Noodles & Company Menu With Prices [September 2023 Updated]

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Noodles & Company is one of the most popular restaurant chains that is based in the United States. Noodles & Company is currently active in multiple places and established itself as a recognizable restaurant chain. If you are looking for the latest Noodles & Company menu with prices, then you have come to the right place.

Noodles & Company’s menu specializes in noodle dishes. Although Noodles & Company was established a few decades ago, it has managed to employ more than 7000 people so far and the annual revenue of the company is estimated to be around $509.5 million.

Noodles & Company’s menu features various sections that are filled with amazing eatables. Their menu sections include Picked For Menu, Classic Noodles, Goodness For All, Coca-Cola Freestyle Beverage, Drinks, and Desserts. Noodles & Company’s menu offers affordable food items so that the customers don’t have to think twice before visiting the restaurant. 

The article will offer you all the factual details regarding the restaurant chain starting from the history of the restaurant chain, the opening hours, the public responses towards the restaurant chain, and many more are there. So keep reading the article to learn more about Noodles & Company.

Noodles & Company Menu With Prices

Noodles & Company Menu And Prices
Image Credit:- Noodles & Company’s Instagram

Picked For You Menu With Prices

Cheesy Garlic Bread$ 7.19
Korean BBQ Meatballs$ 5.00
Chicken Noodle Soup$ 8.44
Rice Crispy$ 3.75
Potstickers$ 7.19
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Goodness For All Menu With Prices

Goodness For AllSmallRegular
Pesto Cavatappi With Grilled Chicken$ 7.81$ 8.75
LEANguini Rosa With Impossible Chicken$ 9.69$ 11.25
Buffalo Chicken Mac$ 8.75$ 10.31
Zucchini Roasted Garlic Cream$ 9.69$ 11.25
Japanese Pan Noodles With Marinated Steak$ 7.81$ 8.75
3-Cheese Tortelloni Rosa$ 9.69$ 11.25
Backyard BBQ Chicken Salad$ 9.38
Alfredo MontAmore With Parmesan-Crusted Chicken$ 8.75$ 10.31
Pasta Fresca With Shrimp$ 7.50$ 8.75

Classic Noodles Menu With Prices

Classic NoodlesSmallRegular
Penne Rosa$ 8.13$ 9.69
Pesto Cavatappi$ 7.81$ 8.75
Buttered Noodles$ 7.50$ 8.75
Spaghetti & Meatballs$ 7.50$ 8.75
Alfredo MontAmore With Parmesan-Crusted Chicken$ 8.75$ 10.31
3-Cheese Tortelloni Pesto$ 9.69$ 11.25
3-Cheese Tortelloni Rosa$ 9.69$ 11.25
Roasted Garlic Cream Tortelloni$ 9.69$ 11.25
Pasta Fresca$ 7.50$ 9.06
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LEANguini Menu With Prices

LEANguini Rosa$ 9.06$ 10.63
LEANguini Feesca$ 9.69$ 11.25
LEANguini Alferdo MontAmore$ 10.00$ 11.56
LEANguini Pesto$ 8.75$ 10.31

World Famous Macs Menu With Prices

Side Of Wisconsin Mac & Cheese$ 3.56
BBQ Chicken Mac$ 8.75$ 10.31
Gluten-Senstive Pipette Mac$ 8.75$ 10.31
Wisconsin Mac & Cheese$ 7.50$ 8.75
Buffalo Chicken Mac$ 8.75$ 10.31

Asian Noodles Menu With Prices

Japanese Pan Noodles$ 7.81$ 8.75
Spicy Korean Beef Noodles$ 8.44$ 10.00
Pad Thai$ 8.44$ 10.00
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Stuffed Pasta Menu With Prices

3-Cheese Tortelloni Rosa$ 9.69$ 11.25
3-Cheese Tortelloni Pesto$ 9.69$ 11.25
Roasted Garlic Cream Tortelloni$ 9.69$ 11.25

Kids Meal Menu With Prices

Wisconsin Mac & Cheese$ 7.50
Spaghetti & Meatballs$ 7.50
Buttered Noodles$ 7.50
Grilled Chicken Breast With Marinara$ 7.50

Zoodles Menu With Prices

Zucchini Roasted Garlic Cream$ 9.69$ 11.25
Zucchini Pesto With Grilled Chicken$ 9.06$ 10.63
Zucchini Rosa With Grilled Chicken$ 9.69$ 10.94
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Salad & Soup Menu With Prices

Backyard BBQ Chicken Salad$ 9.38
Med Salad With Grilled Chicken$ 8.75
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad$ 8.75
Side Of Chicken Noodle Soup$ 3.56
Chicken Noodle Soup$ 8.44
Caesar Side Salad$ 3.56
Baguette$ 1.56

Shareables Menu With Prices

Potstickers$ 7.19
Cheesy Garlic Bread$ 7.19
Korean BBQ Meatballs$ 5.00
Baguette$ 1.56

Drinks Menu With Prices

IZZE Blackberry$ 3.75
IZZE Clementine$ 3.75
Large Unsweetened Tea$4.38
Spindrift Seltzer – Raspberry Lime$ 3.75
IZZE Grapefruit$ 3.75
Smartwater$ 4.38
Dasani Bottled Water$ 2.81
Spindrift Seltzer – Orange Mango$ 3.75
Honest Kids Organic Apple Juice$ 2.19
Regular Unsweetened Tea$ 3.75
Honest Kids Organic Fruit Punch$ 2.19
Organic Lowfat Milk$ 2.19
Organic Lowfat Chocolate Milk$ 2.19
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Coca-Cola Freestyle Beverage Menu With Prices

Coca-Cola$ 3.75$ 4.38
Coke Zero Sugar$ 3.75$ 4.38
Diet Coke$ 3.75$ 4.38
Cherry Coke$ 3.75$ 4.38
Dr. Pepper$ 3.75$ 4.38
Sprite$ 3.75$ 4.38
Minute Maid Lemonade$ 3.75$ 4.38
Minute Maid Lemonade Light$ 3.75$ 4.38
Barqs Root Beer$ 3.75$ 4.38
Self-Service$ 3.75$ 4.38

Desserts Menu With Prices

Chocolate Chunk Cookie$ 3.75
Rice Crispy$ 3.75
Snoodle Doodle Cookie$ 3.75

History of Noodles & Company

Noodles & Company Menu Prices
Image Credit:-

The main concept of Noodles & Company was initially proposed by someone who was working with a huge cold drink company. The man was none of other than Aaron Kennedy, who was a marketing executive for Pepsi after eating the best food at Mamir’s Asian Noodle Shop in Greenwich Village, New York.

Aaron then realized at one point that there were not a lot of restaurants that had noodle dishes in their food menu and it is described to be a staple for different international foods.

Kennedy soon started to work on bringing new recipes and for this reason, he got help from the kitchen where his mother-in-law used to cook and he was also assisted by the future COO, Joe Serafin, and Ross Kamens, who was the head chef.

The process for their evolution started back in 1994 and collected a lot of money worth $72,000 personally and investments worth $200,000 were made by his friends and family members.

The evolution continued and this led to the launch of their first outlet in October 1995 and it was located in the Cherry Creek neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. Kennedy eventually collaborated with real estate developer Tom Weigand, who eventually became his partner.

The duo met each other for a long time at Augustana College. The company then launched another outlet in Madison, Wisconsin and since then, the entire company has been getting a positive response from the public.

Review of Noodles & Company

Noodles & Company Menu everymenuprices
Image Credit:- Noodles & Company’s Facebook

Noodles & Company is mostly known for serving noodle items. The Noodles & Company menu prices are pocket friendly, which is another plus point of this wonderful restaurant.

Moreover, Noodles & Company locations also feature some important facilities including seating, table service, etc. Noodles & Company locations are perfect for lunch and dinner hours.

The restaurant’s doors remain open for all seven days of the week. In case you are wondering why there is a holiday, you are wrong. But on the other hand, the timing for the opening is also the same, which is from 10:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. However, it may vary from location to location.

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How to Order Online From Noodles & Company Menu in Few Steps?

Noodles & Company Order Online everymenuprices
Image Credit:-

If you want to order online from Noodles & Company, then you can do that with the help of Doordash, Grubhub, etc. Below I will show you some steps on how you can easily order online from Noodles & Company with the help of Doordash.

Other than ordering online, you can also check the latest menu prices of Noodles & Company for different locations as the prices may vary from location to location. Also, they may change without any prior notice.

  1. First, head over to Doordash and select your location from the list of given locations.
  2. After selecting your location, the latest menu prices of Noodles & Company will appear (here you can check the latest Noodles & Company menu prices for your preferred location).
  3. Now, select the food items that you want to order online from Noodles & Company and add them one by one to your cart.
  4. In the next step, go to checkout and sign in to your account on Doordash if you have one or you can create a new account very easily.
  5. After successfully signing in, fill in some information, make the payment, and your order will be delivered to your location.

Noodles & Company Contact Information & Important Links

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Social Media Handles

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Noodles & Company Contact Info

Noodles & Company Corporate Office Address520 Zang St, Broomfield, CO 80021, USA
Noodles & Company Corporate Phone Number+1 720-214-1900
Noodles & Company Contact Page/FormVisit Here


Noodles & Company is a well-known restaurant chain with multiple outlets. They have gained a huge fan base among the public by serving high-quality food items in a pocket-friendly price range.

Noodles & Company is a tough competitor and inspiration for many new and small restaurant chains. Considering the public responses it is getting from the public, we can expect Noodles & Company to become more popular and bigger in the upcoming years.

So what did you like the most from the above given Noodles & Company menu with prices? Do let me know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Noodles & Company (FAQs)

Who owns Noodles & Company?

Noodles & Company is owned by Dave Boennighausen.

How many Noodles & Company locations are there?

There are more than 410 Noodles & Company restaurant locations.

Where was Noodles & Company founded?

Noodles & Company was founded in Denver, Colorado, United States.

Who founded Noodles & Company?

Noodles & Company was founded by Aaron Kennedy.

Why is Noodles & Company famous?

Noodles & Company is famous for its Italian-inspired dishes.

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