BTW Tikki Menu With Prices [April 2024 Updated]

BTW Tikki is an exceptional place to begin your day by having quality food items. It’s the only place in Delhi where pure veg food meets with extraordinary taste and texture.

You are all welcome to join in the paradise of great foods by getting hold of BTW Tikki menu with prices. It’ll be an absolute delight if you try devouring the best traditional food items.

Starting from tangy chatnis to assorted crusts of crispy puris and other street items going to elevate your mood in every way possible. It’s a one-stop destination for all street food lovers.

All your cravings are going to be met with utter deliciousness and several offerings. In this article, I am here to tell you some extra interesting information on BTW Tikki.

BTW Tikki Menu With Prices

BTW Tikki Menu everymenuprices
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Popular Menu

Chhole Bhatoore (Olive Oil)Rs.119
Matar KulchaRs.100
Pav BhajiRs.133
South Indian PlatterRs.229
Paneer DosaRs.181
Masala DosaRs.143
Plain DosaRs.119
Sambhar IdliRs.81
Sambhar VadaRs.81
Raj KachoriRs.119
Bittoo Tikki (olive Oil) FullRs.105
Dahi Bhalla FullRs.110
Plain Dhokla 1kgRs.210
Moong Dal BurfiRs.500
Special Doda (1 kg)Rs.430
Kaju BurfiRs.780
BTW’s Special BarfiRs.457
Khoya Pista BarfiRs.520
Bikaneri BurfiRs.450
Soan Papdi 500gmsRs.171
Rasgulla 1 kgRs.200
Raj Bhog (Per Pc)Rs.32
Gulab Jamun (Per Pc)Rs.24
Rasgulla (Per Pc)Rs.24
Sweet LassiRs.67

Namkeen Menu

Navrattan Mixture 1000gmRs.206
Bikaneri Bhujia 1000gmRs.206
Aloo Bhujia 1000gmRs.206
Khatta Meetha 400gmRs.81
Navrattan Mixture 400gmRs.81
Aloo Bhujia 400gmRs.81

Eco Meal Menu

Chhole Bhatoore (Olive Oil)Rs.119
Matar KulchaRs.100
Pav BhajiRs.133

South Indian Menu

South Indian PlatterRs.229
Paneer Rava Masala DosaRs.190
Paneer DosaRs.181
Rawa Masala DosaRs.162
Plain Rava DosaRs.143
Masala DosaRs.143
Plain DosaRs.119
Onion UttapamRs.143
Mixed Veg UttapamRs.143
Sambhar IdliRs.81
Sambhar VadaRs.81

Chaat & Snacks Menu

Immunity Pro – Bittoo Tikki (olive Oil) HalfRs.74
Plain Dhokla 250gmsRs.53
Papdi Chaat HalfRs.70
Dahi Bhalla HalfRs.80
Raj KachoriRs.119
Pani Puri Suji (6 Pcs)Rs.50
Bittoo Tikki (olive Oil) FullRs.105
Dahi Bhalla FullRs.110
Plain Dhokla 1kgRs.210
Pani Poori Aata (6 Pcs)Rs.50
Papdi Chaat FullRs.110

Desserts Menu

Raj BhogRs.32
Gulab Jamun (Per Pc)Rs.24
Rasgull (Per Pc)Rs.24

Sweets Menu

Moong Dal BurfiRs.500
Special Doda (1 kg)Rs.430
Kesar Coconut BarfiRs.457
Kali RasbhariRs.404
Kaju Strawberry (1 kg)Rs.900
Kaju Orange (1 kg)Rs.900
Kaju Mango (1 kg)Rs.900
Kaju BarfiRs.780
Kaju RollRs.900
Motichur Laddu (1kg)Rs.450
Jodhpuri Laddu (1kg)Rs.450
Special Besan Laddu (1kg)Rs.457
Special Atta Laddu (1kg)Rs.457
Ghewar Kesar PlainRs.514
Kaju CakeRs.900
Milk Cake (1 kg)Rs.480
Kalakand (1 kg)Rs.480
Khoya Lal Peda (1 kg)Rs.450
BTW’s Special BarfiRs.457
Khoya Pista BarfiRs.520
Bikaneri BurfiRs.450
Angoori Petha (1 kg)Rs.286
Angoori Kesar Petha (1 kg)Rs.310
Fancy Petha (1 kg)Rs.381
Gilori Petha (1 kg)Rs.405
Dry Petha (1 kg)Rs.180
Rasbhari (1 kg)Rs.381
Chhena Murgi (1 kg)Rs.429
Malai Chaap (1 Pc)Rs.24
Chhena Toast (1 Pc)Rs.24
Chamcham (1 Pc)Rs.24
Special Soan Papdi 900gmsRs.215
Special Soan Papdi 500gmsRs.124
Soan Papdi 900gmsRs.310
Soan Papdi 500gmsRs.171
Rasgulla 1 kgRs.200

Cookies Menu

Biscuit Royal Choconut 400gmRs.106
Biscuit Jeera Special 400gmRs.77
Biscuit Ajwain Delight 400gmRs.77
Biscuit Atta Patti Premium 400gmRs.77
Biscuit Kaju Pista Special 400gmRs.106
Biscuit Golden Coconut 400gmRs.81
Biscuit Dry Fruit Premium 400gmRs.106
Jeera Cookies 200 GmsRs.43
Ajwain Delight 200 GmsRs.43
Atta Patti Premium 200 GmsRs.43
Dry Fruit Premium 200 GmsRs.60
Golden Coconut 200 GmsRs.47
Royal Coconut Cookies 200 GmsRs.60
Kaju Pista Cookies 200 GmsRs.60

A Little History of BTW Tikki

BTW Tikki Inside everymenuprices
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BTW Tikki is a popular Indian restaurant that serves quality street food established in 1991 by Sh R K Yadav.

BTW Tikki initiated its operation in the northern part of India by selling tasty Chaat, papri chaat, tikki, bhalla papdi, and more. Later on, Sh R K Yadav carried forward the business and even unfolded its journey towards great success.

One of the first locations of BTW Tikki opened near Rani Bagh Market and soon rose to popularity among the public seeing the owner as a mobile hawker.

He was encouraged by his success so much that he decided to open a few more outlets near the town. BTW Tikki started its venture in a full-fledged way by adding a few more savory items to its menu list.

BTW Tikki is headquartered in Delhi, India, and even got its brand name registered and chains of retail outlets are in operation across Delhi NCR.

It currently has more than 1200 employees and with commendable retail rich, it is offering products like cookies, namkeens, gift packs, and many more.

Must Try Items at BTW Tikki

Must Try Items at BTW Tikki everymenuprices

BTW Tikki isn’t just a place but an emotion among the public. With several special food items, it has set up a modern business facility that supports quality food and verified food products at different levels.

You should try out some of the best savory items which are quite popular and affordable. Let’s look down to find the best ones below:-

1. Bittoo Tikki Full

One of the bestselling dishes offered by BTW is Tikki which is full of crispy fried potatoes, and patties served with special mint sauce, tamarind sauce, and curd.

This dish is enough to fulfill your tangy cravings with a go. A plate full of bittoo tikki requires your attention so grab some friends and try out this mixture of great recipes.

2. Dahi Bhalla Full

Northern India’s best recipes of all time and one of the most popular street foods is Dahi Bhalla. A plate perfectly balanced with soft and spongy fried lentil balls, and also served with signature chutneys and yogurts.

Take a bite and forget about the rest of the dishes as this recipe going to fill your mind with extra deliciousness.

3. Pav Bhaji

Be it the northern part or southern part who doesn’t like to be involved in Pav Bhaji? BTW Tikki’s Pav Bhaji is all you need.

It comes with a spiced mixture of vegetables served in a thick gravy and the vegetables include potatoes, onions, carrots, peas, bell peppers, chilies, and also some tomatoes. Try this limited recipe of Pav Bhaji now!

4. Matar Kulcha

Kulchas are a favorite Indian bread among the public. Try out this delicious matar kulcha recipe made with extra ghee and refined olive oil.

The master dish is also made with a mixture of spices and fresh ingredients which tastes exceptional. So prepare yourself to try out this extraordinary recipe.

5. Chole Bhatoore

A lip-smacking and mouth-watering dish of chole bhature needs an introduction. This dish only requires your help to get it finished.

Filled with spicy chickpeas, based in a thick gravy, and served along with buttery soft bread. This is also a healthy dish, popularly made with refined olive oil. Make sure you try this dish as soon as possible!

BTW Tikki’s Secret Menu

BTW Tikki’s secret menu isn’t out yet. They have limited options of food items and specialize in chaats, snacks, and desserts.

You could make an idea that any restaurant that only supplies limited items might be unable to create a secret menu.

However, you can try out their most famous food items which will drive you insane with their tastes and deliciousness.

How to Order Online From BTW Tikki?

BTW Tikki Order Online everymenuprices
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Placing an online order from BTW Tikki is the easiest task as you can get everything from their menu delivered right to your doorstep. Only you need to make up your mind and try out their authentic street foods.

To place an order online simply visit BTW Tikki’s official website or else there are other options you can try getting your chaats, snacks, etc delivered. These include Swiggy and Zomato.

FAQs Related to the BTW Tikki Menu

Can you order breakfast at BTW Tikki?

Yes, there are a variety of breakfast items available at BTW Tikki.

Which is the most famous branch of BTW Tikki?

The outlets based in Delhi NCR are the most popular places of BTW Tikki.

Which is the best-selling dish at BTW Tikki?

The tangy and savory Bittoo tikki dish is the most delicious selling dish at BTW Tikki.

What are the few combo dishes available at BTW Tikki?

The shahi paneer with paratha, daal makhani with paratha, and chole with paratha, are a few of the combos offered at BTW Tikki.

Can you order South Indian dishes at BTW Tikki?

Yes, you can order South Indian dishes like sambhar vada, idli as well as special dosas at BTW Tikki.

Are BTW Tikki menu prices affordable?

Yes, BTW Tikki menu prices are affordable.

Check More Menus Below:

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