Biscuitville Menu With Prices [February 2024 Updated]

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Biscuitville is a well-known family-owned restaurant chain that has multiple outlets located in different locations. Biscuitville’s menu specializes in the traditional southern breakfast made from scratch and with local ingredients. If you are looking for the latest Biscuitville menu with prices, then you have come to the right place.

Another specialty of Biscuitville is that the biscuits are prepared from the beginning every 15 minutes. So, if someone loves to have fresh biscuits then Biscuitville is a perfect option for them.

Biscuitville menu features various sections including Biscuitville Scratch-Made Biscuits, Biscuitville Ultimate Biscuits, Biscuitville Fresh Southern Lunch, Biscuitville Sides, Sweets & Beverages, etc. Biscuitville menu prices are very reasonable and easily accessible for everyone.

The article will offer you all the factual details regarding the restaurant chain starting from the latest Biscuitville menu with prices to some other important details including the history of the franchise, the public responses towards Biscuitville locations, Biscuitville hours of operation, and much more. So keep reading the article to learn more about Biscuitville.

Biscuitville Menu With Prices

Biscuitville Menu And Prices everymenuprices
Image Credit:- Biscuitville’s Facebook

Biscuits Menu With Prices

Butter Biscuit$0.96
Country Fried Steak$2.01
Country Fried Steak ‘n’ Gravy$2.70
Country Ham$2.84
Egg & Cheese Biscuit$1.92
Egg Biscuit$1.38
Fried Chicken Biscuit$3.05
Fried Chicken ‘n’ Gravy$3.60
Fried Pork Chop$2.78
Fried Pork Chop ‘n’ Gravy$3.48
Gravy Biscuit$1.56
Grilled Chicken Filet$2.97
Sausage ‘n’ Gravy$2.08
Smoked Sausage$2.00
Spicy Chicken & Honey Biscuit$3.07
Turkey Sausage Biscuit$1.77
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Sides & Sweets Menu With Prices

Hash Brown$1.19
Homestyle Gravy$1.19
Country Fries$1.59
Cheese Grit$1.79
Blueberry Muffin$1.99
Apple Hand Pie$1.50
Cinnamon Swirl$1.39
Cranberry Orange Muffin$1.60
Apple Turnover$1.23
Honey Bun$1.54
Cinnamon Bites$1.39

Buttermilk Menu Menu With Prices

3 Stack$2.69
5 Stack$2.99
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Buttermilk Pancake Platters Menu With Prices

Country Ham$5.69
Turkey Sausage$4.99

Breakfast Platters Menu With Prices

Country Ham$5.39

Ultimate Breakfast Platters Menu With Prices

Ultimate Sausage$6.79
Ultimate Bacon$6.79
Ultimate Country Ham$7.59
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Fresh Southern Lunch  Menu With Prices

Cackalacky Chop$5.39
Grilled Chicken Bacon Ranch$5.79
Homestyle Chicken Breast Tenders4 Pieces$5.29
Cackalacky ChopCombo$7.89
Grilled Chicken Bacon RanchCombo$8.29
Homestyle Chicken Breast TendersCombo – 4 Pieces$7.79

Party Biscuit Boxes Menu With Prices

Plain 3 Dozen$7.99

Half Box 1 Dozen Menu With Prices

Country Ham$11.99
Turkey Sausage$11.99
Fried Chicken$13.99
Spicy Chicken$13.99
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Full Box 2 Dozen Menu With Prices

Country Ham$23.98
Turkey Sausage$23.98
Fried Chicken$27.98
Spicy Chicken$27.98

Scratch-Made Biscuits Menu With Prices

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuits$3.19
Country Ham Biscuit$2.79
Sausage & Egg Biscuit$2.69
Fried Chicken Biscuit$3.29
Spicy Chicken & Honey Biscuit$3.59
Fried Pork Chop Biscuit$3.29
Fried Steak Biscuit$2.69
Homestyle Gravy Biscuit$1.99
Turkey Sausage, Egg & Cheese$3.49
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English Muffin Sandwiches Menu With Prices

Grilled Chicken Club$4.99
Bacon, Egg & Cheese – Combo$5.49
Turkey Sausage, Egg & Cheese – Combo$5.79
Spicy Chicken & Honey – Combo$5.99
Country Ham – Combo$4.99
Sausage & Egg – Combo$4.99
Fried Chicken – Combo$5.59
Fried Pork Chop – Combo$5.59
Fried Steak – Combo$4.99
Homestyle Gravy – Combo$4.29
Grilled Chicken Club – Combo$7.29

Beverages Menu With Prices

Orange Juice$1.47
Iced Tea$1.45
Milk (2% reduced-fat milk)$1.31
Chocolate Milk (Fat-free milk chocolate)$1.30
Soft Drink$1.39

History of Biscuitville

Biscuitville Inside everymenuprices
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Biscuitville Fresh Southern has been one of the most popular restaurants in today’s world. The restaurant has gained recognition for the biscuits that it has prepared ever since they were established several years ago in 1966. But the company’s growth was normal compared to what happened with other companies.

Biscuitville was originally known as Mountainbrook Fresh Bread & Milk and the first two stores were active in Burlington, North Carolina. One of the founders was Maurice Jennings and he started preparing pizzas in the beginning.

His innovation was loved by himself and he eventually decided to pursue a career in this field. This is where the evolution of Biscuitville Fresh Southern began.

They also held the record of selling a lot of biscuits and their first location was launched in Danville, Virginia. The corporate headquarters of Biscuitville was later established in Greensboro, North Carolina by 2007.

The franchise was active in around 65 spots by July 2021. The products use many ingredients which include more than 20,000 pounds of flour, 4,000 pounds of country ham, 11,500 pounds of sausage, and 9,500 pounds of bacon. Jennings later became famous for experimenting with products like bagels, hot dogs, and hamburgers.

When Jennings started his journey, he and the entire team of Biscuitville realized that they earned a majority of their profits before 10 a.m.

The restaurant was launched at a time when people used to love biscuits and the employees inside the place claimed that their products were “fresh, friendly and fast.” While Maurice became old, he decided to retire and his son Burney Jennings took over as the head of the entire chain.

Review of Biscuitville

Biscuitville Menu everymenuprices
Image Credit:- Biscuitville’s Facebook

Biscuitville’s menu is mostly popular for serving delicious food items under American cuisine. The menu has different options for lunch and dinner hours. Biscuitville locations also feature some important facilities like takeout, seating facility, wheelchairs, highchairs available, drive-thru, etc.

Usually the restaurants open at around 10 a.m. or 11 a.m. in the morning. But this one is different. You can enter the restaurant at 5:30 a.m. in the morning. But the bad part is that it shuts down at 2 p.m. or 2″30 p.m. which means you cannot visit it in the evening.

According to the public response posted online, the customer service of the Biscuitville location is very fast and friendly. Most of the customers have posted that Biscuitville is a perfect place for breakfast. Also, the restaurant has a lot to offer besides biscuits.

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How to Order Online From Biscuitville Menu?

Biscuitville Order Online everymenuprices
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If you want to order online from Biscuitville, you can do that with the help of Postmates, Ubereats, etc. Below I will show you some steps on how you can easily order online from Biscuitville with the help of Doordash.

Other than ordering online, you can also check the latest menu prices of Biscuitville for different locations as the prices may vary from location to location. Also, they may change without any prior notice.

  1. First, head over to Ubereats and select your location.
  2. After selecting your location, the latest menu prices of Biscuitville will appear (here you can check the latest Biscuitville menu prices for your preferred location).
  3. Now, select the food items that you want to order online from Biscuitville and add them one by one to your cart.
  4. In the next step, go to checkout and sign in to your account on Ubereats if you have one or you can create a new account very easily.
  5. After successfully signing in, fill in some information, make the payment, and your order will be delivered to your location.

Biscuitville Contact Information & Important Links

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Social Media Handles

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Biscuitville Contact Info

Biscuitville Corporate Office Address1414 Yanceyville St. Suite 300 Greensboro, NC 27405
Biscuitville Home Office Phone Number336-553-3700
Biscuitville Email Address[email protected]
Biscuitville Contact Page/FormVisit Here


The recipe that was used for the biscuits was created by Maurice’s family members. The company soon started to make biscuits and this helped them to accumulate a lot of profits.

Biscuitville is a popular restaurant chain with more than 65 outlets located in different spots. Biscuitville has been receiving very positive responses from the beginning and managed to gain a huge fan base among the public.

Considering that we can expect Biscuitville to become a huge franchise in the upcoming years. So what did you like the most from the above given Biscuitville menu with prices? Do let me know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Biscuitville (FAQs)

Where is the headquarters of Biscuitville located?

The headquarters of Biscuitville is located in North Carolina, United States.

How many outlets are currently operating in Biscuitville?

As of the article writing, there are more than 65 outlets available in different locations.

What are the opening hours of Biscuitville?

The restaurant remains open from 5:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. every day. It may differ from location to location.

What is the main attraction of the Biscuitville menu?

The main attraction of Biscuitville’s menu is its bakery products.

Does the Biscuitville menu serve alcohol?

No, the Biscuitville menu doesn’t offer any alcoholic beverages.

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