El Jannah Menu With Prices [April 2024 Updated]

Since first coming onto the scene in 1998, El Jannah has emerged as an iconic institution across Sydney and beyond, beloved for its charcoal-cooked whole chicken and a wide array of Lebanese-inspired dishes. Below you will find out El Jannah menu and prices.

But what exactly makes the El Jannah menu so irresistible to both longtime customers and first-timers alike? Let’s take a closer look at this menu legend.

El Jannah Menu With Prices

El Jannah Menu everymenuprices
Image Credit:- El Jannah’s Facebook

Popular Items Menu

Chicken Meal (1/2)$18.90
Chicken Meal (1/4)$14.50
Chicken Plate (1/2)$18.50

EJ Chicken Menu

Whole Chicken$19.90
Whole Chicken (EJ Chicken)$19.90
Half Chicken$10.90
Half Chicken (EJ Chicken)$10.90
Quarter Chicken$6.90

EJ Meals Menu

1/4 Chicken Plate$12.50
Chicken Plate (1/4)$12.50
1/2 Chicken Plate$18.50
Chicken Plate (1/2) (EJ Meals)$18.50
Whole Chicken Plate$33.50
1/4 Chicken Meal$14.50
Chicken Meal (1/4) (EJ Meals)$14.50
1/2 Chicken Meal$18.90
Chicken Meal (1/2) (EJ Meals)$18.90
Whole Chicken Meal$37.90
Whole Chicken Meal (EJ Meals)$37.90
Family Meal$67.90
EJ Platter$37.90
EJ Platter (EJ Meals)$37.90
Shawarma Meal$26.90

EJ Rolls Menu

Chicken Roll$13.00
Chicken Roll (EJ Rolls)$13.00
Hot Chips Roll$9.90
Lahme Roll$13.00
Shawarma Roll$13.00
Tawouk Roll$13.00
Tawouk Roll (EJ Rolls)$13.00
Soujouk Roll$13.00
Falafel Roll$10.90
Kafta Roll$13.00

Chicken Burgers Menu

EJ Chicken Burger$12.90
EJ Chicken Burger (Chicken Burgers)$12.90
EJ Chilli Chicken Burger$12.90
Schnitzel Burger$12.90

Beef Burgers Menu

EJ Chef Beef Burger$12.90
EJ Beef Mushroom Burger$12.90

Meats and Falafel Menu

Shawarma Plate$22.90
Falafel Plate$12.90
Skewers x2$19.90
Falafel x3$4.50

Sides Menu

Half Bag Lebanese Bread$2.00
Full Bag Lebanese Bread$3.00

Salads Menu

Chicken Salad$15.90
Garden Salad$13.00
Mediterranean Salad$13.00

Sauces Menu

Garlic Sauce$1.00
Chef Sauce$4.00
EJ Sauce$4.00
Tomato Sauce$2.00
EJ Chilli Sauce$1.00
Tahini Sauce$4.00
Sweet Chilli Sauce$2.00
BBQ Sauce$2.00
Chicken Salad Sauce$4.00

Drinks Menu

Can of Drink$4.20
Bottle of Drink$5.70
Sparkling Water$4.20

A Little History of El Jannah

El Jannah Inside everymenuprices
Image Credit:- El Jannah’s Facebook

El Jannah was started over two decades ago by Andre and Carole Estephan, who envisioned sharing homestyle Lebanese flavors with Australians.

Opening their first store in Granville, the founders soon found huge success thanks to their signature charcoal-roasted chicken prepared using an old family recipe.

Word of mouth quickly spread about the juicy chicken and addictive garlic sauce known as toum. By the 2010s, El Jannah had expanded across Sydney with 19 locations dotting the city.

Within the last couple of years, they’ve even opened restaurants in Melbourne and Canberra – quite an impressive growth for a humble mom-and-pop shop!

Must-Try Items at El Jannah

Must-Try Items at El Jannah Everymenuprices

With so many mouthwatering options, choosing favorites from the El Jannah menu can be a challenge. Here are a few standouts worth considering:

1. 1/4 Chicken Plate

At just $12.90, this plate packs a big flavor. The tender charcoal chicken is simply perfection itself – what might the secret be behind El Jannah’s charcoal recipe?

2. Family Meal

Feed 4-6 people for only $69. Need we say more? This feast includes two whole chickens, chips, rolls, salad, and drinks perfect for sharing with friends and family on a lazy weekend.

3. Mixed Pieces

Crispy outside, juicy inside. Their southern-style chicken pieces are fried to golden perfection for that satisfying crunch you crave. A medley of flavors.

4. Charcoal Box

The El Jannah menu brings the charcoal chicken flavor in a convenient box. Includes a chili chicken burger, quarter chicken, hot chips, famous garlic sauce, and a drink.

5. Tawouk Roll Meal

This juicy charcoal grilled chicken shawarma wrap sandwich comes with sides like coleslaw and chips for only $16.90. Traveling? This handheld meal is ideal for busy weekday lunches.

6. Shawarma Meal

Traditional Middle Eastern flavors in one meal. Tender beef shawarma, sauces, pickles, hummus, pita bread, and a drink. Authentic and crave-worthy.

7. Fattoush Salad

Craving something lighter? Dig into this crunchy salad featuring fresh vegetables and toasted Lebanese bread for only $12.90. Who said healthy food can’t also be addictive?

So which dish from the El Jannah menu prices given above looks most appealing? There’s no wrong choice – it’s all delicious!

El Jannah’s Secret Menu

While the classics reign supreme, El Jannah has a few “secret menu” whispers worth exploring too. Ask about:

  • Soup of the Day: Available daily based on seasonal ingredients, this warm soup makes a great starter at only $7.90. What’s the broth like today – tomato and herb or roasted veggie?
  • Shawarma Plate: Piled high with tender chicken or beef shawarma, this filling plate comes with rice or fries, pickles, salad, and toum for dipping at $14.90.
  • Daily Special: Rotating weekly, specials may feature homestyle favorites like mjadra rice or fatayer meat pies for only $12.90. Wonder what surprise the kitchen has today?
  • Whole Fish: Sometimes you’ll find locally caught whole fish charcoal grilled to flaky perfection. But you’ll need to ask to find out the price and availability.

Worth chatting with your friendly server to uncover what hidden gems from the El Jannah menu prices list might be available for your next visit!

How to Order Online from El Jannah?

El Jannah Order Online everymenuprices
Image Credit:- eljannah.com.au

Craving an El Jannah feast but short on time? Thankfully, their ordering process is quick and easy. Simply visit eljannah.com.au to browse their full regular El Jannah menu prices or check out weekly specials.

Then add your favorites to the cart. Within the cart, you can customize orders by adding extras like salad or toum sides.

Payment is made through a secure online platform. Once your order is placed, you can typically expect it to be ready within 30 minutes.

Orders can be picked up from any El Jannah location without any delivery or service fees. With locations across Sydney and beyond, there’s sure to be one near you.

Talk about convenience – no wonder online orders have become hugely popular. So next time you’re looking for an easy weeknight meal solution or a last-minute takeaway idea, check out El Jannah’s online ordering process.

FAQs Related to the El Jannah Menu

Are dishes customizable or can special requests be made?

El Jannah is very accommodating of dietary preferences or tweaks. Don’t be afraid to ask about modifications like holding ingredients you’re allergic to.

Do you cater large events or provide meal packages?

For groups of 10+, El Jannah offers affordable catering packages on their “El Jannah menu with prices.” They’ll even deliver and serve upon request.

What’s your most popular menu item?

Without a doubt, the whole charcoal chicken is a signature that keeps customers coming back for more of that incredibly moist and flavorful poultry.

Are online orders through third-party apps like DoorDash the same quality?

Stick to ordering directly through El Jannah’s website to guarantee a seamless experience without any additional fees. You won’t be disappointed!

Do you deliver outside existing locations?

Unfortunately, delivery is limited to within 5km of locations. But the convenience of pickup is almost as good!

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