Zankou Chicken Menu With Prices [February 2024 Updated]

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A chicken item that leaves you drooling! Zankou Chicken has it all, you’ll find it legendary for its incredible offering of chicken items. This revered restaurant has been considered the best one in Los Angeles. Then what are you waiting for? Grab the Zankou Chicken menu with prices to know the ultimate deals that it has to offer. Or else, you might regret it later for not deciding the right dishes at the right time.

We are always there to introduce you to the best quality and tradition of Zankou Chicken.

A family-owned chain restaurant, Zankou Chicken is headquartered in Los Angeles with Armenian and Mediterranean fast foods.

Without any further delay, let’s get straight to the point and check the Zankou Chicken menu with prices. However, you should also check their operating hours.

Zankou Chicken Menu With Prices

Zankou Chicken Menu With Prices
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Rotisserie Chicken Menu

Family Meal$30.99
Big Family Meal$57.99
Whole Chicken$17.99
Half Chicken$11.99

Rotisserie Plates Menu

Half Chicken Plate$16.79
Quarter White Plate$12.99
Quarter Dark Plate$12.99

Traditional Mediterranean Plates Menu

Tri-Tip Shawerma Plate$17.99
Chicken Tarna Plate$17.39
Tarna & Shawerma Combo Plate$17.99
Falafel Plate$14.39

Kabob Plates Menu

Shish Kabob PlateOne Skewer – $18.99
Two Skewers – $23.00
Chicken Kabob PlateOne Skewer – $16.99
Two Skewers – $19.99
Lule Kabob PlateOne Skewer – $16.99
Two Skewers – $19.99
Combo Kabob Plate$19.99

Wraps Menu

Roasted Chicken Wrap$8.99
Chicken Tarna Wrap$9.99
Tri-Tip Shawerma Wrap$11.39
Falafel Wrap$9.99
Shish Kabob Wrap$14.39
Chicken Kabob Wrap$11.99
Lule Kabob Wrap$11.99

Sides & Salads Menu

Basmati RiceSmall – $3.59
Medium – $4.79
Large – $7.19
HummusSmall – $5.99
Large – $8.39
MutabbalSmall – $5.99
Large – $8.39
Falafel Special$3.59
Garlic SauceMini – $0.59
Small – $5.99
Large – $8.39
Tahini SauceSmall – $5.99
Large – $8.39
Cucumber SaladSmall – $5.99
Large – $8.39
Tabbouleh SaladSmall – $5.99
Large – $8.39
Cabbage SaladSmall – $4.19
Large – $5.99
Garden Salad$7.49
Tahini Salad$6.29

Extras Menu

Quarter White Chicken$8.39
Quarter Dark Chicken$8.39
Chicken TarnaSmall – $9.59
Large – $13.19
Tri-Tip ShawermaSmall – $9.59
Large – $13.19
Chicken Kabob Skewer$9.59
Shish Kabob Skewer$11.99
Lule Kabob Skewer$9.59
1 Falafel$1.99
Pita Bread1 Pita Bread – $0.39
Pita Pack (6 Pieces) – $2.39
Pickled TurnipsSmall – $2.39
Large – $3.59
Yellow ChiliesSmall – $2.39
Large – $3.59
Spiced Onions$1.99
Red Onions$1.99
Diced Tomatoes$1.99
Grilled Tomatoes$1.99

Drinks Menu

WaterBottled Water – $2.39
Perrier – $2.99
Fountain Drinks$2.75
Iced Teas$2.75

Desserts Menu

Baklava Tray$24.00

A Little History of Zankou Chicken

Zankou Chicken Prices Menu
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Zankou Chicken is a small family-owned restaurant started by an Armenian citizen Vartkes Iskenderian and his family.

Soon, it expanded its business within the United States during the 1980s, when his family immigrated to California.

One of the first restaurants that opened under the family was near Los Angeles in a neighborhood called East Hollywood.

The restaurant is famous for its legacy of thick garlic sauce that beats every other taste of sauces. However, this sauce has been copied in many other contemporary restaurants in Los Angeles.

Zankou Chicken has been serving for more than 50 years, with its traditional culinary styles and excellent food quality it continues to attract a wide range of customers.

It is operating successfully at 12 different locations and has expanded near Burbank, Van Nuys, Montebello, Glendale, West Los Angeles, Anaheim, and many other places.

Got bored? Well, let’s get our attention from reading boring history to some delicious items which it has on its menu. Let’s check it out now!

Must Try Items at Zankou Chicken

Must Try Items at Zankou Chicken everymenuprices

Are you craving some fast food chicken items? Well, you are at the right place now, as we are going to tell you about some must-try items at Zankou Chicken.

And thus, you won’t find it difficult to decide which chicken dish you must choose.

The cheap rates at Zankou Chicken are considered to be more affordable than any other restaurant around California. Anyway, let’s look into some of the famous items at Zankou Chicken below:-

1. Tri-Tip Shawarma Plate

Who would resist a fresh plate of Shawarma? Zankou Chicken’s freshly made Shawarma is hand cut which is caramelised at the end with juicy broiled chicken at the centre. It is topped with slices of beef, tomatoes, and a homemade tahini.

2. Shish Kabob

The famous Mediterranean seasoned kabobs at Zankou Chicken leave its customers always craving more. A plate of shish kabob with assorted Mediterranean spices and ingredients.

It is paired with local and fresh herbs, olive oil, wine vinegar, and grilled beef. It is served with roasted tomatoes, salads, rice, and spiced onion. What a delight to eat shish kabob isn’t it?

3. Whole Rotisserie Chicken

A whole Rotisserie chicken stands out more than any other chicken dish. Here you get to devour highly cooked, crispy skin chicken that gives customers the ultimate satisfaction and comfort of eating.

The unique cooking process makes it even more attractive and delicious. Grab a rotisserie chicken with a signature garlic sauce.

4. Falafel Plate

The fresh, hot plates of Falafel are ordered more often than other food items. You’ll be delighted to devour it as it is served with fresh-cut lettuce, sliced roasted tomatoes, turnips of pickles, and also house-made tahini. So serve yourself some falafel and enjoy!

5. Baklava

Dessert at the end of a meal creates a delicious impression on your taste buds. The freshly cooked and nutty dessert wrapped in buttery layers of dough filo grabs most of the attention at the restaurant. Treat yourself with a baklava always!

Zankou Chicken’s Secret Menu

Do you even know what a secret menu looks like? Zankou Chicken will provide you with the best secret menu that can make you enjoy and eat more and more.

For everyone the secret menu is applicable and it is applied to certain foods that require special orders.

How to Order Online From Zankou Chicken?

Zankou Chicken Order Online usamenuprices
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The advanced technology has provided us with a base to make online payments and receive food items at the doorstep. And it has been made possible to afford favorite food items quickly within a few minutes.

Zankou Chicken is proud to introduce to everyone the latest fastest delivery services be it takeaway or at your doorstep.

To simplify it, you can directly order online from Grubhub, Doordash, and Ubereats, and you can even order online from their official website.

It’s never too late to eat your favorite chicken dish! Hurry and order now!

FAQs Related to Zankou Chicken’s Menu

What are the ingredients therein Zankou Chicken garlic sauce? 

The famous garlic sauce consists of lemon juice, a high quantity of garlic, salt, and oil.

What is Tarna at Zankou Chicken? 

Zankou Chicken has Tarna which is a marinated chicken similar to Shawarma.

Which is the most famous chicken item at Zankou Chicken?

Chicken Shawarma is the most famous dish bought by the customers at Zankou Chicken.

Are combos available at Zankou Chicken?

Zankou Chicken offers excellent combo offers that can feed up to 5-6 people at once.

Are wraps available at Zankou Chicken?

Yes, you can get different kinds of wraps at Zankou Chicken.

Are Zankou Chicken menu prices affordable?

Yes, most of Zankou Chicken menu prices are affordable.

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