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Have you been craving the flavors of Italy but don’t feel like traveling overseas? Look no further than Cibo Espresso, Adelaide’s beloved Italian café known for bringing the simple pleasures of la dolce vita Down Under.

Curious about their enticing menu items and prices? Continue reading further to learn more about the Cibo Espresso menu with prices and discover their special offerings.

Cibo Espresso Menu With Prices

Cibo Espresso Menu everymenuprices
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Featured Items Menu

Sauteed Mushroom, Free Range Ham and Provolone Cheese Piadina$12.90
Roasted Mushroom Tigelle$7.20
Iced Coffee$7.00
Banana Bread$5.50

Specials Menu

Energy Specials$16.70

Home Range Menu

CIBO Coffee Blend Bag$20.00
CIBO Coffee PODS$14.00
CIBO Coffee Blend Bag$65.00

Hot Beverages Menu

Flat White$5.20
Hot Chocolate$5.00
Long Black$5.20
Cinnamon Chai$5.40
Vanilla Chai$5.40
Macchiato Lungo$4.50
Americano$ 4.40
Cafe Latte$5.00

Cold Beverages Menu

Iced Coffee$7.20
Iced Chocolate$7.20
Freddo Nero$6.20
Iced Mocha$7.20
Iced Chai Vanilla$7.20
Iced Chai Cinnamon$7.20
Aqua Panna$5.70
San Pellegrino 500mL$5.20
Cafe Latte Freddo$6.20
Frappe Caffe$8.20

Assorted Sweets Menu

Baked Berry Cheesecake$8.50

Biscotti Menu

Almond Flake Biscotti$4.50
Viennese Biscotti$4.50

Cakes Menu

Orange And Poppy Seed Cake$6.90
Traditional Apricot and Almond Cheesecake$8.90

Cannoli Menu

Chocolate And Vanilla Custard Cannoli$5.90

Croissant Menu

Croissant With Tomato And Cheese$10.50
Croissant With Ham And Cheese$10.50
Butter Croissant$7.50

Focaccia Menu

Chicken Focaccia$13.00
Vegetarian Focaccia$13.00

Muffins Menu

Blueberry Muffin$5.90
Apple and Cinnamon Muffin$5.90

Munja Bars Menu

Chocolate Macadamia Brownie$7.50
Pistachio and Coconut Bar$7.00
Pistachio And Coconut Bar$7.00

Protein Balls Menu

Chocolate Hazelnut Protein Ball$3.50
White Chocolate And Pistachio Protein Ball$3.50

Sandwiches Menu

Smoked Ham, Tomato And Cheese Toasted Sandwich$10.90

Savoury Tart Menu

Spinach, Mozzarella And Parmesan Tart$8.90

Tigelle Menu

Prosciutto And Rocket Tigelle$7.50

Tarts Menu

Lemon Tart$5.90

Toast (Pane) Menu

Sourdough Toast$5.50
Banana Bread$5.50
Fruit Toast$6.50

A Little History of Cibo Espresso

Cibo Espresso Inside everymenuprices
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Founded in 2000 by four Italian friends longing for the tastes of their homeland, Cibo Espresso was created to provide an authentic culinary adventure right in Australia.

Originally starting as a small café in Adelaide, the eatery quickly grew in popularity for its traditional Italian fare made from local, high-quality ingredients.

Today, Cibo Espresso has expanded to over 30 locations across several states while maintaining its dedication to quality and hospitality. Their passion is bringing Italian-style coffee, food, and atmosphere to locals and visitors alike.

Does the history of this homegrown success make you want to taste the Cibo Espresso menu? Let’s take a look at must-try items that you can have from the above-given Cibo Espresso menu and prices.

Must-Try Items at Cibo Espresso

Must-Try Items at Cibo Espresso everymenuprices

Now let’s take a look at some of the Cibo Espresso menu items you don’t want to miss. With so many enticing options, where do you start? Here are some top selections to consider:

1. Italian Spinach & Ricotta Pie

At just $9.69, this pie is perfectly portioned for one. Fresh spinach and rich ricotta cheese are folded within flaky pastry, making it a healthy yet hearty choice.

2. Chicken Focaccia with Sundried Tomato Pesto

Sundried tomatoes join a basil pesto in a fusion of flavors complementing tender grilled chicken between slices of crispy bread. At $11.25, it’s easy to see why this focaccia is a consistent best-seller.

3. Chicken Cotoletta and Provolone Panino

Indulge with a crispy breaded chicken cutlet, melted provolone, and sun-dried tomato spread between grilled bread. At $15.30, this filling sandwich is worth every penny for a tasty lunch or dinner.

4. Pancetta and Egg Brioche

Start your day the Italian way by enjoying brioche stuffed with fluffy eggs, savory pancetta, and melty cheese. At just $9.69, it’s the perfect breakfast to fuel your day.

5. Toasted Muesli

Fiber-rich muesli comes toasted and blended with yogurt and seasonal fruit for a wholesome, satisfying snack at $7.81.

6. Perfetto Porridge

Warmed oats are cooked to creamy perfection with honey and yogurt mixed in. At only $8.44, it’s a perfect morning pick-me-up.

7. Prosciutto & Rocket Tigelle

Herbed flatbread is topped with nutty rocket leaves and thinly sliced Parma prosciutto. At $9.84, it’s pure indulgence between bites.

With mouthwatering choices like these, you’ll want to plan multiple visits to sample everything on the Cibo Espresso menu! Cibo Espresso prices are also reasonable considering the quality of ingredients.

Cibo Espresso’s Secret Menu

While the core Cibo Espresso menu remains consistent, the restaurant is known to offer some exclusive items only to insiders. Here are a few secret treats you may come across:

  • Giardiniera Flatbread: Pesto paired with sautéed vegetables, olives, and feta atop flatbread baked to perfection.
  • The Loaded Lasagna: Their twist on this Italian favorite layers of bolognese, bechamel, three molten cheeses, and garlicky breadcrumbs for indulgence in a bowl.
  • Almond Croissant Sundae: Enjoy this crossover of sweet and salty with almond croissants, mascarpone cream, chocolate shavings, and a balsamic glaze.
  • Blueberry Friand: These gluten-free little cakes pair moist blueberry filling with a crunchy almond topping ($5.9).

Keep your eyes peeled for these one-of-a-kind menu additions next time you visit Cibo Espresso.

How to Order Online From Cibo Espresso?

Cibo Espresso Order Online everymenuprices
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Cibo Espresso understands that your taste buds don’t always cooperate with your schedule. That’s why they offer convenient online ordering for delivery or takeaway through popular platforms like Uber Eats, and their website.

While ordering online the first thing you need to do is select your Cibo Espresso location. Then customize your order from the Cibo Espresso menu prices, and then checkout – it’s that easy.

Within 30 minutes a friendly rider will arrive at your door with your order still warm and delicious. You can now finally enjoy those classic Italian flavors on even your busiest days. What are you waiting for? Plan your next Cibo Espresso meal delivery today!

FAQs Related to the Cibo Espresso Menu

Are the Cibo Espresso menu prices reasonable?

Yes, while quality ingredients and authentic preparations are never compromised, the Cibo Espresso menu prices are quite affordable considering the fresh, made-from-scratch dishes.

What payment options are accepted?

Cibo Espresso accepts payment via cash, debit/credit cards, and major mobile wallets both in-store and online. Ordering online also allows payment through online payment gateways.

Is the Cibo Espresso menu with prices kid-friendly?

While kids’ meals aren’t explicitly listed, smaller portions of classics like mac and cheese or pasta are happily accommodated. Cibo Espresso is a welcoming community hub for all.

What are Cibo Espresso’s opening hours?

Hours vary by location but most cafes serve breakfast through late lunch daily from early morning until mid-afternoon. It’s best to check online or call your nearest location for specifics.

Can I have the Cibo Espresso menu items customized?

Yes, Cibo Espresso is happy to make reasonable dietary substitutions or adjustments to their menu items. Speak with staff about special requests.

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