Burger Singh Menu With Prices (India) – 2024

Do you believe in repeating the same burger? Then, try Burger Singh’s homemade king-size burgers where every flavour blends with perfection. You won’t be able to resist once as the taste is yummylecious.

All you need to do is to allow yourself to get a delicious bite of a burger. That’s why, I suggest you check out Burger Singh menu with prices given below so that you can get an idea of what they offer.

Burger Singh has been spread almost everywhere in the town as well as in the country and requires no special introduction. As I know you all have been a fan of Burger Singh for ages and know better than me.

To make it even more interesting, I have mentioned Burger Singh’s little history, some of the best must-try items, the secret menu if any, and lastly great faqs.

Burger Singh Menu With Prices

Burger Singh Menu everymenuprices
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Value Burgers Menu

Nikka Singh VegRs. 39 – Single Patty
Rs. 64 – Double Patty
Veg SnackerRs. 69 – Single Patty
Rs. 118 – Double Patty
Churmur Pandey VegRs. 79 – Single Patty
Rs. 128 – Double Patty
Chotu SinghRs. 109 – Single Patty
Rs. 158 – Double Patty
Junior Udta PunjabRs. 139 – Single Patty
Rs. 238 – Double Patty
Veg United States of Punjab Jr.Rs. 149 – Single Patty
Rs. 248 – Double Patty
Nikku Singh ChickenRs. 59 – Single Patty
Rs. 108 – Double Patty
Chicken SnackerRs. 89 – Single Patty
Rs. 138 – Double Patty
Churmur Pandey ChickenRs. 99 – Single Patty
Rs. 148 – Double Patty
Junior Fried ChickenRs. 119 – Single Patty
Rs. 168 – Double Patty

Big Punjabi Burgers Menu

Potato CrunchRs. 169 – Single Patty
Rs. 268 – Double Patty
Dum AlooRs. 169 – Single Patty
Rs. 268 – Double Patty
Bunty Pappeh Da AlooRs. 179 – Single Patty
Rs. 278 – Double Patty
Paneer Pind-erRs. 199 – Single Patty
Rs. 298 – Double Patty
Chunkey Paneer PandeyRs. 209 – Single Patty
Rs. 308 – Double Patty
Udta Punjab 2.0Rs. 209 – Single Patty
Rs. 308 – Double Patty
Amritsari Murgh MakhaniRs. 179 – Single Patty
Rs. 268 – Double Patty
American Grilled ChickenRs. 189 – Single Patty
Rs. 278 – Double Patty
Jattputt ChickenRs. 189 – Single Patty
Rs. 288 – Double Patty
Chicken Pind-erRs. 199 – Single Patty
Rs. 288 – Double Patty
Chicken United States of PunjabRs. 199 – Single Patty
Rs. 298 – Double Patty
Big Crispy ChickenRs. 209 – Single Patty
Rs. 308 – Double Patty

Fries Menu

Dilli-6Rs. 79 – Regular
Rs. 119 – Large
MorroccanRs. 79 – Regular
Rs. 119 – Large
Hot ShockRs. 79 – Regular
Rs. 119 – Large
Classic SaltedRs. 79 – Regular
Rs. 119 – Large

Cheesy Fries

Dilli-6Rs. 139
MorroccanRs. 139
Hot ShockRs. 139
Classic SaltedRs. 139

Momos & Dips Menu

Steamed Veg Momo (6 Pcs)Rs. 129
Steamed Paneer Momo (6 Pcs)Rs. 169
Steamed Chicken Momo (6 Pcs)Rs. 169
Fried Veg Momo (6 Pcs)Rs. 159
Fried Paneer Momo (6 Pcs)Rs. 199
Fried Chicken Momo (6 Pcs)Rs. 199
Mayonnaise DipRs. 20
Cheese DipRs. 23
Tandoori DipRs. 23
Hot Bihari DipRs. 23

Sides Menu

Mini Batata Vada (6 Pcs)Rs. 79
Cheesy Coins (3/6 Pcs)Rs. 79 / Rs. 119
Onion Rings (6 Pcs)Rs. 129
Chicken Wings Fried (4 Pcs)Rs. 199
Chicken Wings Hot Shock (4 Pcs)Rs. 209

Beverages & Desserts Menu

Water BottleOn MRP
Pepsi CanRs. 60
Pepsi Black CanRs. 60
Shunya Classic ColaRs. 60
Shunya Lime N LemonRs. 60
Coolberg PeachRs. 89
Coolberg MintRs. 89
Coolberg CranberryRs. 89
Lemon Ice TeaRs. 100
Peach Ice TeaRs. 100
Mango SmoothieRs. 139
Strawberry SmoothieRs. 139
Cold CoffeeRs. 149
Chocolate CakeRs. 99
PepsiRs. 79 – Regular
Rs. 89 – Large
MirindaRs. 79 – Regular
Rs. 89 – Large
7UPRs. 79 – Regular
Rs. 89 – Large
Pepsi BlackRs. 79 – Regular
Rs. 89 – Large

A Little History of Burger Singh

Burger Singh Inside everymenuprices
Image Credit:- dineout.co.in

As a quick service restaurant, Burger Singh was established in 2014 by Kabir Jeet Singh when he returned from Oxford with the vision to create India’s most popular and quick service restaurant.

Behind the establishment of this famous burger place, it has a long story. Kabir Jeet Singh’s father once told him that if he failed to get a master’s degree from a renowned university then he would end up flipping burgers.

As of today, even after having several degrees and a successful academic career, the owner has been flipping burgers to become India’s one of the top burger-selling places.

Although he had very little money when he started working on his dream career. Burger Singh adopted the style of American producing styles but has the inclusion of Indian spices and flavors.

Burger Singh is headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. It started with an initial investment of 1 crore, the startup soon raised around 7.5 crore to come under the list of top 50 Hot startups of 2017.

Currently, Burger Singh is spread around 75+ cities with more than 175 stores in India.

Must Try Items at Burger Singh

Must Try Items at Burger Singh everymenuprices

For your regular burger cravings, Burger Singh has got you the best ones with ample special flavors and ingredients.

Their burgers and other dishes are quite affordable and even the combos are budget-friendly.

You can try out any item from Burger Singh menu prices given above to get the best taste and burger deals. Look down below to get a glimpse of Burger Singh’s specialties:-

1. Big Crispy Chicken Burger

A big crispy burger is loaded with crispy crumb fried chicken, with crunchy lettuce, onions, cheese, and burger Singh’s signature fresh sauce.

The freshly made patty is built with a mild taste and will feel slightly spicy after the taste. It’s a total kid’s friendly treat!

2. American Grilled Chicken Burger

This perfectly crafted American Grilled Chicken Burger is all you need. Specially made with the grilled chicken party with crispy fried onions, pickled gherkins, crispy lettuce, liquid cheddar cheese, and Burger Singh’s signature secret non-spicy sauce. You can have this burger right away!

3. Chicken United States of Punjab Burger

This kind of burger requires your special attention! Chicken United States of Punjab Burger is stuffed with fire-grilled chicken tikka patty, with some onions, crispy lettuce, signature liquid cheddar cheese, and special tandoori sauce, enveloped in two soft buns. Make sure you have this burger when you visit Burger Singh!

4. Jatt Putt Chicken Double Patty Burger

Double the burger double is the joy! Jatt Putt Chicken Double Patty Burger is one of the crowd’s favorites. This wholesome burger meal is loaded with fresh and juicy tandoori patty, with liquid cheddar cheese, crispy fried onions, and signature Jatt Putt sauce. A burger that knows how to impress a girl!

5. Amritsari Murgh Makhani Double Patty Burger

The offer is still on! Burger Singh has launched this special Amritsari Murgh Makhani Double Patty Burger that is filled with delicious chicken tikka patty with special liquid cheese, and Burger Singh’s signature makhani sauce from the streets of Lawrence Road near Amritsar. You surely need to try out this recipe of burger!

Burger Singh’s Secret Menu

Burger Singh’s secret menu hasn’t been revealed yet. They have been serving only burgers which have a variety of flavours and tastes.

Due to the limited availability of menu items, Burger Singh is finding it quite hard to come up with a secret menu. While you might think why not a secret menu out of the original menu?

Then let me tell you, Burger Singh is the only place where you’ll get quick service with great quality, and they believe in serving the most authentic burgers without any advertising.

How to Order Online from Burger Singh?

Burger Singh Order Online everymenuprices
Image Credit:- zomato.com

To place an order online, try fetching your favorite burgers from Burger Singh. They have everything on their menu delivered to you right at your doorstep. It attracts Indian customers on a wide basis and readily serves every customer.

Make sure to visit Burger Singh’s official website to check out what they have in their store. Also, you can order your favorite burger along with signature sauces from Swiggy, and Zomato.

FAQs Related to the Burger Singh’s Menu

Does Burger Singh only provide burgers?

Burger Singh is the only place that provides authentic varieties of burgers.

Can you order veg burgers at Burger Singh?

Yes, you can order veg burgers at Burger Singh.

Which is the best combo offered at Burger Singh?

The Chicken Snacker Burger combo is one of the best burger combos offered at Burger Singh.

Which is the crowd’s favourite burger available at Burger Singh?

The Jatt Putt double patty chicken burger is one of the crowd’s favorite burger meals.

Does Burger Singh provide halal chicken?

Burger Singh has its chicken delivered from all the halal-certified suppliers and products are cooked as per halal standards.

Are Burger Singh menu prices affordable?

Yes, Burger Singh menu prices are affordable.

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