Muzz Buzz Menu With Prices [June 2024 Updated]

Have you heard about the delightful menu options at everyone’s favorite Australian café chain – Muzz Buzz? Known for its drive-thru and takeaway coffee concept, Muzz Buzz delights patrons across Perth and beyond with its mouthwatering menu items.

Are you curious to discover what treats await at Muzz Buzz but unsure of the prices? Continue reading further to learn more about their history and get acquainted with the irresistible Muzz Buzz menu with prices!

Muzz Buzz Menu With Prices

Muzz Buzz Prices everymenuprices
Image Credit:- Muzz Buzz’s Instagram

Featured Items Menu

Banana Bread$6.50
Ham & Cheese Croissant$14.60
Pizza Bagel$12.60
Milkshake Grande$13.53

Warmerz Menu

Chai Latte$6.20$7.70$9.20$10.80
Hot Chocolate$6.90$8.50$10.00$11.50

Long Black

Long BlackShortTallGrandeRBO
Classic Blend$6.90$7.40$7.70$8.30
Smooth Operator Blend$6.90$7.40$7.70$8.30


Latte (Classic Blend, Smooth Operator Blend, Decaf)$8.20$9.70$11.20$12.80
Cappuccino (Classic Blend, Smooth Operator Blend, Decaf)$8.20$9.70$11.20$12.80
Flat White (Classic Blend, Smooth Operator Blend, Decaf)$8.20$9.70$11.20$12.80


Classic Blend (Long Mac)$8.20$9.70$11.20$12.80
Classic Blend (Short Mac)$8.20$9.70$11.20$12.80
Smooth Operator Blend (Long Mac)$8.20$9.70$11.20$12.80
Smooth Operator Blend (Short Mac)$8.20$9.70$11.20$12.80
Decaf (Long Mac)$8.20$9.70$11.20$12.80
Decaf (Short Mac)$8.20$9.70$11.20$12.80


Classic Blend$6.90$8.50$10.00$11.50
Smooth Operator$6.90$8.50$10.00$11.50

Chillerz Menu

Water (600ml)$6.20


Java Choc$12.00$13.54$15.07
Mocha Syrup$12.00$13.54$15.07
Coffee Syrup$12.00$13.54$15.07
Cookiez And Cream Powder$12.00$13.54$15.07

Ice Choc


Iced Latte

Iced LatteTallGrandeRBO
Classic Blend$10.46$12.00$13.54
Smooth Operator Blend$10.46$12.00$13.54

Iced Long Black

Iced Long BlackTallGrande
Classic Blend$7.38$7.69
Smooth Operator Blend$7.38$7.69

Juices & Smoothies Menu

Coco Loco$14.30
Kidz Apple$6.20
Kidz Orange$6.20
Banana Blast$13.10$14.60
Beet It$14.00$15.50
Ginger Crisp$14.00$15.50
Green Envy$14.00$15.50
Mystical Mango$13.10$14.60
Orange Juice$14.00$15.50
Smooth Pash$13.1014.60
Strawberry Twist$13.10$14.60
Watermelon Frenzy$13.10$14.60

Snackz Menu

Banana Bread$6.50
Cookie Buddies (18)$7.54
Lemon Coconut Slice$7.54
New Muffin – Apple And Cinnamon$8.00
New Muffin – Blueberry$8.00
New Muffin – Double Chocolate Chip$8.00
Muffin – Raspberry And White Choc (OA)$8.00
Protein Ball (Salted Caramel)$6.20
Protein Ball (Coconut Cacao)$6.20
Buzz Ballz (Short)$9.10
Buzz Ballz (Tall)$10.60
Buzz Ballz (Grande)$12.20
Buzz Ballz (RBO)$13.70
Cinnamon Donut$1.50

Fillerz Menu

Cheese Croissant$13.40
Ham & Cheese Croissant$14.60
Ham And Cheese Bagel$14.90
Panini (Bacon & Egg Panini)$16.20
Panini (Breakfast Panini)$16.90
Pizza Bagel$12.60
Cheese Toastie$7.54
Cream Cheese Spinach Savoury Roll$7.54
King Size Sausage Roll$7.54
Turkey, Cheese And Cranberry Croissant$19.20

A Little History of Muzz Buzz

Muzz Buzz Menu everymenuprices
Image Credit:-

Muzz Buzz was founded in 2001 by entrepreneur Craig Muzeroll in Belmont, Western Australia.

Muzeroll saw an opportunity to cater to Australians’ growing love of premium coffee through a convenient drive-thru format. In 2004, Warren Reynolds and his partners acquired the growing business.

Under their leadership, Muzz Buzz expanded to additional Perth locations throughout the 2000s. The chain now proudly operates over 35 cafes across Western Australia.

Beyond Australia, Muzz Buzz has also established an international footprint in countries like Japan, Singapore, and the UK.

Their unique coffee cup-inspired shop designs have become instantly recognizable worldwide. Over the past two decades, Muzz Buzz has garnered a loyal customer base thanks to its consistently delicious menu offerings.

Curious to see what all the buzz is about? Read on to discover some of their most tantalizing dishes but first have a look at Muzz Buzz menu and prices given above.

Must-Try Items at Muzz Buzz

Must-Try Items at Muzz Buzz everymenuprices

Now let’s dive into some of the delectable dishes you mustn’t miss at Muzz Buzz. With the Muzz Buzz menu offering everything from hot drinks to snacks to juices, you’ll find something to satisfy your cravings no matter the time of day!

1. Passionfruit Smoothie

For those who love a tart tropical taste, this smoothie marries the tangy passionfruit with creamy milk for a refreshing blend.

2. Banana Smoothie

Frozen chunks of banana blended with vanilla yogurt and honey make for a tropical treat. The fruity flavors will transport you to paradise with each sip!

3. Coco Loco Crusher

Pineapple, mango, coconut, lime, and mint come together in this vibrant drink. The tropical explosion of flavor will transport you to sunny skies and sandy shores.

4. Granola Pot

A nourishing breakfast option filled with crunchy granola, yogurt, and seasonal fruit – it’s like sunrise in a jar.

5. Wicked Waffle

A warm, freshly made waffle topped with ice cream, chocolate fudge, and banana slices. It’s wickedly delicious!

6. Flat White

This coffee drink originated from Australia and New Zealand. It features a velvety microfoam layer on rich, smooth espresso. The ‘flat’ refers to the thin layer of foam.

So in summary, whether you’re after a nutritious breakfast, a frothy caffeine fix, or a fruity pick-me-up, the Muzz Buzz menu has something for every craving. Now let’s uncover some of their secret offerings.

Muzz Buzz Secret Menu

While the Muzz Buzz menu proudly features its diversity online, some specialty items are only available by special request. Here are a few hidden gems worth unraveling:

  • Iced Caramel Latte: Their classic lattes taste even sweeter over ice with a pump of caramel. The cool drink is ideal for hot days.
  • Chocolate Hazelnut Frappe: Creamy cocoa blended with Nutella creates an indulgent treat that’s perfect for those with a sweet tooth.
  • Almond Butter Toast: Thick slices of multigrain bread are generously spread with almond butter, banana, and honey – simple but satisfying.

So don’t be afraid to ask the friendly staff about seasonal additions or tweak your usual order – you may discover your new favorite!

How to Order Online From Muzz Buzz?

Muzz Buzz Order Online everymenuprices
Image Credit:-

Ordering your Muzz Buzz favorites has never been more convenient. With their online ordering platform, you can customize your order from their menu options on the website.

You can choose from drinks, smoothies or treats, and alternative milks too. Simply add your favorites to the cart and pay either online or cash on delivery.

Your order will be expertly prepared and delivered right to your door within 30 minutes. Indulge in the signature flavors from your local Muzz Buzz store without leaving your couch.

Their online platform partners with major delivery services too including Uber Eats, and Doordash.

So whether you’re jonesing for your regular order or want to try out different a Muzz Buzz menu with prices, online delivery is the most effortless way to satisfy all your coffee and snack needs any time of the day.

FAQs Related to the Muzz Buzz Menu

What time does Muzz Buzz open and close?

Most locations operate from 6 am to late, though closing times may vary. It’s best to check your nearest store’s hours online.

How can I find the Muzz Buzz menu prices?

All drink, food, and add-on prices are listed on both online and in-store menus. You can also find the Muzz Buzz prices outlined in our guide for planning trips to Muzz Buzz.

Are the Muzz Buzz menu items customized?

Absolutely! Muzz Buzz prides itself on accommodating all tastes, so feel free to swap kinds of milk, adjust sweetness levels, or substitute ingredients to your liking. Just ask the friendly staff.

Does Muzz Buzz cater to dietary restrictions?

Yes, they have a variety of gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and keto-friendly options. Their talented baristas can also suggest recipe tweaks.

Where is the closest Muzz Buzz location to me?

Use the store locator on their website by entering your address. You’ll easily find the nearest outlet to grab your Muzz Buzz fix!

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