Shakeaway Menu With Prices [June 2024 Updated]

Trying the amazing flavors of milkshakes and frozen desserts from Shakeaway has always been a truly indulgent experience for its loyal customers. This article will explore the various items on the Shakeaway menu with prices to help you decide what to order on your next visit.

As the world’s largest milkshake bar company, Shakeaway offers an expansive menu with hundreds of flavor combinations.

From classic milkshakes and smoothies to frozen yogurts and international dishes, Shakeaway has something for every taste bud. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the delicious Shakeaway menu and prices.

Shakeaway Menu With Prices

Shakeaway Prices everymenuprices
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Size Matter Menu

Regular With one Flavor£2.99
Large With one Flavor£3.99
Extra Flavors£0.89

Extra Ice-cream Menu

Extra Ice-cream£0.49
Tops and Bottom£0.49

Smoothies Re-invented Menu

Smoothies Re-invented – Regular£3.75
Smoothies Re-invented – Large£4.75
Smoothies Re-invented Single Flavours – Regular£2.95
Smoothies Re-invented Single Flavours – Large£3.95

Hot Stuff Winter Menu

Hot Stuff Winter Menu – Regular£3.75
Hot Stuff Winter Menu – Large£4.75

Hot Menu

Nice Cuppa Tea – Regular£0.99
Nice Cuppa Tea – Large£1.15
Pretty Teas – Regular£0.99
Pretty Teas – Large£1.15
Coffee – Regular£1.4
Coffee – Large£1.6
Cappuccino – Regular£1.6
Cappuccino – Large£1.89
Latte – Regular£1.4
Latte – Large£1.6
Espresso – Regular£1.15
Espresso – Large£1.35
Hot Chocolate – Regular£1.65
Hot Chocolate – Large£1.95
White Hot Chocolate – Regular£1.65
White Hot Chocolate – Large£1.95
Nutella Hot Chocolate – Regular£1.95
Nutella Hot Chocolate – Large£2.25
Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate – Regular£1.95
Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate – Large£2.25
Choca Mocha – Regular£1.65
Choca Mocha – Large£1.95
White Hot Choca Mocha – Regular£1.65
White Hot Choca Mocha – Large£1.95
Dairy-free Hot Chocolate – Regular£1.65
Dairy-free Hot Chocolate – Large£1.95
Spiced Chai Latte – Regular£1.65
Spiced Chai Latte – Large£1.95
Horlicks – Regular£1.65
Horlicks – Large£1.95
Hot Chocolatey Horlicks – Regular£1.95
Hot Chocolatey Horlicks – Large£2.25
Ovaltine – Regular£1.65
Ovaltine – Large£1.95
Hot Chocolatey Ovaltine – Regular£1.95
Hot Chocolatey Ovaltine – Large£2.25

A Little History of Shakeaway

Shakeaway Menu everymenuprices
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Shakeaway was established in 1997 in Bournemouth, United Kingdom, by Peter Dickson and Stephen Jenks.

Starting from a single shop, it has expanded to over 500 stores across 14 countries worldwide, making it the largest milkshake bar company globally.

Some key milestones in Shakeaway’s history include launching franchising in 2007, opening its first international store in Dubai in 2010, and ranking among the UK’s top 50 franchises by Food Franchise Magazine in 2016.

Through continual innovation, Shakeaway has reinvented the milkshake experience and introduced new flavors that have thrilled customers for over two decades.

Must Try Items at Shakeaway

Must Try Items at Shakeaway everymenuprices

With such an extensive Shakeaway menu, it can take time to decide what to order. Here are some of the most popular items that are a must-try at Shakeaway:

1. Oreo Cookie Milkshake

A thick, creamy chocolate milkshake blended with crunchy chocolate cookie chunks of original Oreo cookies. The rich chocolate base is accentuated by the creaminess of the milk and bits of sweet biscuit, creating an irresistibly indulgent treat for cookie lovers at reasonable Shakeaway prices.

2. Salted Caramel Shake

A luxuriously rich and decadent milkshake with a subtle yet satisfying salted caramel flavor throughout. The salty caramel sauce provides an elegant balance of sweetness and saltiness, accentuating the creamy milkshake base.

3. Fruity Smoothies

Naturally flavored smoothies made with real fruit purees like mango and various berries offer a refreshing and nutritious beverage packed with vitamins. The Mango Tango has a sweet tropical zing, while the Berry Berry bursts with different berry flavors.

4. Frozen Yogurts

Creamy and dense frozen yogurts are available in unique combinations such as Honeycomb with crunchy bits of British candy or Cookies’ N Cream, resembling the classic ice cream sandwich with crumbled cookies added.

5. Novelty Shakes

Creative takes on regular milkshakes with innovative flavor profiles like Unicorn Dust resembling the magical candy floss taste of carnivals or Lotus Biscoff inspired by the buttery biscuit notes of the namesake cookie.

6. Hot Chocolate

Warming hot cocoa is taken to another level with flavor boosts like Mint Aero to give a refreshing peppermint twist to the rich chocolate indulgence.

7. Nutty Sundae

An indulgent sundae piled with peanuts, gooey caramel sauce, and chunks of fudge, making it the perfect decadent treat to share with friends and family.

Whatever you choose, you’ll savor the premium, hand-crafted quality Shakeaway is renowned for.

Shakeaway’s Secret Menu

Besides its expansive published menu, Shakeaway offers a secret menu featuring experimental flavors. Some offerings from its menu include:

  • Churros Milkshake: A fun twist on a classic dessert! This shake is loaded with crunchy cinnamon chips, recreating the taste of churros, the beloved Spanish fried-dough pastry. The cinnamon swirls through the creamy milkshake for an exotic flavor experience.
  • Funky Monkey Shake: This playful shake mimics the taste of a banana split dessert. The banana and peanut butter combine for a blend that’s bananas! Friends will go wild for this fun and quirky tropical shake.
  • Piña Colada Smoothie: Escape to a tropical island right in your glass with this delicious smoothie. Coconut and pineapples transport you with vibrant flavors as you sip this beach vacation in a cup! No umbrellas are included, but they are ideal for dreamers to feel the ocean breeze.

Secret menu items vary between locations but are worth asking about for those looking to stray from ordinary choices and satisfy their sense of adventure and curiosity through these unique milkshake discoveries!

How to Order Online From Shakeaway?

For those wanting to enjoy Shakeaway’s treats without stepping out, the chain makes it easy to order online. You can visit and select your preferred nearby store to browse their full menu with prices.

Ordering is simple – add items to your cart, provide your delivery details, and pay online or opt for cash on delivery.

Most Shakeaway outlets also partner with third-party delivery platforms like Deliveroo, Uber Eats, and Just Eat to facilitate ordering. Contactless delivery ensures you get your fix while practicing social distancing.

FAQs Related to the Shakeaway Menu

Do Shakeaway stores offer vegetarian/vegan options?

They have numerous dairy-free choices like coconut-based shakes and sorbet-style frozen treats.

What are the most popular food combos at Shakeaway?

The favorites are shakes paired with hot items like waffles or loaded fries for an indulgent meal.

How much do shakes typically cost at Shakeaway? 

Prices range from £3.50-£5 but may vary between stores. Signature shakes are around £4.

Can I customize my order at Shakeaway? 

Absolutely! You can tweak flavors, toppings, base, etc., according to your preferences.

Does Shakeaway offer discounts?

Yes, the loyalty program rewards regular orders with special deals and bonuses over time.

Are Shakeaway menu prices affordable?

Yes, Shakeaway menu prices are affordable.

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