Chicken Treat Menu With Prices [April 2024 Updated]

Have you ever wondered what delicious meals you can find on the Chicken Treat menu? Known for its juicy rotisserie chicken and flavorful sides, Chicken Treat is a beloved community eatery.

But with the yummy options spread across its locations, choosing from the extensive Chicken Treat menu with prices given below can feel overwhelming.

This guide breaks down the top items, secret offerings, and online ordering process to help you enjoy this iconic Western Australian brand to its fullest.

Chicken Treat Menu With Prices

Chicken Treat Menu everymenuprices
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Burgers & Wraps Menu

Tempta Burger$8.89$13.39
Tempta Deluxe Burger$10.39$14.89
Baconary Burger$10.59$15.09
Baconary Deluxe Burger$11.89$16.39
Sriracha Deluxe Burger$9.69$14.19
Chicow Burger$11.69$16.19
Beef Deluxe$9.39$13.89
Beef Baconary$9.39$13.89
Parmi Burger$11.39$15.89
Sriracha Wrap$9.59$14.09
Classic Wrap$9.59$14.09
Baconary Wrap$10.99$15.49

Rotisserie Chicken Menu

Chicken Roll$8.29$12.79
Quarter Chicken & Chips$9.29
Half Chicken & Chips$12.39
Chicken Dinner$10.99
Hawaiian Quarter$11.59
Whole Chicken$14.89

Fried Chicken Menu

1 Piece Crunchified$3.79
3 Piece Treat$10.59
Hawaiian Crunchified$11.59
9 Piece Crunchified$20.49
Tempta Boneless Chicken$3.99 (Small)
$7.29 (Large)
Tempta Boneless Pack$9.49
$13.89 – Combo

Box Meals Menu

Parmi Burger Box$18.89
Parmi Boneless Box$18.79
Boneless Baconary Box$17.59
Baconary Burger Box Regular$17.59
Boneless Burger Box Regular$17.59

Kids Menu

Kids Cheeseburger Pack$7.19
Kids Chicken Pack$7.19
Kids Nuggets Pack$7.19

Snacks & Sides Menu

Chips$3.99 (Regular)
$5.49 (Large)
$9.49 (Monster)
Sweet Potato Chips$4.29 (Regular)
$5.89 (Large)
Cheezy Bacon Loaded Chips$9.29
Chicken & Gravy Loaded Chips$9.29
10 Nuggets$5.50
$13.98 – Combo
Twists$3.69 (Small)
$7.79 (Large)
Cheezy Jalapeño Bites$4.39 (4 Pack)
$8.99 (10 Pack)
Onion Rings$3.59 (Small)
$7.79 (Large)
Pineapple Fritter$2.99
$7.79 – Combo
Chicken Bacon Cheeseburger$5.99
$10.49 – Combo
Gravy$3.89 (Small)
$5.19 (Large)

Desserts Menu

Chocolate Mousse$4.59
Vanilla Cheesecake$4.69
Streets Viennetta$6.99
Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough$12.49
Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie$12.49

Drinks Menu

Soft Drink – 390ml$3.99
Soft Drink – 600ml$5.29
Soft Drink – 1.25L$5.79
Water 600ml$3.99
Choc or Coffee Milk 600ml$5.49
Keri Juice – Apple or Orange$3.89
Monster Energy$5.79

A Little History of Chicken Treat

Chicken Treat Inside everymenuprices
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Founded in 1976 in Midland, Western Australia by Frank Romano, Chicken Treat has come a long way since its beginnings. After working as a store manager for Chicken Spot, Frank had a vision of opening his unique chicken joint.

He experimented with recipes in his mother-in-law’s kitchen and used investments from friends and family to launch the first Chicken Treat store. Though the early days saw losses, Frank persevered with modifications.

Fast forward to today, and Chicken Treat has grown to over 60 locations across Western Australia delighting patrons with its wonderful range of Chicken Treat menu. Its popularity and quality ensured the success and longevity of this chain.

Must-Try Items at Chicken Treat

Must-Try Items at Chicken Treat everymenuprices

With a long history of serving the community, Chicken Treat has mastered mouthwatering creations. But which dishes should you prioritize from their extensive Chicken Treat menu? Here are some top picks you really shouldn’t miss:

1. Tempta Hero Box

The Tempta Hero Box is your new favorite meal deal, loaded with all of Chicken Treat’s most crave-worthy hits. A juicy Tempta burger, crispy hot chicken, smooth mashed potatoes, and a drink – the perfect lunchtime reward.

2. Chicken Roll

A soft sesame seed bun filled with slow-cooked chicken, creamy mayo, and stuffing. It’s the ideal tasty snack on the go.

3. Hawaiian Crunchified Combo

Combining the beloved flavors of Hawaii with Southern-style coating, this bundle of crunchified chicken, chips, pineapple fritter, and tempura-battered bananas will delight your senses.

4. Boneless Baconary Box

Box set including legendary baconary burger, boneless chicken, mash, chips, and drink. Indulge in this limited-time fan favorite.

5. Chicken Bacon Cheeseburger

The Chicken Bacon Cheeseburger layers juicy roasted chicken, crispy bacon, gooey cheese, and creamy mayo between a soft bun. A flavor-packed handheld meal.

6. Boneless Baconary Box

The Baconary Box takes the crave-worthy Baconary Burger and pairs it with chicken tenders, fluffy mashed potatoes, chips, and a drink. A savory, satisfying meal for bacon lovers.

7. Beef Deluxe Burger

Nothing satisfies a burger craving like the Beef Deluxe – premium beef patties grilled to perfection and loaded with all your favorites between two fluffy buns. Crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, melty cheese, tangy pickles, and sauces bring this burger to life.

Chicken Treat’s Secret Menu

While Chicken Treat may not advertise secret menu items, food enthusiasts have uncovered some unique hidden finds. Next time you dine, consider trying:

  • The Rotisserie Feast Box: A massive combo box with half a roasted chicken, chips, coleslaw, and several dipping sauces. Great for sharing!
  • Chicken Popcorn Tenders: Juicy popcorn chicken bites that will have you craving more. Perfect for snacking.
  • Mac Attack Combo: Creamy mac n’ cheese mixed with crispy popcorn chicken. Comfort food at its best.
  • Chicken Tantalizers: A bucket of crunchy coated chicken strips perfect for noshing.

Well, aren’t you hungry after looking at their special offering? Take a look at how you can order items from the Chicken Treat menu online.

How to Order Online from Chicken Treat?

Chicken Treat Order Online everymenuprices
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With our fast-paced lives, often the most convenient way to enjoy Chicken Treat is by ordering online. Through third-party partners like Doordash and Uber Eats, you can gift friends and family the pleasure of Chicken Treat without leaving home.

Simply visit or open the assigned app and search for your nearest Chicken Treat location. Browse through photos of their extensive Chicken Treat menu and prices until something catches your eye.

Then add items to your cart, go through checkout, and relax as your feast is delivered right to your doorstep. The online ordering process is quite seamless, wouldn’t you say?

If I had to order Chicken Treat for delivery today, I’d be sure to choose something new to try alongside old favorites. What would you add to your cart?

FAQs Related to the Chicken Treat Menu

Is there a children’s menu at Chicken Treat?

Yes, they offer kid-sized portions of classics like mac & cheese, spaghetti, and chicken nuggets starting at $7.

What dietary options are available on the Chicken Treat menu?

Their menu includes vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free tags to accommodate different diets.

Are Chicken Treat menu prices affordable?

Well, looking at the yummiest offerings, we can say that the Chicken Treat menu and prices are worth it.

Can I cater with Chicken Treat for events?

Yes! They provide catering services for all occasions from family gatherings to corporate lunches.

Is delivery available from all Chicken Treat locations?

Delivery zones vary, but most areas near a store offer online ordering through partners like Uber Eats for convenient curbside or doorstep service.

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