Haldiram’s Menu With Prices (India) – 2024

If you’re looking to find the best sweets, snacks, bhujia, soan papdi, and a lot more food items then Haldiram’s is there to serve with the best.

Be a part of this exclusive and extensive restaurant that has a wide range of food options and grab your favorite Haldiram’s products. For that, you need to check out Haldiram’s menu with prices which will ensure the perfect meals and prices.

You can never get over the extreme taste and deliciousness of the authentic items available at Haldiram’s. So it’s high time that you should satisfy your cravings with specialties of Haldiram’s.

One of the biggest brands of India, make sure to indulge in the rich flavors of traditional sweets, productive tastes, and more incredible flavors.

Look below to find the detailed analyses of Haldiram’s. It’s never too late to try out authentic flavors from Haldiram’s.

Haldiram’s Menu With Prices

Haldiram's Menu everymenuprices
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Popular Menu

Haldiram Choley Bhature Price₹160
Haldiram Raj Kachori₹140
Special Dahi Bhalla₹125
Aloo Tikki With Choley₹137
Bhalla Papdi₹130
Aloo Tikki With Dahi₹125
Matar Kulcha₹125
Aloo Tikki₹98
Special Veg Thali₹340
Plain Dosa₹180
Masala Dosa₹195
Idli Sambhar₹120
Plain Rawa Dosa₹195
Chilly Paneer₹250
Vegetable Fried Rice₹175

Haldiram Indians Snacks Menu

Dhokla [1kg]₹220
Choley Bhature₹160
Raj Kachori₹140
Special Dahi Bhalla₹125
Pani Puri₹55
Aloo Tikki With Choley₹137
Bhalla Papdi₹130
Aloo Tikki With Dahi₹125
Matar Kulcha₹125
Paapdi Chaat₹130
Pao Bhaaji₹165
Aloo Tikki₹98

Haldiram’s Special Thali Menu

Special Veg Thali₹260-₹340

North Indian Menu

Choley Chaawal₹150
Dal Makhani₹320
Paneer Curry With Rice₹190
Paneer Curry₹320
Plain Rice₹120

South Indian Menu

Special Masala Dosa₹200
Plain Dosa₹180
Masala Dosa₹195
Onion Uttapam₹205
Tomato Uttapam₹205
South Indian Platter₹305
Idli Sambhar₹120
Onion Rawa Masala Dosa₹205
Onion Rawa Plain Dosa₹185
Plain Rawa Dosa₹195
Rawa Masala Dosa₹195
Vegetable Uthapam₹205

Chinese Menu

Manchurian With Noodles₹190
Manchurian With Fried Rice₹190
Chilly Garlic Noodles₹190
Chilly Paneer₹250
Chilly Paneer With Noodle₹190
Fried Rice With Chilly Paneer₹190
Vegetable Fried Rice₹175
Vegetable Noodles₹190

Breads Menu

Butter Naan₹90
Butter Roti₹50
Lachha Parantha₹85
Plain Naan₹75

Haldiram Sweets Menu

Tin Gulab Jamun₹200
Chana Dry Fruit Burfi 500 GM₹286
Chana Dry Fruit Burfi 1 KG₹572
Soan Papdi-1 KG₹353
Gulab Jamun-500 G₹286
Moong Burfi 500 GM₹362
Pista Burgi 500 G₹381
Soan Papdi Orange 500 G₹129
Soan Papdi 500G(VEG)₹129
Besan Laddu [1kg]₹640
Doda Burfi₹253
Kaju Katli [1kg]₹840
Moti Choor Laddu [1kg]₹486
Rasgulla [per Piece]₹14
Special Pinni [1kg]₹565
Kaju Katli-500 Gm₹515
Moti Choor Ladoo 500G₹315

Drinks Menu

Catch Mineral Water₹39
Mango Lassi 200 ml₹77
Bottled Chaach₹72

Haldiram Namkeen Menu

Chana Dry Fruit Laddu 400 GM₹286
Kaju Mixture (400 G)₹133
Makhana Salt N Pepper 70 G₹110
Navrattan (400 G)₹75
Nut Cracker (400 G)₹80
Peanut Heeng Jeera (200)₹42
Bhujia-400 g₹82
Chilly Chatak Lachha (200 Gm)₹45
Panchratan mix -400g₹150
Combo Moong Dal 400 G₹91
Samosa Small (200 G)₹43
Mint Makhana 70 G₹110

Ready To Eat Menu

Dal Palak 300GM₹73
Veg Pulao 200GM₹68
Shahi Paneer₹132
Rajma With Jeera Rice₹94
Pao Bhaji (300 G)₹90
Palak Paneer (300 G)₹132
Mutter Paneer (300 G)₹132
Paneer Makhani (300 G)₹132
Kadhi Pakora (300 G)₹73
Dal Tadka With Plain Rice₹94
Dal Tadka (300 G)₹76
Dal Makhani With Peas pulao₹111
Dal Makhani (300 G)₹85
Chole With Jeera Rice₹94
Aloo Matar (300 G)₹68
Pani Puri Rtek (360 G)₹128
Vermicelli 450 g₹37
Fd Vegetable Biryani 70 Gm₹60
Fd Kadhi Chawal 80 Gm₹68

A Little History of Haldiram’s

Haldiram's Outlet everymenuprices
Image Credit:- hospitality.economictimes.indiatimes.com

Haldiram’s is India’s one of most popular multinational companies that sell sweets, snacks, veg meals, and many more.

It was established as a privately held restaurant in 1937, almost 87 years ago near Bikaner, Rajasthan. The company has manufacturing plants based in New Delhi, Hooghly, Nagpur, Gurgaon, Noida, and other places. 

This famous restaurant was founded by Ganga Bishan Agarwal who was fondly known as Haldiram Ji in his local area and household. He even established retail sweet shops near Bikaner during the early years.

To expand the sweet business, he established one of its first manufacturing plants in Kolkata. However, in 2003, the company even started to sell convenience foods.

The company has grown excessively since 2017 and even ranked 55th among India’s most trusted food brands.

It has surpassed all its competitors in recent years to be India’s most domestic brand. Its products are available in around 80 different countries apart from India.

Must Try Items at Haldiram’s

Must Try Items at Haldiram’s everymenuprices

Who doesn’t know about Haldiram’s? If you’re in India, then trying out the delicious snacks from Haldiram’s will give you ultimate bliss.

The perfectly handcrafted sweets, snacks, meals, bujias, soan papdi, and other items are going to leave a great impact on your mouth.

So lighten up your mood with sweet and salty foods from Haldiram’s. Look below to get a glimpse of the top five food items that Haldiram’s has been offering and you can enjoy them too from the above-given list of Haldiram’s menu and prices:-

1. Kesar Kaju Barfi

This triangle-shaped sweet is an absolute delight to try. One of the most delectable sweet and favorite among Indians, thus Kesar Kaju Barfi is loaded with cashew & saffron also creating rich flavors with luscious texture. Try out this mouthwatering sweet barfi!

2. Gulab Jamun Tin

Gulab Jamuns have frequently purchased sweets that are soaked in sweet syrup. The soft dumplings of gulab jamuns have an extra taste of khoya, cardamon, and flour which are deep-fried until they appear golden brown. After the deep fry, the softballs are soaked in a fragrant.

3. Bhujia

A flavourful snack that is crunchy as well as has a hint of spiciness. These bhujias are an ideal substitute to try out in place of biscuits while having evening tea. The crispy texture is something that will make you fall in love with it. It has been considered a delicacy to enhance the super snacking experience.

4. Chola Bhatura

A popular north Indian dish is readily served by Haldiram’s. It has a special combination of chana masala which can be spicy and the bhatura, or puri made with maida. The bhaturas are deep fried and a typical Punjabi dish liked by all. Grab a plate of chola bhatura and firget about the rest.

5. Masala Dosa

You can also try out this Masala Dosa recipe if you’re feeling incredibly hungry. This dosa is a crispy crepe made with rice and lentils. The stuffing is made with a spicy potato mixture with special ingredients. A popular South Indian savory breakfast to try out!

Haldiram’s Secret Menu

As you know Haldiram’s is a one-stop destination for your quick bites. You can have every veg item from the place with delightful taste and quality. However, you may not be able to find any secret menu as such.

Haldiram’s authentic menu is to try and it’s a store where every Indian’s hunger and taste are satisfied. So shop for laddus, barfis, bujias, gulab jamun, and a lot more meals.

How to Order Online from Haldiram’s?

Haldiram's Order Online everymenuprices
Image Credit:- zomato.com

Treat yourself to Haldiram’s specialties by fetching them online. Apart from providing the quickest online home delivery facilities, you can also find delicious cakes filled with a whisk of love. So don’t wait too long and order your favourite snacks, and foods from Haldiram’s.

You can visit Haldiram’s website or fetch your favorite snacks and other relatable food items from Zomato or Swiggy which are delivered all over India.

FAQs Related to the Haldiram’s Menu

Can you order any non-veg items from Haldiram’s?

Haldiram’s is a place where only veg food items are available.

Is it available in every state of India?

Haldiram’s has more than 50 outlets in operation in India.

Does Haldiram’s offer breakfast?

You can enjoy Haldiram’s authentic breakfast menu items every day.

Are dhoklas available at Haldiram’s?

Yes, you can order dhoklas from Haldiram’s.

What are the famous sweet items offered at Haldiram’s?

The laddoos, barfis, gulab jamun, rosogolla, milk cake, and other famous sweet items are offered at Haldiram’s.

Are Haldiram’s menu prices affordable?

Yes, Haldiram’s menu prices are affordable.

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