carefully designed and delicious cakes and other meals. However, if you are looking for a secret menu there, they don’t have one.

They have everything specially made from scratch right in front of your eyes. That’s why, all you need to do is grab the best ones at Mio Amore!

How to Order Online From Mio Amore?

Mio Amore Order Online everymenuprices
Image Credit:- zomato.com

As recommended by a huge crowd all around India, Mio Amore has also started its home delivery facilities. Hence, you can get your party ready by ordering delicious cakes from Mio Amore.

For that, you need to visit Mio Amore’s official website to search for the best items in their store and place an order online by searching a nearby outlet. Also, you can opt for other delivery companies like Swiggy and Zomato who deliver Mio Amore’s food quickly.

FAQs Related to the Mio Amore’s Menu

Does Mio Amore offer special food for special occasions?

For every special occasion, Mio Amore has built the concept of providing unique and handcrafted, delicious food items and cakes.

Why is Mio Amore so famous?

Mio Amore has been offering great foods like patties, burgers, pizzas, club sandwiches, and different pastries and cakes for over a decade. And that’s why it’s famous among the people.

Which is the newly launched cookie?

The chocolate fudge cookies are the newly launched cookies at Mio Amore.

Does Mio Amore offer Bento Cakes?

Bento Cakes are in trend now, so to go with the trend Mio Amore has also started selling special bento cakes.

Which is the best savory treat available at Mio Amore?

The Chicken Kulhad Pizza is one of the most savory treats available at Mio Amore.

Are Mio Amore menu prices affordable?

Yes, Mio Amore menu prices are affordable.

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