Abuelo Restaurant Menu Prices [February 2024 Updated]

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Abuelo is a Mexican restaurant established in Texas, United States. The restaurant specializes in delicious made-from-scratch authentic Mexican food ideal for the age of guests. The Abuelo restaurant menu with prices is also reasonable enough for all the customers.

The Abuelo menu has an extensive food menu offering enchiladas, tortillas, salsas, chips, fajitas, burritos, shrimp, scallops, mushrooms, and more. At the restaurant, you can visit any time of the day either for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

The Abuelo Mexican restaurant vouches to offer you the best recipes crafted out of farm-fresh ingredients along with rich flavors. This article is all about the real Abuelo menu and prices and other relevant details regarding the locations, hours, franchise information, and more.

Abuelo Restaurant Menu Prices

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Appetizers & Dips Menu Prices

Chile con Queso$8.79
Queso Diablo$9.29
Abuelo’s Dip Sampler$11.19
GuacamoleSmall – $9.39
Large – $11.19
Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Shrimp$10.19
Green Chile Quesadilla$9.89
Fajita Nachos$16.29
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Salads & Soups Menu Prices

Grilled Chicken Salad$14.79
Reynosa Salad$12.29
Fajita Salad$14.49
Tortilla Soup$7.49

Fabulous Fajitas Menu Prices

Steak Fajitas$20.89
Chicken Fajitas$18.79
Vegetable Fajitas$16.29
Fajita Combo for 1$20.79
Fajita Trio$25.39
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House Specialties Menu Prices

Los Mejores de la Casa$27.59
Rib Eye & Enchiladas$24.89
Pork Tenderloin Abrigada$20.09
Pechuga con Calabaza$18.89
Australian Sea Bass$20.09

Tex-Mex – Combos & Enchiladas Menu Prices

Enchiladas2 – $12.79
3 – $14.69
4 – $16.79
Chile Rellenos$18.39
The Grande$22.19
Mi Abuelo’s Manjar$17.29
Steak Quesadilla$15.69
Chicken Quesadilla$14.69
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Tex-Mex – Burritos, Chimis & Tacos Menu Prices

Durango Burrito$13.39
Fajita Steak Chimichanga$18.39
Fajita Chicken Chimichanga$16.99
Fajita Steak Tacos$15.69
Fajita Chicken Tacos$14.69

Sides & Extras Menu Prices

Papas con Chile$2.89
Refried Beans$2.69
Charro Beans$2.89
Mexican Rice$2.89
Flour Tortillas12 – $2.99
12 Corn Tortillas$2.99
Shredded Cheese$0.75
Sour Cream$0.59
Salsa Roja1/2 Pint – $1.50
Salsa Tropical1/2 Pint – $1.50
Chile Con QuesoPint – $10.79
Quart – $20.55
GuacamolePint – $14.09
Quart – $24.89
Salsa RojaPint – $3.15
Quart – $5.25
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Kid’s Meals Menu Prices

Kid’s Quesadilla$7.39
Kid’s Bean & Cheese Burrito$7.39
Kid’s Soft Taco$7.39
Kid’s Crispy Taco$7.39
Kid’s Chicken Nuggets$7.39
Kid’s Grilled Chicken$7.39
Kid’s Enchilada-Queso$7.39
Kid’s Enchilada-Carne Sauce$7.39
Kid’s Nachos
Kid’s Tamale$7.39

Desserts Menu Prices

Traditional Flan$7.49
Dulce De Leche Cheesecake$7.49
Tres Leches Cake$7.49
Holiday Capirotada$6.35
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Beverages Menu Prices

Iced TeaGallon – $8.29
Sweet Iced TeaGallon – $8.29
LemonadeGallon – $8.29
Premium Margarita Mix$8.95
Coke – ToGo$1.99
Diet Coke – ToGo$1.99
Sprite – ToGo$1.99
Dr Pepper – ToGo$1.99
Unsweet Tea – ToGo$1.99
Sweet Tea – ToGo$1.99

History of Abuelo Restaurant

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This Mexican delight has been serving in multiple locations in the United States. Starting from seasonal recipes to signature dishes, the Abuelo Mexican restaurant menu has everything that you want. Be it, young guests or true foodies, the Abuelo prices are ideal for all the customers looking into the extensive range of recipes they offer.

The first Abuelo came up in 1989 in Amarillo, Texas. The restaurant was initiated by Chuck Anderson, Dirk Rambo, and James Young as a passion project to serve authentic Mexican food to the natives of America.

The founders ensured that everything that was served at Abuelo is made from scratch and is the best quality. They wanted to cocoon a simple space where customers of all ages could come together to experience unique flavors.

After the success of the very first Abuelo restaurant, the founders went to open new locations in American states. At present, Abuelo serves in 9 American states Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Kansas, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. Each of its locations is known for having the best Abuelo lunch menu with prices, which is fair and affordable for all.

What started as simple Mexican food now hosts a variety of eatables just to serve a wider range of audience. Apart from the mouth-watering fAbuelo senior menu, the fair Abuelo menu prices are yet another attraction.

Review of Abuelo Restaurant

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The Abuelo hours of operation vary from location to location, however, at most Abuelo restaurant locations, the restaurant starts at 11 am and closes at around 10 pm. The Abuelo restaurant menu hosts a variety of mixican food starting from quesadilla, tacos, enchiladas, burritos, salasa, chips, Fajitas and a lot more.

At Abuelo Mexican cuisine, enthusiasts will find the best appetizers in which Guacamole, and green chile quesadilla are the most popular. In salads and soups range the tortilla soup, Fajits salad, Reynosa salad, and grilled chicken salad are sure to treat you with the best of goodness.

Don’t forget to try on the house’s specialties like steak and enchiladas, tilapia, Australian sea bass, pork tenderloin abrigada, etc. The chicken quesadilla and steak quesadilla are a must-have when in Abuelo.

For burritos and tacos lovers, Abuelo has exquisite breakfast burritos and tacos made with a rich authentic Mexican touch. Abuelo also has some sides like charro beans, refried beans, papas con chile, etc. You can also enjoy some delicious desserts that would complement your meal at Abuelo. Options like tres leches cake, traditional Flan, cheesecake are some popular desserts you can try.

The Abuelo Mexican restaurant exclusively hosts a kid meal that includes tacos, nuggets, quesadillas, nachos, and much more to delight young guests. At Abuelo, you get to have a remarkable experience in their relaxing and friendly ambiance. Over the years, Abuelo’s menu with prices has evolved a lot as per the reviews of its customers.

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How to Order Online from Abuelo Restaurant Menu in Few Steps?

Abuelo Restaurant Order Online everymenuprices
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You can order online from Abuelo Restaurant with the help of Grubhub by following the same steps below. Other than that, you can also check the latest menu prices of Abuelo Restaurant by following the same steps below as the prices may vary from location to location.

  1. First head over to Grubhub and select your location.
  2. After selecting your location, the latest menu prices of Abuelo Restaurant will be displayed (here you can check the menu prices of Abuelo Restaurant based on your preferred location).
  3. Now, select all the food items that you want to order from Abuelo Restaurant and add them one by one to your cart.
  4. In the next step, sign in to your account and fill in some of your details and confirm your order.

Abuelo Restaurant Contact Information & Important Links

Official Websiteabuelos.com
Abuelo MenuCheck Here
Abuelo LocationsCheck Here
Abuelo CateringCheck Here
Abuelo Nutritional InformationCheck Here
Abuelo CareersCheck Here
Abuelo Gift CardsCheck Here
Abuelo Order OnlineOrder Here

Social Media Handles

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Abuelo Contact Info

Abuelo Corporate Office Address2575 S Loop 289, Lubbock, TX, 79423
Abuelo Phone Number(806) 785-8686
Abuelo Contact Page/FormVisit Here


Since its inception, Abuelo has expanded its reach to many locations to cater to the high demand of the audience. This American-based restaurant is widely loved for serving delicious Mexican cuisine.

Be it for dinner dates or birthday parties, Abuelo is the perfect spot to have a great time with great food. So what do you think regarding the given Abuelo menu with prices? Share your views in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Abuelo Restaurant (FAQs)

When did Abuelo start?

Abuelo started in 1973.

Where did Abuelo originate?

The Abuelo restaurant opened its first location in Amarillo, Texas.

What is the Abuelo franchise price?

The Abuelo franchise options are not yet available for people.

How much is a Abuelo quesadilla?

An Abuelo quesadilla is priced between $13 to $16.

Does Abuelo offer delivery to the home?

Yes, Abuelo restaurant offers both delivery and takeout services to customers.

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