Denny’s Menu With Prices [May 2024 Updated]

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Denny’s is a renowned American casual dining restaurant in the United States. Denny’s is also known as Denny’s Diner. In this article, I will tell you about Denny’s menu with prices and much more.

They offer signature slams, dinner classics, soups, steaks, beef burgers, seafood, pancakes, salads, sides, soft drinks, coffee & hot beverages, Juice, Iced tea, and many more items.

Denny’s is famous for its breakfast items like peanut butter cup pancakes and steaks & eggs. They also offer a kid’s meal menu. They have a specialization in Belgian waffle slam in their restaurants.

They also offer food at a reduced price to children and seniors. They offer the best quality food at a very reasonable price.

Denny’s has a lot of variety in dinner classics menus like Slow-cooked pot roast, Homestyle meatloaf, Mediterranean grilled chicken, Premium chicken tender, and many more.

On the sandwiches menu, they have a Honey buttermilk chicken tender sandwich, BBQ chicken tender sandwich, Buffalo chicken tender sandwich, Grilled Tuscan chicken sandwich, and many more.

On the beef burger menu, they have a Spicy sriracha burger, Build your own burger, Double cheeseburger, Bacon avocado cheeseburger, and many more. On the soft drinks menu, they have Coka-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Fanta Orange, and many more.

In beverages, they have Cold brew coffee, Hot chocolate, Signature diner blend decaf coffee and many more items.

Denny’s was founded in 1953 by Harold Butler and Richard Jezak. Denny’s was originally opened as a donut shop named Danny’s Donuts in 1953 in Lakewood, California.

After the departure of Jezak in the year 1956, Butler shifted the concept from a donut shop to a coffee shop and renamed it Danny’s Coffee Shop.

In 1959, Butler again changed the name from Danny’s Coffee Shop to Denny’s Coffee Shop in order to avoid confusion with Coffee Dan’s restaurant chain in Los Angeles.

By the year 1981, Denny’s had 1000 restaurants in 50 states of the U.S. In the year 1987, the main office of Denny’s moved from La, Mirada, California to Irvine, California, and then moved to Spartanburg, South Carolina.

At that time, the parent company of Denny’s was Trans World Corporation. Denny’s also trades on the NASDAQ under the symbol DENN. In the year 1994, Denny’s started redesigning its stores with a lighter color scheme.

In the year 1882, Denny’s opened its first restaurant location in Australia and it was owned by Ansett Australia. In the year 1997, Denny’s started its first classic dinner restaurant in Fort Myers, Florida.

In 2010, Denny’s started expanding when Pilot Flying J. Beagn opened Denny’s restaurant inside their Flying J-branded truck shop locations. By the year 2011, Denny’s had 1,685 restaurant locations in 50 U.S. states.

Denny’s has around 578 restaurant locations in Japan. They opened the first restaurant location in Japan on the first floor of the Ito-Yokado in Kamiooka. Denny opened its first restaurant location in New York in the year 2014.

In the year 2017, they also opened a restaurant in the U.K also. At present, John Chris Miller is the Chief Executive Officer of Denny’s.

Denny’s has over 1,702 restaurant locations in many countries. The headquarters of Denny’s is located in Spartanburg, South Carolina, United States.

I think if you are a true lover of pancakes and want to taste the best pancakes then Denny’s is the perfect place for you to visit. But before visiting there, you should check Denny’s hours of operation here. Check out Denny’s menu with prices and all the other things.

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Denny’s Menu With Prices

Dinner Denny's Menu Prices
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Here is Denny’s menu and price list which you can check and then order your food accordingly:

Crispy Brussels Sprouts Appetizer$5.99
Mediterranean Grilled Chicken$10.69
Hearty 9-Grain Pancake Breakfast$8.79
Beyond Burger$10.69
Parmesan Chicken Sizzlin’ Skillet$10.39
Crazy Spicy Sizzlin’ Skillet$9.99
Bourbon Chicken Sizzlin’ Skillet$10.29

Authentic French Crepes

Berry Vanilla Crepe Breakfast$9.99
Banana Chocolate Hazelnut Crepe Breakfast$9.99

Signature Slams

Build Your Own Grand Slam$7.99
Hearty Breakfast Slam$10.99
Lumberjack Slam$11.49
All-American Slam$11.29
Belgian Waffle Slam$10.29
Fit Slam$8.99
French Toast Slam$10.19
Grand Slam Slugger$9.69

Fluffy Pancakes

Classic Tres Leches Pancake Breakfast$10.19
Cinnamon Roll Pancake Breakfast$10.29
Salted Caramel & Banana Cream Pancake Breakfast$10.29
Chococana Pancakes$8.99
Double Berry Banana Pancake Breakfast$8.99
Blueberry Pancake Breakfast$8.69

Classic Breakfast Favorites

Moons Over My Hammy$9.69
The Grand Slamwich$9.99
Country Fried Steak & Eggs$11.59
T-Bone Steak & Eggs$15.99
Santa Fe Sizzlin’ Skillet$9.59
Supreme Sizzlin’ Skillet$9.69
Fit Fare Veggie Sizzlin’ Skillet$9.69

Value Menu

Classic Blt$6.79
Everyday Value Slam$4.49
Stack Of Pancakes (2 Buttermilk Pancakes)$2.00
Stack Of Pancakes (2 Hearty 9-Grain Pancakes)$2.89
Stack Of Pancakes (Tres Leches Pancakes)$6.59
Biscuit & Gravy Breakfast$4.79
Loaded Breakfast Sandwich$6.00
French Toast Slugger$8.99
Slice Of French Toast$2.49
Country Fried Steak & Eggs Sizzlin’ Skillet$8.00
Build Your Own Chicken Wraps$6.49
Southern Chicken Slugger$8.49
Chicken Loaded Potato Sizzlin’ Skillet$8.00
Fried Cheese Melt$4.00
Fried Cheese Melt With Fries$6.00

Fit Fare

Fit Slam$8.99
Fit Fare Loaded Veggie Omelette$10.49
Fit Fare Veggie Sizzlin’ Skillet$9.69
Fit Fare Slow-Cooked Pot Roast$10.99
Fit Fare Sirloin Steak$12.29
Fit Fare Wild Alaska Salmon$11.49

100% Beef Burgers

America’s Diner Double(Single)$9.69
America’s Diner Double(Double)$10.69
Spicy Sriracha Burger$10.49
Build Your Own Burger (100% Beef Patty)$9.69
Build Your Own Burger (Grilled Seasoned Chicken Breast)$9.69
Build Your Own Burger (Dr Praeger’s Veggie Patty)$9.69
Double Cheeseburger$10.69
Bacon Avocado Cheeseburger$10.69
Bourbon Bacon Burger$10.59

Shareable Starters & Soups

Loaded Nacho Tots$6.99
Zesty Nachos$8.99
Build Your Own Sampler (Pick 3)$9.29
Build Your Own Sampler (Pick 4)$10.49
Premium Chicken Tenders$7.99
Cup Of Chicken Noodle Soup$2.99
Cup Of Vegetable Beef Soup$2.99
Cup Of Loaded Baked Potato Soup$2.99
Boneless Chicken Wings(Plain)$7.99
Boneless Chicken Wings(Buffalo)$7.99
Boneless Chicken Wings(Bbq)$7.99
Italian Sampler$8.99
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks$6.99

Fresh Salads & Super Sandwiches

House Salad$6.29
Cobb Salad$7.29
Honey Buttermilk Chicken Tender Sandwich$9.49
Bbq Chicken Tender Sandwich$9.49
Buffalo Chicken Tender Sandwich$9.49
Cali Chicken Burrito$9.89
Grilled Tuscan Chicken Sandwich$9.99
Mega Philly Cheese Melt (Prime Rib)$10.59
Mega Philly Cheese Melt (Grilled Chicken)$9.99
Cali Club Sandwich$10.99
Club Sandwich$10.79
The Super Bird$9.99
Pot Roast Melt$11.19
Denny's Menu And Prices
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Deluxe Dinner Classics

Premium Chicken Tenders$11.19
Slow-Cooked Pot Roast$10.99
Homestyle Meatloaf$10.99
Mediterranean Grilled Chicken$10.69
Brooklyn Spaghetti & Meatballs$10.79
Crazy Spicy Sizzlin’ Skillet$9.99
Bourbon Chicken Sizzlin’ Skillet$10.29

Seafood & Steaks

Garlic Peppercorn Sirloin$12.49
Sirloin Steak$12.29
T-Bone Steak$15.99
Country-Fried Steak$12.59
Wild Alaska Salmon$11.49
Grilled Haddock$11.49


Jr. Birthday Cake Pancakes$4.29
Chocolate Chip Pancakes$3.99
Build Your Own Jr. Grand Slam$4.19
Jr. French Toast$3.99
Mini Corn Dogs$4.49
Jr. Premium Chicken Tenders$4.99
Grilled Chicken On A Stick$4.79
Jr. Spaghetti$4.49
Jr. Cheeseburger$4.59
Mac & Cheese$4.49
Build Your Own Jr. Sundae$1.69
Jr. Ice Cream (Vanilla)$2.19
Jr. Ice Cream (Strawberry)$2.19
Jr. Ice Cream (Chocolate)$2.19
Jr. Milk Shake$1.99
Jr. Oreo Blender Blaster$1.99
Jr. Cake Batter Milk Shake$1.99
2% Milk$1.19
Chocolate Milk$1.19
Minute Maid Orange Juice$1.19
Minute Maid Lemonade$1.19
Barq’s Root Beer$1.19
Hi-C Fruit Punch$1.19
Diet Coke$1.19
Dr Pepper$1.19
Fanta Orange$1.19
Iced Tea$1.19
Honest Kids Organic Apple Juice Box$1.39
Hot Chocolate$1.19
The Grand Slams Cups$1.50


Stack Of Pancakes(Buttermilk)$2.00
Stack Of Pancakes(Tres Leches)$6.59
Stack Of Pancakes(2 Hearty 9 Grain)$2.89
Stack Of Pancakes(Cinnamon Roll)$6.59
Hash Browns$2.99
Everything Hash Browns$3.99
Cheddar Cheese Hash Browns$3.79
Seasonal Fruit$2.89
Slices Of Toast (2 White Toast)$2.19
Slices Of Toast (2 Wheat Toast)$2.19
English Muffin$2.19
Gluten Free English Muffin$2.19
Buttermilk Biscuit$2.19
Eggs(Scrambled With Cheese)$0.79
Bacon (4 Bacon Strips)$3.49
Bacon (4 Turkey Bacon Strips)$3.49
Sausage Links(4)$3.49
Sausage Links(1 Hearty Breakfast Sausage)$3.49
Grilled Ham Slice$3.89
Wavy Cut Fries$2.99
Seasoned Fries$3.59
Beer Battered Onion Rings$3.59
Garden Side Salad$3.89
Sauces & Dressings$0.89

Soft Drinks

Diet Coke$2.39
Dr Pepper$2.39
Fanta Orange$2.39
Barq’s Root Beer$2.39
Hi-C Fruit Punch$2.39

Coffee & Hot Beverages

Signature Diner Blend Coffee$2.29
Signature Diner Blend Decaf Coffee$2.29
Cold Brew Coffee (Sweetened)$2.99
Cold Brew Coffee (Unsweetened)$2.99
Hot Tea/Herbal Tea$2.29
Hot Chocolate$2.40

Juice, Iced Tea & More

Lemonade Iced Tea$2.39
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea$2.39
Minute Maid Lemonade$2.39
Minute Maid Strawberry Lemonade$2.99
Minute Maid Mango Lemonade$2.99
Groovy Mango Smoothie$3.59
Strawberry Banana Bliss Smoothie$3.59
Apple Juice$2.79
Minute Maid Orange Juice$2.79
2% Milk$2.79
Chocolate Milk$2.89


Dulce De Leche Crunch Dessert Pancakes$6.59
Chocolate Lava Cake$3.29
Caramel Apple Pie Crisp$3.59
New York Style Cheesecake$3.99
Build Your Own Sundae$3.29
Berry Vanilla Crepe(1)$4.99
Berry Vanilla Crepe(2)$6.99
Banana Chocolate Hazelnut Crepe(1)$4.99
Banana Chocolate Hazelnut Crepe(2)$6.99

Disclaimer: gathers actual pricing information from various sources such as official websites, business websites, and much more. The prices given on this webpage may be derived from one or more of those sources. Naturally, the prices given on this website may not be current at the time you visit this website, and may not apply to all locations of a given business brand. To know the current pricing, contact the individual business location of interest to you.

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Denny’s Contact Information

Below is Denny’s contact information in case you want to contact the restaurant or visit there.

Denny’s AddressN/A
Denny’s Phone Number1-800-733-6697
Denny’s Contact FormFill Here

Denny’s Social Profiles

You can follow Denny’s restaurant on the social media platforms given below where they upload every update.

FacebookVisit Now
InstagramVisit Now
TwitterVisit Now
LinkedinVisit Now
Youtube ChannelVisit Now

Important Links

Below is a list of some important links to Denny’s restaurants like their locations, nutritional information, careers, and much more.

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Denny’s Franchising Information

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If you want to open Denny’s then you must require a minimum franchise fee of $40,000 and investment ranges from $228,000 to $2,546,075 to use Denny’s brand name and business model.

Video By Denny’s

FAQs Related To Denny’s

How much does Denny’s pay?

If i talk about the average salary that Denny’s pays per hour then it is approximately $8.02 for a Manager in Training to $19.99 for a Night Manager.

The average Denny’s salary ranges from approximately $18,000 per year for a Beverage Server to $120,005 per year for an Application Project Manager. (Source:-

How old do you have to be to work at Denny’s?

If you want to work at Denny’s then the minimum age required to work there is 16 years old.

When was Denny’s founded?

Denny’s was founded in 1953.

Who owns Denny’s?

Denny’s was founded and owned by Harold Butler and Richard Jezak.

Final Words

So this was all about Denny’s menu with prices and we have also mentioned many other things related to this restaurant like their contact details, social profiles, important links, and much more.

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If you have visited there before or you are going to visit after knowing Denny’s menu with prices, then don’t forget to give your reviews in the comment section below. Happy Eating…!!!

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  1. ordered a 6.99 hamburger the waitress ask what kind of cheese we would like on it I ordered it with American and the wife ordered it with Swiss when the bill came we were charged 8.99 for the 6.99 hamburger we ordered we were not told the cheese was extra just asked what kind we wanted I was very upset with the managers explanation and ill get my hamburgers and fry’s at Ihop this Dennys in los Lunas NM, is the worst


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