Wendy’s Milk Bar Menu With Prices [April 2024 Updated]

Wendy’s Milk Bar menu with prices is something you are looking for right? It’s the delectable choices of sweet items that attract people so much. Be a part of this fantastic bar which has a lot of sundaes, ice creams, and cakes for you. Pamper yourself extra with Wendy’s Milk Bar.

The flocks of children are also great visitors to this place as they can’t avoid its amazing sweet treats. However, you must check out Wendy’s Milk Bar’s menu to list all the delicious desserts you want to have. The award-winning vegan place awaits your presence!

To make it more exciting, I have provided all the relevant details on the Wendy’s Milk Bar of Australia location so you don’t miss out on the best.

Wendy’s Milk Bar Menu With Prices

Wendy's Milk Bar Menu And Prices everymenuprices
Image Credit:- Wendy’s Milk Bar’s Facebook

Family Meal Deals Menu

Value Deal 2 Share$53.40
Double Up Deal$43.80
Family Value Deal$88.60

Wendy’s Milk Bar Value Meal Menu

Hot Dog’n Packaged Schweppes and ChipsFrom $21.20
Hot Dog’n Thickshake and Chips (6269 kJ)From $21.90
Hot Dog’n Supashake and Chips (6932 kJ)From $24.00
Hot Dog’n Milkshake and Chips (5820 kJ)From $21.20
Hot Dog’n Mega Shake and Chips (6951 kJ)From $25.40
Just for me Deal (6304 kJ)From $22.60
Mega Loaded Dog’n Milkshake and Chips (6888 kJ)From $26.00

Wendy’s Milk Bar Combos Menu

Hot Dog’n Packaged Schweppes DealFrom $16.80
Hot Dog’n Milkshake Deal (3884 kJ)From $16.90
Hot Dog’n Thickshake Deal (4333 kJ)From $17.60
Hot Dog’n Supashake Deal (4996 kJ)From $19.80
Hot Dog’n Megashake Deal (5015 kJ)From $21.20
Mega Loaded Dog’n Milkshake (4952 kJ)From $21.80

Hot Dogs & Dippers Menu

Hot Chips (1936 kJ)$5.70
Dippers (837 kJ)$6.50
Half Dog (1137 kJ)$6.50
Regular Hot Dog (2655 kJ)From $9.90
Cheese Dog (2655 kJ)From $11.40
Cheesy Bacon Dog (3352 kJ)From $14.20
Mega Loaded Dog (3343 kJ)From $14.80

Sharing is Caring Menu

Morning Tea Deal$10.00
Mates Morning Tea Deal$19.50
2 Dogs Deal (5701 kJ)From $38.70
Classic Hot Dog Deals (11848 kJ)From $42.40
Tradies DealFrom $52.80
Workmates Deal (12608 kJ)From $45.20

Shakes Menu

Thickshake (2058 kJ)$9.20
Milkshake (1609 kJ)$8.50
Supashake (2721 kJ)$11.30
Mega Shake (2740 kJ)$12.80

Desserts Menu

Cinnamon Donuts$4.50 – 2 Units
$7.50 – 4 Units
$11.00 – 6 Units
$17.00 – 12 Units
3 Scoop Choc Fudge Sundae$13.20
Take Home Pack (3510 kJ)$18.40
Iced Coffee and a 3 Scoop Choc Fudge Sundae Deal$25.50
Take Home Pack To Share x2$35.90
Take Home Pack To Share x4 (14040 kJ)$66.00

Beverages Menu

Cool Ridge – 600ml$4.50
Drinks (600ml)
(Lemonade, Pepsi Cola, Pepsi Max, Solo Lemon, Sunkist Orange)
Hot Coffee$6.90
Iced Drinks
(Iced Caramel Latte, Iced Chocolate, Iced Coffee)
Smoothies (1197 kJ)$12.80

A Little History of Wendy’s Milk Bar

Wendy's Milk Bar Inside everymenuprices
Image Credit:- Wendy’s Milk Bar’s Facebook

Do popular places like Wendy’s need an introduction? Well, it was established by Phil Rogers, John Hill, Geoff Davis, and Bruce Koehne in South Australia on 31 July 1979.

It is also owned by the parent company Supatreats Australia. Formerly, the owners named Wendy’s Milk Bar to Wendy’s Supa Sundaes.

From a single store, Wendy’s has expanded into 200 stores and attracted a large franchise network.

In early 2014, Wendy’s Milk Bar was acquired by the Singapore company Global Food Retail Group with master chains. However, during the Covid-19 crisis, it switched to only take-away services.

Currently, Wendy’s Milk Bar is headquartered at Baulkham Hills and consists of more than 200 different locations in Australia and New Zealand.

I know you must be thinking of incredible sweet items so without any delay, see below what Wendy’s Milk Bar has in its store for us!

Must Try Items at Wendy’s Milk Bar

Must Try Items at Wendy’s Milk Bar

I know you’ve checked out Wendy’s Milk Bar menu prices given above and can’t decide what to order. Then I come to your rescue to get you the best food treats below.

You can try out the top five sweet items listed below. Also, I have some extra affordable options for you.

1. Caramel Brownie Megashake

Indulge yourself with some extra brownie fillings! The Caramel Brownie Megashake recipe will make your taste buds go crazy. So why not celebrate with this brownie blissful chocolate shake? Be smooth and go ahead with the scrumptious brownie mix!

2. Milk Chocolate Ice Cream

Relish this heaven of chocolate ice cream! Treat yourself better with this Milk Chocolate Ice cream. And guess what? Rocky Road is here! Try Wendy’s Milk Bar’s new rich milk chocolate ice cream with marshmallows, cherry swirl, a hint of coconut, and dark chocolate chips.

3. White Chocolate Ice Cream Cone

What better way to celebrate the white chocolate day? Try this new flavour White Chocolate Ice Cream Cone and celebrate Ice Cream Day every day and your local Wendy’s Milk Bar with a white chocolate and Raspberry Ripple and your choice of waffle.

4. Watermelon Sorbet

Drop at your local Wendy’s Milk Bar gate to enjoy this delicious Watermelon Sorbet. Feel fresh with this absolute watermelon-flavoured sorbet and also raise a spoon for this mouth-watering sorbet. Hurry now! It may run out of stock soon!

5. Hot Fudge Sundae

Can you afford to miss Wendy’s Milk Bar’s luscious Hot Fudge Sundae? There isn’t a better way to savor the decadence of fudge day than trying out this delicate chocolate sundae. The soft-serve mountain of creamy sundae with a lot of drizzle of warm, gooey hot fudge.

Wendy’s Milk Bar Secret Menu

A fresh new look of Wendy’s Milk Bar might have intrigued your curiosity about its launching a secret menu.

Though Wendy’s Milk Bar hasn’t declared any of the secret menus yet, considering the limited choice of ice creams, sundaes, coffees, and other savory dishes, it’s finding it hard to reveal a secret menu. Thus, drop at the nearby store to find out the best ice cream options it offers.

How to Order Online From Wendy’s Milk Bar?

Wendy's Milk Bar Order Online everymenuprices
Image Credit:- doordash.com

Have you ever wondered about ordering ice creams online? I guess, it’s high time that you should choose your favorite ice cream sundae delivered to your doorstep. You’ll get the exact item as offered at the outlet.

You need to visit Wendy’s Milk Bar’s official website and surf through their prescribed menu to place an order. Or else, expect your order to get delivered by Doordash and Ubereats. Choose either of the ways for a quick delivery!

FAQs Related to the Wendy’s Milk Bar Menu

Has Wendy’s Milk Bar revealed a secret menu yet?

No, up until this date, Wendy’s Milk Bar hasn’t launched any secret menu. However, you can enjoy their hidden delicious chocolate treats.

Can you order your favorite sundae online from Wendy’s Milk Bar?

Yes, Wendy’s Milk Bar perfectly delivers sundaes and other ice creams to the doorsteps.

Are there any other savory items available at Wendy’s Milk Bar?

Yes, there are numerous savory snack options like fries, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and many more.

Is Wendy’s Milk Bar a purely vegan store?

No, Wendy’s Milk Bar isn’t fully a vegan store as you can get various non-veg savory items.

Can you order ice cream cakes for birthdays at Wendy’s Milk Bar?

Yes, there are beautiful options of ice cream cakes available at Wendy’s Milk Bar and you can customize them as per your preferences.

Are Wendy’s Milk Bar menu prices affordable?

Yes, Wendy’s Milk Bar menu prices are affordable.

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