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However, The Keg menu with prices in Québec can change at times and may be different in different locations. But you will have an idea of what average prices you can expect there so that it won’t fall heavy on your pocket.

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The Keg Menu Prices in Québec

The Keg Menu And Prices in Québec
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Starters Menu

EscargotCAN$ 11:00
Tuna TartareCAN$ 15:00
Mushrooms NeptuneCAN$ 11:00
Baked BrieCAN$ 12:00
Shrimp CocktailCAN$ 13:00
CalamariCAN$ 13:00
Baked Garlic ShrimpCAN$ 10:00
Garlic Cheese ToastCAN$ 6:00
French Onion SoupCAN$ 10:00
Scallops & BaconCAN$ 12:00

Salads Menu

Keg CaesarCAN$ 9:00
Mixed GreensCAN$ 9:00
Iceberg WedgeCAN$ 9:00
Steakhouse SaladCAN$ 23:00

Casual Plates Menu

Keg BurgerCAN$ 18:00
Tuna TacosCAN$ 14:00
Portabella Mushroom BurgerCAN$ 18:00
Pr I M E R Ib S Li D E R SCAN$ 16:00

Steak & Prime Rib Menu

Prime RibCAN$ 30:00
Top SirloinCAN$ 23:00
Teriyaki SirloinCAN$ 27:00
Bleu Cheese FiletCAN$ 37:00
Rib Steak Bone-InCAN$ 40:00
Baseball Top SirloinCAN$ 31:00
New York StriploinCAN$ 34:00
Filet MignonCAN$ 35:00
Bacon WrappedCAN$ 40:00
Peppercorn New YorkCAN$ 36:00

Steak + Seafood Menu

Sirloin OscarCAN$ 36:00
Filet & Cajun ShrimpCAN$ 29:00
Steak & CrabCAN$ 45:00
Steak & LobsterCAN$ 42:00

Keg Classics Menu

Top SirloinCAN$ 34:00
Prime RibCAN$ 38:00
FiletmignonCAN$ 43:00
Baseball Top SirloinCAN$ 39:00
Teriyaki SirloinCAN$ 35:00
New York StriploinCAN$ 42:00

Fish Menu

Pistachio Crusted SalmonCAN$ 32:00
Honey Glazed SalmonCAN$ 32:00
Sesame TunaCAN$ 27:00

Chicken Menu

Supreme Chicken BreastCAN$ 26:00
Bacon Wrapped ChickenCAN$ 27:00
Thai ChickenCAN$ 24:00

Ribs Menu

Bbq Ribs HalfrackCAN$ 22:00
Bbq Ribs FullrackCAN$ 30:00
Chicken & RibsCAN$ 30:00

Red Vines Menu

Bousquet “Los Cuatro” Cabernet & Malbec – Menclot – ArgentinaCAN$ 8.5
Strik. “Jet” Shiraz & Cabernet – South AustraliaCAN$ 9:00
J. Lob, Estates “Horn. Ra,Ch” Petit Verdot & Petite Sirab- Paso Robles, CaliforniaCAN$ 10:00
Jackson-Triggs “Proprietors’ Selection” Merlot – InternationalCAN$ 6:00
Concannon “Selected Vineyards” Pinot Noir CaliforniaCAN$ 6.5
Jacob’s Creek Slurax – South Eastern AustraliaCAN$ 7:00
Santa Carolina Reserva Merlot – Colchagua Valley, ChileCAN$ 7.5
Bousguet Organic Maibec – Mendoza, ArgentinaCAN$ 8:00
Mas; Valpoliccila “Bonacosta” Corvina & Rondincila – Vencto, ItalyCAN$ 8:00
Painter Bridge Zinfandel – CaliforniaCAN$ 8:00
Robert Mondavi “Woodbddge” Cabernet Sauvignon – CaliforniaCAN$ 8:00
Sumac Ridge “Private Rcsen,E” Cabernet & Mc4ot – Okarsagan Valcy, B.C.CAN$ 9:00
Blasted Church Syrak – Okanagan Valley, B.C.CAN$ 12:00
J. Lohr Estates “Seven Oaks” Cabernet Sauvignon – Paso Robles, CaliforniaCAN$ 12.5
S.Bastiani Cabernet Sauvignon – Alexander Valley, CaliforniaCAN$ 15:00

White Vines Menu

Jackson Trggs “Proprietors’ Selection” Chardonnay – InternationalCAN$ 6:00
Robert Mondavi ‘Woo.Clbri4ge” White Zinfandel – CaliforniaCAN$ 7:00
Inniskillin “Niagara Estate” Riesling – Niagara Peninsula, OntarioCAN$ 7.5
Robert Mondavi “Woodbridge” Charclonnay – CaliforniaCAN$ 7.5
Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc – Marlborough, New ZealandCAN$ 8.5
See Ya Later Ranch Gewiîrztraminer – Okanagan Valley, B.C.CAN$ 9.5
J Lohr Estates Riverstone” Charclonnay – Monterey, CaliforniaCAN$ 12:00

Disclaimer: The menu prices given below may change at any time and may not reflect recent changes. To know the exact menu prices of The Keg in Québec, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the restaurant/cafe/bakery, or ice cream parlor directly.

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