Nagarjuna Restaurant Menu With Prices [April 2024 Updated]

If you’re looking for great and scrumptious biryani then Nagarjuna Restaurant has some great offerings. What makes it awesome is its reliable food service.

It’s heaven for all the biryani lovers and has been consistently serving special south Indian dishes with a hint of freshness. That’s why you must check out the Nagarjuna Restaurant menu with prices given below for piping hot foods.

Nagarjuna Restaurant is the most popular restaurant and observes huge crowds every weekend. They too have spacious capacities and a soothing ambiance to serve special Andhra food.

Regardless of what they offer, you must wait a bit to get your hot and delicious food ready to serve you. Because of overcrowding, you might have to share a table with some strangers.

Everything tastes better when you’re in Nagarjuna Restaurant, so go ahead in this article to learn more about this restaurant.

Nagarjuna Restaurant Menu With Prices

Nagarjuna Restaurant Menu everymenuprices
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Bhojanam / Andhra MealsRs. 240
Kodi Biriyani / Chicken BiriyaniRs. 290
Tarkari Biriyani / Vegetable BiriyaniRs. 230
Mamsam Biriyani / Mutton BiriyaniRs. 345

Vegetarian Starters Menu

Junnu Mukkala Sholay / Paneer SholayRs. 250
Kosu Puvvu Sholay / Gobi SholayRs. 230
Mokka Jonna Sholay / Babycorn SholayRs. 230
Puttagodugu Sholay / Mushroom SholayRs. 230
Junnu Miriyala Vepudu / Paneer Pepper FryRs. 230
Kosu Puvvu Miriyala Vepudu / Gobi Pepper FryRs. 230
Mokka Jonna Miryala Vepudu / Baby Corn Pepper FryRs. 230
Puttagodugu Miryala Vepudu / Mushroom Pepper FryRs. 230

Non-Veg Starters Menu

Kodi Sholay / Chicken Sholay Kebab (boneless)Rs. 310
Kodi Iguru / Chicken FryRs. 255
Kodi Pakodi / Chicken KebabRs. 275
Kodi Rekkala Kabab / Chicken LollipopRs. 310
Kodi Sixer / Chicken Sixer (boneless)Rs. 335
Kodi 65 / Chicken 65 (4 Pcs)Rs. 305
Veinchina Kodi Mukkalu / Chicken Nagarjuna Roast (boneless)Rs. 335
Veinchina Kodi Mukkalu / Chicken Roast (4 Pcs)Rs. 300
Pacha Karam Kodi / Chicken ChillyRs. 295
Pacha Karam Kodi (boneless) / Chicken Chilly (boneless)Rs. 330
Miriyala Kodi Vepudu / Chicken Pepper Fry (boneless)Rs. 320
Nimmakaya Kodi Iguru / Lemon Chicken (boneless)Rs. 305
Natu Kodi Vepudu / Country Chicken FryRs. 290
Mamsam Iguru / Mutton FryRs. 345
Veinchina Mamsam / Mutton RoastRs. 395
Miriyala Mamsam Iguru / Pepper Mutton (boneless)Rs. 380
Mamsam Kaima Undalu / Mutton Kheema Balls (8 Pcs)Rs. 310
Vanjaram Fry / Anjalfish FryRs. 415
Simhapuri Chepa Vepudu / Simhapuri Fish FryRs. 495
Royyala Sholay Vepudu / Prawn Sholay KebabRs. 390
Miriyala Royalla Iguru / Prawn Pepper FryRs. 390

Vegetarian Menu

Mixed Vegetable CurryRs. 230
Paneer Butter MasalaRs. 250
Mushrooms CurryRs. 230

Non-Vegetarian Menu

Kodi Koora / Chicken CurryRs. 275
Natu Kodi Koora / Country Chicken CurryRs. 320
Gunturu Kodi Iguru / Guntur Chicken Fry (semi Dry)Rs. 330
Chicken Nagarjuna GravyRs. 315
Mutton CurryRs. 330
Nellore Chepala Pulusu / Nellore Fish CurryRs. 385
Checken Nagarjuna (sumi Dry)Rs. 325

Light Dinner Combos Menu

Idly / Dosa Veg ComboRs. 190
Idly / Dosa Non-veg ComboRs. 250

Staples Menu

Plain Steamed RiceRs. 90
ChapathiRs. 90
Curd RiceRs. 90
RotiRs. 67
NaanRs. 67
KulchaRs. 67
Butter RotiRs. 73
Butter NaanRs. 73
Butter KulchaRs. 73

Accompaniments Menu

Green SaladRs. 110
Extra PapadRs. 5
Egg OmeletteRs. 90
Egg CurryRs. 30
Extra CurdRs. 30
Egg Pepper FryRs. 130
Egg SholayRs. 130

Beverages Menu

ButtermilkRs. 30
Fresh Lime Soda (sweet/salt/mix)Rs. 90
Fresh Lime JuiceRs. 80
Fresh Fruit JuiceRs. 110
Mineral WaterRs. 35
Soft DrinksRs. 42
Lassi (sweet/salt/mix)Rs. 110

Desserts Menu

Ice CreamRs. 110
Fruit SaladRs. 120
Fruit Salad With Ice CreamRs. 135
JamoonRs. 105
Jamoon With Ice CreamRs. 135

A Little History of Nagarjuna Restaurant

Nagarjuna Restaurant Inside everymenuprices
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The story of Nagarjuna Restaurant began almost three decades ago by an agriculturist named N Mohan Reddy who wanted to create a vision towards founding the Nagarjuna cause.

He was driven by passion and determination and he brought about a change in the Andhra style of food.

While this popular chain has grown, it maintains the same quality of food. They maintain the originality of the recipes with authentic and traditional spices which are closely followed and guarded.

The home-style food recipes have been leading Andhra Pradesh and localities of Bangalore such as Indiranagar, Bannerghatta, Residency Road, and more.

Must Try Items at Nagarjuna Restaurant

Must Try Items at Nagarjuna Restaurant everymenuprices

Some of the earthy flavors of Nagarjuna Restaurant aim to reach every customer from providing delicious food items to revolutionary Andhra-style dishes. Now, as you have checked the Nagarjuna Restaurant menu prices given above choosing what to order is a bit of a task.

Dive down below to have a look at the foods that Nagarjuna Restaurant is offering and it’s traditionally affordable too:-

1. Andhra Meal

A meal that is going to serve one person at a time. It’s a specialized meal that is filled with several food items. These items include rice, dal, palya, sabzi, chutney, sambar, rasam, curd, sweets, ghee, gunpowder, and chilies. A wholesome meal to try out!

2. Mutton Keema Biryani

Nagarjuna Restaurant is all about making Andhra style biryani which people love to eat. Loaded with flavourful basmati rice, consisting of succulent minced muttons cooked in rich hand ingredients and masalas and herbs. Try out this fantastic biryani dish now!

3. Chicken Lollipop

When in Nagarjuna Restaurant you need to begin with delicious non-veg starters. The chicken winglets are shaped into lollipops which are battered and fried into incredible crunchy pieces and also flavoured with a handful of a mixture of herbs and spices.

4. Natu Kodi Fry

These are the special tender chicken pieces that are fried and cooked in Andhra spices and also fresh ginger garlic mixture and smothered in special juices to give it a delicious texture. Try out these juicy tender chickens now!

5. Fish Curry

The wholesome fish curry dish needs your attention. The rich and flavourful delicious treat is all you need to have. Loaded with rich delicacy, Varney of river barrels which are simmered in a special tangy, tamarind sauce, that contains onions in Nellore Style.

Nagarjuna Restaurant’s Secret Menu

Whether you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian the dishes offered at Nagarjuna Restaurant will blow your mind and taste.

Nagarjuna Restaurant’s menu features some of the notable Andhra-style food items which itself shows the secret skills of the chefs.

However, you may not come across a secret menu of Nagarjuna Restaurant this soon. Hope you’ll like the already famous food it serves!

How to Order Online From Nagarjuna Restaurant?

Nagarjuna Restaurant Order Online everymenuprices
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There is no barrier to placing an online order from Nagarjuna Restaurant. You’ll get served with every vegetarian and non-vegetarian dish offered at the restaurant.

To know more about their online home delivery facilities then make sure you visit Nagarjuna Restaurant’s official website to get in touch with their food delivery options. You can also seek your food from Swiggy, and Zomato.

FAQs Related to the Nagarjuna Restaurant Menu

Where is Nagarjuna Restaurant situated?

Nagarjuna Restaurant is situated at various major locations in Bangalore and Andhra Pradesh.

Which is the most famous cooking style followed at Nagarjuna Restaurant?

The Andhra Style is the most common cooking style followed at Nagarjuna Restaurant.

Does it only provide South Indian cuisine?

Besides, the finest South Indian cuisine you can also order other dishes as well at Nagarjuna Restaurant.

Which is the most preferred meal available at Nagarjuna Restaurant?

The Andhra Meal is one of the most preferred meals at Nagarjuna Restaurant.

Which is the famous chicken dish at Nagarjuna Restaurant?

The Chettinad Chicken Curry is one of the most famous chicken dishes offered at Nagarjuna Restaurant.

Does Nagarjuna Restaurant have online home delivery facilities?

Yes, it even serves at every customer’s doorstep.

Are Nagarjuna Restaurant menu prices affordable?

Yes, Nagarjuna Restaurant menu prices are affordable.

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