Sugar Creek Smokehouse Menu Prices [October 2023 Updated]

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Sugar Creek Smokehouse is a famous restaurant chain serving smoking meat, burgers, french fries, etc including different drinks. Sugar Creek restaurant menu serves various options including pulled pork, double barrel, chili brisket fries, soft drinks beer, etc, which are enough to fill your tummy at an affordable price. If you are looking for the latest Sugar Creek Smokehouse menu prices, then you are at the right place.

Kenton Campbell founded Sugar Creek Smokehouse after the pandemic at 124 Distillery Rd, Eagleby QLD 4207, Australia. Kenton is the founder of two more well-known restaurant chains named Zarraffa’s Coffee and Kiwanda Café.

We always become very confused while placing the order and for such situations, some entrepreneurs have found some solutions and created a meal section in the menu. The meal consists of two or more items, which can reduce confusion and make our choices easier.

Some popular restaurant chain has adopted this facility to satisfy their customers and Sugar Creek Smokehouse is one of them. Sugar Creek Smokehouse menu and prices provide a meal to the customers including so many mouth-watering eatables.

Sugar Creek Smokehouse Menu Prices

Sugar Creek Smokehouse Menu
Image Credit:- Sugar Creek Smokehouse’s Facebook

Smoked Out

Pulled Pork, Fries & Slaw$17.50
Brisket, Fries & Slaw$16.50
Double Barrel$23.50
Korn Bread$8.00
Mega Meat Plate$59.50
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Greedy Little Extras

Pulled Pork$6.00
Korn Bread$2.70
SMmoked Mac ‘N’ Cheese$10.00
Crispy Fries & Sauce$5.50 (R)
$10.00 (L)
Pork Belly Burnt Ends$8.00
Pork Crackle Cup$5.00
Brisket Chilli$8.50

SSCH Burgers Served On A Fresh Bun

Stretched Pig (Pulled Pork, Spicy Slaw, Cheese)$15.00
Brisket! Baby (Brisket, House BBQ, Cheese, Spicy Slaw)$16.50
Need A Napkin (Brisket, Smoked Mac, And Cheese And House BBQ)$19.50
Smokehouse Cubano$14.50
Add A Side of Fries & Sauce$3.50
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Phat Fries

Filthy Fries (Smoked Meat Trimming Of Pork Or Brisket Or Both, Fries, Brisket Gravy, Liquid Cheddar)$18.00
Chilli Brisket Fries (Brisket Chilli, Fries And Liquid Cheddar)$18.00


Spicy Slaw (Veg)$5.00
Smoked Mac’N’Cheese$9.00$15.00

Drinks (375ML)

Soft Drinks$4.00
Premix – Canadian Club$10.00
Premix – Jim Beam$12.00
Beer – Mid/Light$8.00
Beer – Kraft$9.00
Beer – Premium$10.00
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Smokin’ Stock

Baseball Cap $20
Stubby Coller$9.50

Kids Menu

Brisket Slider$13.00
Mac ‘N’ Cheese$10.00
Regular Crispy Fries & Sauce$5.50

History of Sugar Creek Smokehouse

Sugar Creek Smokehouse Menu and Prices
Image Credit:- mustdobrisbane

Kenton Campbell founds Sugar Creek Smokehouse at 124 Distillery Rd, Eagleby QLD 4207, Australia. The restaurant was established post-pandemic and currently, it is operating only one branch. The current revenue of Sugar Creek Smokehouse is $5.7 million.

Sugar Creek Smokehouse menu and prices feature one more major attraction, which can easily pull you toward the restaurant. They are famous for serving fresh smoked meat. Sugar Creek Smokehouse’s menu features a separate section, which only offers various types of smoke meat.

Smoking meat was one of Kenton’s favorites and he used to serve the same to his close ones. This thing soon developed into an interest and he decided to find out more about this delicious item by going to Texas. Kenton eventually planned to open a chain focusing specifically on smoking meat and Sugar Creek Smokehouse was launched.

In case you have a similar interest in smoking meat, Sugar Creek Smokehouse is that spot you should not miss because the Sugar Creek menu with prices features the best smoking meat items that will make you lick your fingers again and again.

This restaurant is famous for having affordable foodstuffs on its menu. Sugar Creek Smokehouse menu with price can be accessible for anyone and the quantity can satisfy you perfectly. The Sugar Creek restaurant menu features different sections including smoked out, greedy little extras, SSCH burgers served on a fresh bun, phat fries, offsets, drinks, etc.

Sugar Creek Smokehouse Reviews

Sugar Creek Smokehouse Photos
Image Credit:- Sugar Creek Smokehouse’s Instagram

Every section offers different variants of food. The smoked-out section includes pulled pork with spicy slaw and fries, brisket with spicy slaw and fries, meg meat plate which includes brisket, pulled pork, half rack, cornbread, spicy slaw, and fries (for 2+ people), etc. The price range for this section starts from $16.00 to $55.00.

Greedy little extras include brisket, pulled pork, cornbread, etc., priced between $2.70 to $8.50. SSCH burgers served on a fresh bun section offer stretched pig, and brisket! Baby, etc. The price range for this particular section goes up to $19.00. Phat fries include two items that are accessible for $18.00.

Sugar Creek Smokehouse’s menu features one more particular section for various types of drinks including soft drinks, beer, cinder, etc, which are priced between $4.00 to $12.00.

Sugar Creek Smokehouse also offers baseball cap and stubby collar which features the logo of the restaurant, which are accessible for $20 and $9.50 respectively.

The restaurant’s atmosphere is something that will make you feel better. It is constructed in an exterior spot and so here we have all the details including Sugar Creek Smokehouse reviews to make you understand and know the restaurant a little better than what you have heard on the internet.

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How to Order Online From Sugar Creek Smokehouse Menu in Few Steps?

Right now, there is no option available for the online delivery of food from the Sugar Creek Smokehouse menu. I will update this article once Sugar Creek Smokehouse delivery services will start via some food delivery services like Grubhub, Ubereats, etc.

Sugar Creek Smokehouse Contact Information & Important Links

Sugar Creek Smokehouse MenuCheck Here

Social Media Handles

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Sugar Creek Smokehouse Contact Info

Sugar Creek Smokehouse AddressDistillery Road Market 124 Distillery Road, Eagleby, 4207
Sugar Creek Smokehouse Email Address[email protected]
Sugar Creek Smokehouse Phone Number07 2103 8485
Sugar Creek Smokehouse Contact Page/FormVisit Now


Nowadays, smokehouses became very trending among food lovers. Many smokehouse restaurant chains are already become popular for serving smoke meat. But, some single restaurants also exist out there which has also become a prime attraction lately.

Sugar Creek Smokehouse is one of those single restaurants. But looking at the popularity of Sugar Creek Smokehouse, we can expect it to become a franchise in the upcoming days. So what did you like the most from the above given Sugar Creek Smokehouse menu with prices? Do let me know in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Sugar Creek Smokehouse (FAQs)

Is Sugar Creek Smokehouse open on Sundays?

Yes, Sugar Creek Smokehouse remains open on Sundays from 11 AM to 8 PM.

Where is Sugar Creek Smokehouse located?

The restaurant is located at 124 Distillery Rd, Eagleby QLD 4207, Australia.

What is the one thing that pulls customers towards Sugar Creek Smokehouse?

The major attraction of Sugar Creek Smokehouse is its smoke meat, which can easily pull anyone toward this restaurant.

Does Sugar Creek Smokehouse have any outlets outside Australia?

No, Sugar Creek Smokehouse is currently located only in Australia.

Does Sugar Creek Smokehouse offer burgers and French fries?

Yes, Sugar Creek Smokehouse offers delicious burgers and French fries including much more options.

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